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Author Topic: ADA Split Cabinets speakers  (Read 223 times)

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ADA Split Cabinets speakers
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I bought 3 cabinets used. One of them has a blown speaker.
My two main cabinets have 1 each of the Celestion G12S-50 Watt Speakers and another speaker someone put in.
I have to rip the backs off to see what they are again (ugh...i thought i took a picture last time i did that).

What is a good recommendation for speakers? I was thinking of the vintage 30s or something like that go get a warmer sound as i love the sound of a true tube amp with that low end.

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Re: ADA Split Cabinets speakers
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WGS veteran 30 seems to get alot of good feedback about it.  It's suppose to be WGS's version of the vintage 30 but not as piercing high end and better low end handling. 

Harley Hexxe

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Re: ADA Split Cabinets speakers
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there have been a lot of good reviews about the Celestion Cream back 75W speakers
I used to be ambivalent. Now, I'm just not sure...


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Re: ADA Split Cabinets speakers
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There's no ripping the backs of split stacks, speakers mount from the front.  I have boogie 90w celetians in both may main slant split stacks as I couldn't get 8 ohm celetians in Australia at the time they were built (they were built here in Canberra under license by Pro Audio, the ADA distributor) and I wanted 4 ohm cabs to match the B200s.  I later picked up a single split stack, (US built I think) which has 16 ohm 75w celetians in it, and I rewired it to be either 2 x 16 ohm stereo or 8 ohm mono.
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