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Author Topic: Hello ADA Depot community! I am Paul aka VanLynch  (Read 359 times)

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Hi ADA family :)  I am Paul from Malta, a very small island in Europe.  I play guitar in a few bands around Malta.
I play in a funk covers band , and also involved in hard rock one off projects

Long time ADA user from 2009

Current equipment :
Fractal AX8
Engl Poweramp 840/50
Carvin Poweramo TS100
ADA MP-1 (2.03 Version)
TC Electronics G-Major
Digitech Studio 400
Digitech GSP1101

2 Cabinets . One loaded with Celestion V30'S
                  Other loaded with Eminence Swamp thangs

I look forward to discussing ADA stuff with all you guys; especially since I am the only person in Malta that owns an ADA MP-1.
I will be soon posting an issue , that hopefully I can its driving me nuts

Cheers to all
Paul (VanLynch)


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Hi and welcome!!

Harley Hexxe

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Hey Paul,

       Welcome to the Depot :wave:  That's a beautiful island nation you live in. I visited there once in 1980. I'm sure it's changed a lot since then

Harley 8)
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Welcome to the Depot, Paul!!

Sometimes, I miss my G-system...I do not miss the footswitch, haha

I'm sure somebody around here can help get your MP-1 to stop driving you nuts


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Hey Paul, welcome to the depot  :thumb-up: :wave:
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