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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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Nice looking axe, Gerry!

Cheers man, I think so.  Never really liked the pointy headstock on strats but this guitar as a whole seems to appeal to me.  I have a very similar Custom Edition Tokai and it featured on the album a lot, sounds great!  Pickups including the single coils really have a nice tone!

Then again, GAS isn't necessarily a rational thing, many of us have much more gear than we need or can even use.

Yes I agree, I'm excessive.  I cull down once and a while though.  Once I shift a few things I have for sale the balance will be restored.

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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Ok well just for the record as I don't want anyone else concerned, I didn't havbe an intruder in my ebay account buying me nice things.

I just said that as I needed an excuse for the GAS!

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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but I'll keep the hijacking ebay account excuse for my wife next purchase :thumb-up:


Excellent now I am quite glad I fooled you as I have provided you with an great excuse next time you need to buy a sneaky bass purchase!

Well it is very me that axe!  Superstrat and not a common variety one.  I like Tokai guitars, I think their very under estimated and underated.

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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Well I'm hoping it's a lot of fun actually!  What do you mean?

I was joking about someone breaking into my account you know  :lol:

I was trying to deny the fact that I went and bought another axe when I really shouldn't have, but hey, this is the GAS thread!

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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Some A hole broke into my ebay account and bought this guitar for me!!  Shocking eh?

Rack Gear / Re: Repair Butterfly Catch
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This is my case here.  It's rivets from what I understand.  They wont match up with the old holes from what I can see.  A rivet gun?  Jeez didn't even know what that was until you mentioned it and I checked on line for it!

This might be a bit more hassle than I anticipated  :facepalm:

Discussions / Re: Guitar Playing Fatigue
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@Rusty,  good to hear from you mate!
It's not RSI although I was having that about 7 years ago from using the mouse at work all day and it was affecting my right hand.  I believe positioning of my seat in work and my arm was key to fixing the issue.  Also stretching etc.  So my issue is literally I lose power, so I can barely form a chord, sometimes it happens worse than other, last week was bad!

Its an absolute must to do finger and hand stretches warm ups for about 10 minutes away from your instrument especially as you get older,
And yep, cod liver oil is a good supplement.

I believe this is good advice, makes sense.  Not sure how to go about the stretches.  I've a gig in Wales this weekend, gonna try warming up for an hour before the show.

Yup, dehydration and lack of lubrication. No kiddin'..
Come to think of it.. fat fish, like salmon and herring, is an excellent lubricator.

This makes sense!  I have a bag of fish oil caps I aint used in a while and I am back on them with a vengeance!  I take it along with CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and Sesamin.

I take a daily does of Cramp Eze Forte (for night cramps says on the box).  It has homeopathic copper, magnesium and rutin which all help release the mussels.  Many body builder types use magnesium (high dose, have to get it over the counter from a pharmacy here) as it is very beneficial getting the tight mussels etc to let go after exercise (Mike B swears by it after a gym session).  I get cramps in my right arm/wrist from the mouse so now I've switched to left handed mousing, took a little while to get used to but relieves my right arm so it's much less a problem now.  Also my spots physio dude showed me a couple of good stretch exercises which also help allot.

This sounds like something I could really benefit from also!  It will help with my weights too in that case if it's a body building thing (not that I'm Lou Ferrigno or anything).

I'm really glad I started this thread, lots of good advice on here.  I guess part of this is getting into the mind set that your hands need maintenance just like any other part of your body.

Rack Gear / Re: Repair Butterfly Catch
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Do you mean a butterfly latch?

Yes that's what I mean, some places call it latch, catch, or lock.

I just called it catch as it seemed to bring up more results.

Thanks guys for suggestions.

I got a spare one in my sights

How the hell do I get the old one off and install the new one?  Noticed the holes  don't match with the one currently on the case that needs to come off.

Rack Gear / Repair Butterfly Catch
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Hi guy's, I need to repair a butterfly Catch on a a 3u rack case of mine, does anyone have any idea how I got about doing this?

I've no clue where to get spares or how to fit them.

Any advice would be appreciated as always.

Discussions / Re: Guitar Playing Fatigue
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A lot of good and interesting advice here which I certainly am going to experiment with.

