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Author Topic: Not sure if there is something wrong with my GCS-2  (Read 297 times)

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Andrew Smith

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So, been using ADA rack stuff for years and thought I would try and set up a cabless rig just for PA systems as a lot of places seem to cater for PA/in-ears and quiet stages these days. Got myself a GCS-2. For the life of me though, I can't seem to get it to sound like it does on all the video demos (that is, like a speaker cab). There is certainly a difference between the change from "Full Range DI" to "Cab Sim In", but its night and day between a real cab and the GSC, or between an IR and the GCS.

This is why I am wondering if there's something wrong with mine, if it's not altering the signal the way it should. I've run my mp-1 into it, tested it with a Boss DS1 and some fuzz pedals and run my Orange and Dark Terror into it and it seems to be missing the low end that almost every IR or actual cabs provide (I use ownhammer mostly, but also two notes stuff as well as real v30, greenback and t75 loaded cabs)

Here are some clips that show the difference. All clips are a Boss Ds-1 into the speakers using a clean power amp or straight into the interface for the IRs:
Real Greenback with U87
Ownhammer v30 IR
Celestion t75 with U87
Celestion t75 IR
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