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Author Topic: Anyone try out the Yamaha THR10X? (with clip)  (Read 6049 times)

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I bought one on impulse last spring after seeing Satchel's Youtube demo, and to be honest I was completely blown away with it.  Really decent-sounding models and patches can be edited/stored on your computer. 

I finally got around to messing around with its "direct recording" aspect via USB.  Here's a short clip I recorded while messing around:

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a small practice amp with decent sounding models. 

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Re: Anyone try out the Yamaha THR10X? (with clip)
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I have! And, I was equally impressed

I was in my favorite music shop (which I have been frequenting since 1981) to try out one of the new Ibanez Artist models (the AR420). The only amp that was turned on was the little Yamaha that could. After about 5 minutes of noodling, my first question came out & it wasn't about the guitar:

"Are there tubes in that thing?"

It made me consider picking one up for an emergency backup. It's smaller than a lunchbox  :thumb-up:

Your clip sounds killer - brutal tone.


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Re: Anyone try out the Yamaha THR10X? (with clip)
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WOW! I just watched some videos on you tube with this thing. Ummm yeah I want one!


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Re: Anyone try out the Yamaha THR10X? (with clip)
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Yeah, a friend of mine got one and I was also blown away.  It has a nice combination of focus and depth for small room settings than it has any right to have.  If my Tube Driver amp didn't already sound good at low volume I would have considered buying one for myself.  Perhaps later on in the used market...
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