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Temp "Time Format" issue Fix in Discussions

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Rants & Raves / Re: Warrel Dane
« on: Time Format »
RIP Warrel, Wow, we seem to be doing this way too much of late  :facepalm:

Fantastic  :thumb-up: :whoohoo!:

Is it affected by patch setting ?  is chorus on ? (I'm guessing something to do with the bucket brigade circuit ?? due to your old phone reference)

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
« on: Time Format »
Hey RG, I think it's more simple than that, in the pics you posted it's a bit hard to see as that set of 4 solder points is under the wires but it should be easy like MJMP said.  Though between 2 of the points (1 & 4) there seems to be a capacitor currently  :dunno: not sure what that's for. So if you look under the wires (which block the view in the pics) there should be a connector wire between 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 (for 120v) maybe it's underneath ?  So you need to remove those connector wires and wire one between 2 & 3 only for 220v. Again don't know about the cap (which is mounted from on top of the PCB between 1 & 4).  So it seems that the tranny power input coil wires are connected to those 4 points on the PCB to make it easy to change voltage for different regions.  You could also wire a switch to the 4 points so you could switch between the 2 power inputs and put a jug socket on it (IEC).

As for hum, currently we both have a bunch of rubber feet stacked on top of one another which seems to connect the tranny vibration to the lid, which doesn't help, taking the top off solves it so I think the rubber feet is a bad idea, as I said I put more rubber feet in and it didn't help at all.

So my idea is to insulate the lid from the case a bit, as in run some foam packing or whatever (door jam seal ??) i.e 1/4" strips between the lid and the case edges that the lid attaches to, then the lid screws go through that into the case edges, so the lid is buffered from the case a little bit

Have you tried just running straight into the MP-1, nothing else in front ?  Everything you go through will add some noise and often colour the sound.

But in the set up you're using, you could also try the gate after the wireless (to get rid of it's noise as the boost will boost that noise as well as the signal), then the boost will add some noise and probably colour also.

Anyway best to try the options and hear what works best.

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
« on: Time Format »
Debbie Does was a great band, me in my 30s and the other guys 17/18, we were playing Mr Big and Skid row etc, stuff I hadn't played before... lots of fun.

Mike gave me the transcript from Guitar Player mag, it's one of only a few solos I ever worked out, I usually play my own interpretation.  Live (think made in japan), Blackmore just played the one line without harmonies, same for smoke on the water but he played that very differently on Made in japan, and it's what I base my solo on for that song.  I did learn the studio version later but I always seem to revert to the live version when I play it.

Well looking at the pics, I'm pretty confident you can rewire the tranny (MJMP will know better and how to do it  :thumb-up: ).  My guess is it has something to do with the numbered contacts just next to the writing, so I recon your on the money there  :whoohoo!: .

Funny how the little rubber feet are stacked up on top of the tranny to contact the top plate, mines the same, I put more of them in at one point to try to quieten the tranny hum, which is quite audible when not playing. I found the hum stops when you take the top off.  The extra rubber feet didn't help, so I'm going to try just removing them and I've put some foamy stuff around the case edges where the top screws go, don't know if it will work  :dunno: but it seems the top plate vibrates and you hear the hum.

Very nice SC, merry xmas  :wave: .  Have you considered true oiling the fret board as well ?  That will get rid of the divots and make it less slippery, and I assume a re-fret wouldn't hurt it..

 :whoohoo!: looking good  :thumb-up: .

The built in gate/NR in the MP-2 is after the graphic eq, so signal is still mono and feeds into the chorus stage (where it goes stereo). So maybe (if you need a gate, I never used one or seemed to need one with MP-1) you could put it in the MP-1 loop, which is IIRC just before the chorus (again where it (MP-1) goes stereo).

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
« on: Time Format »
Sorry Herby  :wave: , but it was kind of predictable and I probably/definitely need to source one of those 4.5v batteries for mine.  I once programmed all the harmonies for the highway star solo, but I couldn't change them fast enough  :facepalm: (I would need to sequence them) so in the end I just went with a Gm patch, worked well enough.

Hey RG, thanks for the run down  :thumb-up: , very good to know.  I'll stick with mine, it does what it does quite well.  When you get a chance, try not using the dist loop and see how it tracks, I found no difference, still tracked just fine (although I understood why they put it there etc and used it for quite a while).

It will be good if you can rewire the tranny for 230v  :whoohoo!: , or possibly swap the 33Bs tranny in, although it may not be compatible  :dunno: . I'm not a fan of step downs either  :facepalm:

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
« on: Time Format »
Ok, I won't tell you  ::)   (

Well that's only -1 C so it shouldn't be a problem.  Generally you need to let vacuum glass things (tubes, light filaments etc) cool down before putting them in the cold or the glass can crack  :facepalm: .

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
« on: Time Format »
I assume they have a battery to keep presets  :dunno: .  I haven't used mine in quite a while, I pulled it from my live rack and was going to include it in my studio rig but haven't got around to it..

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
« on: Time Format »
Hey RG, I always liked mine, not that I use it much anymore.  What is the difference with the 'B' from the original?

Good news for modern man  :thumb-up:

Great news  :thumb-up: :whoohoo!:

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