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Lets get Technical > All Things Tube All about preamp and power amp Tubes.

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Guitars / Re: Arrogantia guitars
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Wauw, looks really nice!!!!!!!!!! 8)

Combo Amps / Re: NGD: Super Clean VIPER!!
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The original switch has only 4 switches according to the schematics and pic's I found on the net. It has green, green boost, red and red boost.
I attached the schematic of the switch. You could make one quite easily just with 4 buttons, 4 resistors and a stereo input jack.(R219-R222, Sw12-15,J7)
Downside is you don't have the LED feedback. For this you will have to make the whole schematic.

Troubleshooting Problems / Re: Got noise???
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In my rack everything that is not attached directly to the mains grid (MXC, rocktron patch mate, decimator pro rack G) has it's own dedicated power supply.I took a small rack case and put in some toroid transformers. The case is grounded so it acts like a Faraday's cage to stop magnetic interference. And there is no common ground in this power supply to avoid ground loops.

As for patch cables, I just make them myself ( klotz cable and neutrik jacks). Never ran into problems.

Combo Amps / Re: NGD: Super Clean VIPER!!
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Dante, we will be expecting a full review with soundclips  ;D

Discussions / Re: R.I.P Eddie Clarke
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Aaah that sucks, he was one of my fav guitar players.

Sounded pretty good to me  :thumb-up:

Larry played in Possessed right? That was released in '85 and back then Death Metal didn't exist yet. So technically speaking he never played in a Death Metal band  ;D

Seven Churches was a very good album, it was quite original when it came out. Still have the LP.

Here's some more info

Well this way you can check all the dc voltages, maybe you can find something since this is a dc coupled amp.

Discussions / Re: Happy New Year
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Happy new year  :thumb-up: :whoohoo!:

Hard to tell, but since you have one side that works I would suggest measuring some voltage and compare both channel and see if something is not the same.

Didn't Les Claypool used an (modified) MP-2?

Did you replace all the transistors?

Effects / Re: Digitech tech
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Leave the cap like it is, 1 and 4 are still in use !!! No need to change it because the result will be the same.

Also putting it across the AC input and the cap shorts out then the fuse won't blow because you will have put it before the fuse. So leave it like it is.
It's there to filter out some EMI noise.

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