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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Started by Systematic Chaos - Last post by Systematic Chaos
Is your GSP1101 on Beta C63?
If you need any SW (IR cab loader, etc...), lemme know.
There's also some more tweaks and tricks to get the best outta the 1101, e.g.:
- setting the Comp to "Post-Amp", even if not engaged/off = way more clarity;
- XLR settings: make sure LPF is "on" = affects the 1/4 outputs as well;
- series/parallel routing
- delay spillover
- ...

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Started by losman26 - Last post by losman26
I just don't have time to work on it. Effects loop was all of a sudden having volume problems too. I financed the el-34 5150 amp, which kicks ass. It will be here Wednesday and I think it is a much better amp, but the ADA served its purpose.

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Started by Systematic Chaos - Last post by rabidgerry
Oh Yeah I know about the CC stuff on GSP1101 but I still can't have the parallel stuff and those kind of changes which is a shame.

I have software for the FCB1010 and an uno 1.3 chip (I think it's that number) which allows stomp box mode.  The software I have is FCB1010 PC Editor.  If Mike has a better one I'd love to try it also.

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Started by losman26 - Last post by van Sinn
All of these devices are getting old, which doesn't mean burned out.
However, anyone buying old gear should give it a full overhaul:

Replace all electrolytic capacitors (not just the PSU caps)
Replace potmeters with modern conductive plastic types
Replace the rectifier bridge in the PSU
Replace small diodes near heat sources
Replace high-ohm carbon resistors in the tube plate and grid sections with metal-oxide resistors
Replace jacks with build-in switch
Inspect all solders
Clean all connectors and the fuse holder contact points
Clean, or at least massage, all ic sockets.

Hope you get the stuff fixed at a later point, dude ;)

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Started by losman26 - Last post by rnolan
Hey losman26, bummer, nothing worse than gear failure  :facepalm: .

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Started by Systematic Chaos - Last post by rnolan
Hey RG, It is a pain doing multiple patches, I used to use quite a few patches when I first got a MP1, mostly to select various IPS33 settings for different songs/keys.  These days I use 3 patches, sometimes 4 as I have a triggered wah patch that I use occasionally.  I have the MXC expression pedal mapped to MP2 master (output) vol and use it to adjust for lead boost. So really simple setup.

I notice in the GSP1101 manual it has CC capability so you can do a bunch of real time Fx changes from the FCB. Do you have the software for the FCB (and maybe it needs an update or something) so you can do all the mapping etc from your PC.  Mike has this and he says it makes it heaps easier to tweak the FCB to do what you want.

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Started by rnolan - Last post by rnolan
Hey Chip, thanks for the tip re VSTs  :thumb-up: .  It should arrive this week, hoping it's as easy to install as the sales guy says.  Interesting, he says it's USB 3 but when you check the model on their website it says it's USB 2  :dunno: .  So we shall see....

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Started by Richie_B - Last post by rnolan
Bummer, oh well you don't need another problem unit  :facepalm:

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Started by losman26 - Last post by losman26
I bought an mp2 and microtube months ago, and am giving up on the amp because it has failed me the two times I have brought it outside of the house. At this point it is too fragile, and I don't want to spend hours fixing it, only to not trust it. The other night I had the worst equipment failure ever, and the next day ordered the EVH 5150 el-34 50 watt head. This is what I'm gonna roll with. When I have time I will work on fixing the AdA, and just use it at home.

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Started by Hanneman213 - Last post by Hanneman213
Hello Soloist. It's all about carrying my heavy gear to venue. Because The venue is placed on a boulevard which you can not reach with your car. I have an ESP standart V (Randy Rhoads style) with its own specific heavy hard case (I afraid to keep it in a soft pack) A Korg Synthesizer Keyboard, and my 4 unit Rack case includes ADA MP2+Gmajor+Ampulator+ Rocktron Velocity. The main weight is in Rocktrone. So I didn't want to carry it like a cross-fit session. ADA and Gmajor ensures me to press less step on my footswitcher, Clean/crunch/lead all programmed into 3 banks. According to our play list (Queenryche,Iron Maiden, Whitesnake,etc) I have to be quick as possible as when switching between banks and I can't use any other switcher.

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