When I started trying to play last night I noticed my left hand was still a little weak from the exhaustion it suffered on Saturday night.  It kinda came too after an hour or so of playing.  I suffer from a circulation condition known as raynaud's syndrome which is particuarly shit in winter as it's colder.  This probably has something to do with struggling to warm up before a show.  Also sometimes I just don't get the opportunity, because there just isn't anywhere to warm up!  Different venues different circumstances and conditons, you never know what you are going to get some times.

As for tension, big stresses in my life, a gig is stressful never mind the other stuff.  But recently went through two interviews to get a new job and thankfully got the job, but who knows, perhaps I haven't recovered yet fully, it was only last Monday after all.

The oils thing, probably a good idea, my joints "click" and crack as it is and I used to take cod liver oil.  I have fish oil supplements I guess I could get back on so that's something I can totally address. 

The hot water thing sounds good, sounds like something crazy I used to do when we played in the garage era stuck out in the freeing cold. I used to do this because of my raynaud's but stopped because my skin would soften on my hand and callus' could potentially break whilst the skin was soft.

Acupunture, I kno someone who had an injury to their foot and was told that they would be on cruches for over a year and have a limp for a while.  Well they went to acupunture and the limp and cruches were history!  I may look into this Van.

SC about the string guage, I see the method to installing heavier guage strings, but I honestly don't think that is the answer for me anyways, that's just going to make it harder to play if I get fatigued.  I get that you are building strength by using heavier strings but, malmsteen doesn't need those 11's and he don't seem to have hand issues  :D

Discussions / Guitar Playing Fatigue
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Hi guy's I am starting this topic so anyone with any contributions at all in the realm of combating guitar playing fatigue can share their tips and solutions here.

I have always suffered a bit of this I have to admit, but now it's getting down right ridiculous.

I played two gigs in a row on Friday and Saturday and on Saturday's gig I was gone by about 4 songs and basically had to wing the rest of the show.  My hand loses all strength.  No pain or anything like that, just cannot keep my fingers locked against the fret board.

Now their are contributing factors to this, the night before we stayed with the band we played a show with who basically kept me awake all night long, and then we had to rise early in the morning to drive across Scotland to get a boat back to Ireland for the next show.  I didn't get any sleep on the boat or whilst driving either.  By the time it came to show time on Saturday I was out on my feet.  This is not ideal circumstances.  So as I mentioned earlier, four songs in my hand was gone.

My left hand has really good grip, and because I lift weights I expect my strength to be pretty good.  I think a combination of playing and being super tense just annihilates my hand to the point I can barely fret chords.  I'm always tense at shows and I cannot help it.

If anyone has any advice or tips to help with this please share here for myself and others who might have issues.  Just so it's clear, I don't have pain issues, just lose all power during most gigs at some point, usually near the end of a set, however occasionally I will get early fatigue like last night in a 10 song set.

I found these links here which may help but I want to hear from you guys on this subject.

If I'm not mistaken, I think I remember reading this preamp was used by Marc Diglio from XYZ on the first record?  I think he switched to an MP1 for the second album, which was much heavier.

Chip, I would be so grateful if you could get that verified for me, I had a search myself but couldn't find Marc Diglio and Hafler T2 mentioned anywhere else in the same vein.  But it would be cool to know.

As for heaviness, the Hafler has shit loads of gain.  I like the tone, but just not this super "pumpy" compressed feel like when you turn the gain up too much and then hit the strings quite firmly and the sound pumps like a compressor with it's threshold set too low.  I get the same thing on the SS clean on the ADA MP1 I have to dial back the compressor (OD2) right back to about 2 to get it to work for me otherwise I end up with super pumpiness unless I play super light which is not my style.

I shall mod the Hafler and see what happens after that.  Still waiting on the OPA4134PA arriving.

I think the Hafler would be worth keeping if I could get rid of that.  Also works well with a boost and has a stereo FX loop.

OK so I bought that chip,  don't suppose you now what Characteristic's of it are?

Also can I swap out NE5532 with the op amp SC suggested? I have a BurrBrown OPA2134 you see.

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