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Haha :)) Rnolan. It will be a science-fiction if I carry this Fender Twin to Venue with my other equipments (including a keyboard) and do that connections.
Anyways, I connected Mp2>Gmajor>Fender Twin and My precious MP2 sounded like a Boss Metal Zone. Then I added The Ampulator before Fender, the sound come back. That means I will carry The ampulator to Venue for a life saving situation.

Copy That.
Today one of my friend from another city has bought a Fender Twin Reverb 65 amp in my location and sent to me for testing and keeping it for a while.
It has no fx loop. I am very curious for pluging my these two gear directly. ::)

So MP2>GMajor2>Bugera return ?

Okay Thank You very much.

Hello, I have a show coming up 2 weeks later. I checked out the Venues stage and there's a Bugera 6262 infinium head and a 4 x 12 cab. So I am planning to leave my heavy rocktron velocity and Ampulator at home and take Mp2 and Tc gmajor2 which are connected.
How should I connect my gear to this amp.Directly to clean channel ? Or with some connection tricks just to power section, if yes How will I do that ?
Best Regards

Discussions / Re: YOU are a MF'ing ROCK STAR
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Street/Office:Black Nike sneakers>Black slimfit Jeans> Hanneman name printed black t Shirt with Heineken theme>Oakley Half jacket 2.0 (for street use)
On Stage     :Black Nike sneakers>Black slimfit Jeans> Hanneman name printed black t Shirt with Heineken theme>Jim Dunlop picks 2.0 > D'Addario Strings > ESP Standart V Black>Fender Performance Angle Cables>ADA MP-2>TC G Major2>ADA Ampulator>Rocktron Velocity>Marshall 1960 A 4x12

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How users of these units change their presets with less effort? For example; I am on my clean tone, includes some delay and chorus, in some cases a little phaser with TC G major2, Then I want to switch it to Lead tone which includes some delays and harmonizer. and turn back to Rhythm Crunch tone with no additional effects.

MP-2 / Re: Delay and Bumb Noise - Bank Changes
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Yes Mine is V 1.41.Today I made my all crunch settings all same in volume and Od And increased some mids and trebs in leads. It really improved the transition between banks.
I also modded the resistor 611.Finally I found 3.0 mohms resistor. It finished the chatter, okay but, you know we all need long sustains after we bend. My hiss/noise cuts in threshold 16 and I stop there. Maybe I close the gate in leads. I will look at the situation.

Chip Roberts, I have two bands; One is a Slayer tribute band, The other is an 80's Hard Rock/Glam/Progresive songs covers band. I use one crunch, 2 leads with different delays and 1 clean tone with some chorus and delay. All is programmed into 4 banks with the combination of MP-2 and TC Gmajor 2. That's simply what I need in the stage. I don't love to use these units as pedalboards which most guitar players dance on with too much footworks.
This unit saved me from space both in stage and handling. Transition among banks really improved and The Switches are really effective you feel the ''click''.

rnloan, Yes, I keep my chipped FCB 1010 in case of some different situations. 2 expression pedals are usefull for volume, whammy or even overdrive changes like at the end of Testament's - Ritual song ( I can't still adjust it exactly but almost... I know Alex Skolnick used ADA- MP2 for a while. He was my prior motivation to have this unit. I love this album's sound soo much.
(This is my Alex Skolnick solo intention with an old cell phone recording.)

Wow, Thank You all. I was searching in but this tube site is also good.

MP-2 / Re: Delay and Bumb Noise - Bank Changes
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Ops. I did not realized that below topic is about my concern.I will read it first. Sorry.

MP-2 / Delay and Bumb Noise - Bank Changes
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Can any improvements or modifications be applied to reduce the delay when bank changes ? Clean sound comes like a ''fade in'' in a very short time. Also I have a bumb like sound when I change my bank from Crunch to clean.

You can click over the buttons or click over Ebay store at the bottom of the page. There are the specs.

Dimensions:265x80mm , 0,42Kg
Power; (9-15V AC or DC) or supports phantom power on pin 1&3 or 6&7 (9-15V AC or DC).

It was really tiring to carry and load Big FCB Everywhere.And some pressing problems was happening in the stage frequently. After a short time of search in web, I've found this one. Its very small, compact, good looking, effective and built very strong. I needed just 4 banks, so its okay for me. Plus you can control 16 presets with this one. Also 8 buttoned version is available.
It's shipping from Hungary. I forwarded it to United Kingdom in 4 days. The owner is very communicative and helpful.

Yes. I can order from Dougs but shipment+time+taxes will be more expensive for me. I asked any of my friends travelling to USA but non of them have on their schedule nowadays. Nevertheless I think Tung-sol will make an improvement. Next time I'll go for Mullards.
Thank You very much.

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