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Author Topic: Effects Loop As Wireless Input?  (Read 6294 times)

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Effects Loop As Wireless Input?
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I've recently acquired myself a wireless system (Line 6 G90), and being that my rack is full, with nowhere to really run a cable from the back of the Wireless to the front of the MB-1 without looping it around my case, would it harm anything to run the wireless into say, effects loop A?  I tried it and it seemed to function the same as the front input, but I didn't know if this will cause problems or a loss in tone or anything.

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Re: Effects Loop As Wireless Input?
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The MB1 flow is as follows:

Input > - tubechannel   >                                                          > Effect loop A > Output
        > - SS channel    > Master compression > master EQ > Chorus > Effect loop B >

So if you use the effect return it will work, but you miss out on the entire pre amp section.

To really use a back input, you would have to modify the MB1 to have the input copied to the back, however since there is little space left you might need to offer up one of the effect loop jacks to use as input.

Whether or not this would technically work :dunno: Better ask MJMP  :thumb-up:

On another note, how's the G90 holding up? I am leaning to buy that one also, but have heard no reports of bassplayers with them :banana-guitar:

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Re: Effects Loop As Wireless Input?
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Don't know if this is still useful after all this time but... have you considered installing the wireless unit reverse or side ways, i.e., with the back or its side (depending where the antennas are installed) mounted to the front of the rack? Sometimes it might work this way, not sure about your setup though.
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