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So I joined the club guys.

Bagged one for what I think is a good price, £155 excluding postage.

Ok so my rigs for the future will be changing.

Hopefully it will be like this once I get it all sorted.

UK/Ireland Rack Rig:
Power Conditioner
Power Amp              (Rocktron Velocity)
Noise Gate               (Boss NS-50)
Pre-amp                  (MP1 or Rockmaster)
FX Unit                    (Digitech GSP1101)
Midi Control             (Behringer FCB1010)

Flight Overseas rig:
Power Amp                (Rocktron Velocity unless I get this Koch amp)
FX Unit                      (Boss GT5 - preamp in 4cable method)
Pedal Sized Preamp    (Still looking for the right unit)
Pedal Noise gate

I'm curious at this now,  are there good mods that can be utilized for different qualities with the MP1?

I came across this from some guy online

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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Hey Gerry,

I'm looking forward to hearing your impressions once you get the amp.
Not to hi-jack your thread though....I been also eying the Palmer Macht 402. At 3.8kg and 2x100w @8ohms it also looks promising (especially at the price point of 288€ (Thomann)/245GBP (Andertons))

I have also saw this amp and thought it would be a good buy.  I saw one second hand going for a very good price a few weeks ago, but I kinda had my heart set on the Koch.

I like the options that the Palmer has and would consider it had I not got two Velocity's, however, the Velocity Reactance vibe is a lot more appealing.  I dunno what that amp has inside it but it's very dynamic  It's not like a normal SS amp at all.  I heard the 150 isn't as good as the 300 also bare that in mind if you're making a comparison with the Palmer.  I'd love to try the Rocktron Mainline as well  :thumb-up:  But since we are talking weight here, Rockron amp get's ruled out.

The Palmer is very, very light!

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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I already have an light powerful clean amp man.  And I'm happy with that amp (Harley Benton GPA400), It has useful bass and treble controls and the Rocktron Velocity (awesome amp btw) which has something similar only a reactance circuit which behaves in a very dynamic "tube" like way (Kim can attest to the Velocity's performance).  However the HB is very light (class D 5kg) and the Velocity is very heavy (9.9kg).  And sure I have best of both worlds but perhaps I can get something with a more "tubey" sound and feel but at the same kind of weight as the Harley Benton.

The Harley Benton is what I took to Malta with me as the Velocity is too heavy.

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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Fingers crossed man!

I may also have a solution to the VAT, but once step at a time  :thumb-up:

They VAT drives up the price to a point where I am not willing to pay so more fingers crossed there.

I 'm encouraged that other amp users have switched the Koch amp, but we shall have to see eh!  I'd love to be an ambassador for them.  They've certainly been very helpful and they have a long list of higher profile names on their artist page already so it's good of them to have given me the time of day.

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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I can't wait either.

The price is 649 euro  (before VAT).  Koch stuff is pretty high end as SC has already mentioned.  Their stuff is very, very expensive.

I'm able to get the amp cheaper obviously under the endorsement deal.  If it all works out it will actually be the most expensive piece of equipment I will own.

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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Excellent, Koch are arranging a testing for the amp.  Apparently a number of Matrix amp users (1000watt class D) have switched to the ATR-4502 so I have faith on this claim.

Really looking forward to trying the amp out.

The gig last week I played using my little Harley Benton Class D 400watt, sounded quite good.  Perhaps a little Bright but that can be sorted out.  The Velocity is still better, but I wasn't let down by the HB Amp at all.  Very tight.

Lets see what this Koch can do!!

Thanks, I built it myself!  :lol:

It's actually one of the largest I've ever played on. Perhaps second largest possibly.  Never had so many monitors in all my time playing live.  And still I had problems hearing lol  Sound seemed to move about the stage randomly.  Not sure if that was because it was open air or not.

New video of our Maltese Assault

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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Well as I said before, I had 150watt Crate Powerblock and it wasn't loud enough to rehearse so I used to use two of them.

For me and 9/10 live situations I still need an amp that is loud, so the notion of using a low volume amp because I will have monitors is not realistic.  I still rely heavily on what is behind me because I am not surrounded by monitors like how I was the other night playing Sinn fest in Malta.

I need a loud amp and one with excess just in case.

@SC yeah I will have to ask the guy can I send back if the amp is not powerful enough for me.  Those guy's in Overkill and Slayer surely wouldn't use an amp that was not capable of suitable volume.  We shall have to see.

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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I think you guys have missed the point of my post and forgotten what my concern was.  Volume!

As for tube  sound, perhaps its better to look at this like not so much sounding like a tube amp, but sounding better or closer to a tube amp than ordinary solid state.  I don't care about getting authentic exact tube replication but I do want to enjoy an amp that might sound better than other s.s choices at 5kg.

I don't have this Koch amp to compare yet, but the difference between an ordinary S.S amp and Roctron Velocity is night and day. There is a more dynamic feel and that's great.  A glassy element to the sound.

As for those name guitarists I mentioned, they were referenced on the basis that they have switched from 1000watts Matrix s.s amp to this Koch 90watt amp.  So those guys would not have done so if there was not enough power.  Therefore the Koch must do something better or more efficiently to not need the same amount of watts like the guy said.  And, those guys are on a higher level than me, they'd not use the amp if they didn't like the sound over the other either.

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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Ok Koch had this to say:

Because of the ATR technology you don’t need to have the same amount of watts like a class D amp. But they ATR also gives you the same (Full tube amp power sound)on any level. It sound and reacts like a full tube power amp with attenuator build in. But also the high voltage fets gives you a lot of tight bottom end!

He also went onto say Gary Holt of Slayer and Dave Linsk of Overkill swapped 1000watt Matrix amps out fr the Koch Atr.  So if loud enough for them then loud enough for me.

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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Interesting, didn't realise ADA MT100  was a hybrid, I thought it was all tube.  What didn't you like about the influence of that amp on your tone?  Just curious.

Doubt it's like this Koch amp.  But the under powered is the big issue here (providing it sounds good).  I doubt will be able to try before I buy to be honest.

I think my Harley Benton 400watt power amp is class D.  Light and Loud and Cheap.

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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Hmm I'm not convinced now a 90watt hybrid amp could provide the right amount of volume. 

I had a crate power block before which was 150watts SS and it wasn't loud enough.  I needed two of them to compete with our drummer.  Then I had enough and little more in the tank should I need it.  I have a 400watt SS amp, does the job and with some to spare and then also the Roctron 300watt amps and they roughly work out similar performance to the 400watt amp, so I'm not convinced 90 can cut it.

It wont be free either, but some kind of discount deal as they're too small a company (their words not mine).

I'll have to ask them how does their amp stack up to tube amp volume then and see what they say.

No point in buying something that will not be of use to me.  What I was hoping for was a lighter and potentially even better sounding amp than the Velocity.  I love the Velocity, it's great.

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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Oh I know, I'm just curious to see if this 90watt hybrid is as loud as a SS 300watt amp.  That's my bench mark currently so I need the same or me for me to make it work with my rack gear.

I looked at the pedal tone, not sure I would use half of that, who needs clean channels  :lol: :lol: :lol:, however as a portable preamp for plane journeys the superlead preamp pedal seems more of a solution to me.

They've initially asked me what I'm interested in so I've put forward the ATR-4502.  This surely has to be loud enough to compete with other guitar power amps.  Fingers crossed it is, the concept is unique to poweramps I believe and interesting.

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