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Cool, the mv802 looked a great score, you can run the MP1 and MP2 together, you need to split the guitar input either with a Y lead or an A/B A+B switch or any pedal with a stereo out to get signal into both units (if you wanted to  >:D ).  I've not used a Digitizer or s1000 so I'll leave that for others to comment.

Hey Max, bummer  :facepalm: , sorry to hear, this is where the extra cost of paypal can be helpful coz then at least you can raise a dispute.

Guitars / Re: Arrogantia guitars
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Very nice Max  :thumb-up: , this guitar is coming along very nicely , bet you can't wait to play it  :whoohoo!:

Rack Gear / Re: Empty 2U rack chassis
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Hey Kim, unfortunately not in your neck of the woods LoL.  MikeB has found a good rack site here, not sure if they are available in the US ? The SKB roto racks look really good (Dante has a couple IIRC), Dante says the shallow (which I didn't think were deep enough for ADA preamps) work (you may have to use right angled jacks ?)  Anyway, not sure what they cost in the US.

Sounds like a fair deal, shame (for me your in the US) the shipping to Australia would astronomical  :facepalm:

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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Based on the finds SC has tripped over in Japan, I suspect you''l find some interesting stuff.

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech Studio Quad V2
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Hey RG, it seems (though not shown on the diagrams on pg 17) that there is a direct L/R bus that the Fx chain mixes back into (Dirct: Direct level), so on a mixer this would be like the the preamp output routed/assigned direct to the main L/R outs.  The Fx chain is then mixed into this bus controlled overall by the last effector in the chains output level.  Apart from Eq (which is strictly serial (in the Fx chain) when it's in), all the other Fxs let you mix (they call it balance) the amount of effect with whatever their input signal is (i.e. from the previous effector/unit in the chain).  So these all mix into the Fx chain in parallel and the whole Fx chain is like a parallel loop (send/retrn) with the dry signal.  So having the last effector/unit in the chain (normally reverb) at 100% wet is how you'd do it with a mixer as it is then being mixed with the dry input signal (controlled by the Dirct: Direct Level) and the last effector units output level.  So think 4 faders, panned L/R in pairs, 1&2 are direct (MP1), and 3&4 is the Fx return all assigned to the main mix bus.

The effector chain is like (conceptually) a separate mixer with a stereo send for each effector all coming back into separate L/R channel pairs which have their own sends (like on a mixer).  This isn't quite as versatile as a mixer in that the effectors are in a preset (algorithm) order (albeit variable to some extent).

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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Hey Chamai, a man on a mission  :thumb-up:

Hmm flat slab of heavy Metal, maybe use a Metalica (substitute HM band of choice) cd or lp LoL

Hey bunkyloo, happy to help  :wave: , look forward to some feedback (and some pics  :thumb-up: )

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech Studio Quad V2
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Hey RG, well I haven't heard what the fx in it sound like, but if (as you say they are good, and I trust your judgment here) then it's a very good bit of kit.  I'd like to know/understand more of their thinking with the predefined algorithms (they're not really algorithms, more patch and routing schemes).  The Boss stigma probably depends a bit on "who" and "when" you are.  Boss was Rolands cheap and cheerful (initially), this has changed over the years (not to mention back then it was called "Jap Crap").  Anyway, I was quite impressed when I read the manual, though I suspect many would find this unit way to complicated (no doubt like some of Lexicons units).

Hey bunkyloo, attached  :wave:

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech Studio Quad V2
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Hey RG, I read the SX700 manual and sent you email, it will do what you want (and hopefully not do your head in  :facepalm: ), it's not a unit for the faint hearted LoL, very sophisticated/appointed and very versatile.  Although it would be good if it let you define your own patch/routing algorithms for the effectors (which is what you can do with a mixer/desk), but it provides plenty of usable options.

Hey Van, from what he was saying it's got some much bigger dents than that, not just bad rack rash  :dunno:

The 1602 is fine but only has 1 send, the Yamaha mv802 would be better as it had 2 sends (but 2 RU).  Also Yamaha desks typically sound very good. For $20 (if it works) it's an absolute bargain.  You could also combine the 2 of them (but chew 3 RU in your rack).  E.g. plug MP1 and MP2 into 1602, use pitchtraq on send (so both units can use it), plug 1602 stereo out into mv802 and use it's 2 sends for stereo reverb unit

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