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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Effects / Check this out Biyang X Drive
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I think I mihgt buy this!!

Check it out people!  I have one pedal already by this brand and I think it's awesome, I have the EQ pedal.  But check this amazing OD pedal out, you can even switch chips out to vary the sound even greater, truly a unique feature for any pedal!!!



Discussions / R.I.P Malcome Young
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Just heard the awful news that Malcolm Young has passed away.  R.I.P.  He will be remembered as being a legendary musician and driving force within one of the most important rock bands of all time!!

He was sadly missed when he departed ACDC a few years ago due to dementia and this is just an even more sad event to behold.

Thanks for all the great music Malcolm, we'll always remember you!

Has anyone ever heard of this unit?  I might buy one that is going for a good price but can't find a dam thing about it and I have no idea of it's good or worth it or what?

I have read a few reviews but their pretty  :poop: and basic and not proper indepth.

Thought I'd throw it out there and see if one of you fine fellows knew about it????????

Hi guy's, would one of you kind fellow US ADA Depot heads do me a favour?

I want to buy a mirror scratchplate for my MIM Standard fat strat with Floyd rose.  I want to start playing this guitar again but I kinda wanted to change it cosmetically and fit it out with some dimarzio's (undecided as to what though).

Anyways, why do I need your help? 

Well here in the shitty old UK (now leaving the EU  :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:)
We are only able to get scratchplates done in mirror style for regular strats, that means standard trem, not the wider Floyd rose version.  This is f**king ridiculous.  I asked some fellow Europeans in Netherlands if they could sell me one, but to my dismay they said "no FR versions just standard".


That leaves me with the US option.  No problems right?  Of course not.  I have ordered all kinds of things from the US without issue apart from f**king guitars where I got raped £100 import tax (never ever again).

Anyways, I found a scratchplate, done up to the size I need, the FR trem size and done in a mirror!   :thumb-up:

oh yeah now we are rocking guys!

NOT!  When I go to buy this scratch plate, suddenly the postage shoots up like $39.95 just to get a light piece of plastic with some foil on it sent to the humble shores of Northern Ireland.

Now this is ridiculous considering the weight of the object.  However US postage is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

So I was wondering, can someone in the US allow me to order this scratchplate, then have it sent to them for FREE!!!!!  Then they send the scratchplate to me, and I will reimburse them the shipping cost?

Please let me know guys as I am not paying TNT custom guitars another $39.95 for a flimsy lightweight package to be sent to me.

said scratchplate

please let me know guy's I would be eternally grateful?

Just thought I'd stick this song on here since it's just out yesterday

Ok guy's who here uses the clip on fan idea to cool their rack?

I believe it was Soloist who gave me the idea to try this, so I'm only getting around to trying out the idea now that I have an amp that gets hot and a preamp that gets hot.

If any of you guys do this, what size of fan are we talking about here?  I think a 6" fan may be too large, I dunno.

All cooling tips welcome, particularly regarding a clip on fan powered via power conditioner  :thumb-up:

Discussions / Best Known Preamps
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Hi guy's, just wondering what we all regard as the best known rack preamp?

I got thinking about this last week when I was talking to a guy about gear and I mentioned I use the MP1.  Now normally when I say this to people they react as they have heard of the unit and how legendary it is.  This guy didn't react.  So this mad me think he didn't know the unit.

But then there have been other people I mentioned about using an MP1 and they have known exactly what it was and about it's reputation.

So tell me, what all do you guy's regard as the best known preamps.

Give me your top 5 rack preamps in order of best known.  I assume the MP1 will be in there, but perhaps not  :???:

So I got this the other day

no idea about these things other than they are US built.  I have come across very little info on them, but anything I have read is generally positve.  Anyone have any info they can share about this preamp?

I bought it for the hell of it as I won it for quite cheap and no one else bid on it.  I wanted a basic preamp and possible backup just incase (yeah cause I don't have backups already lol who am I kidding   :facepalm:  GAS)

If this is shit sure I will sell it on but let's hope it's good.

Troubleshooting Problems / MP-1 got Noisy...
« on: Time Format »
Well so much for the clips, my MP1 has a problem  :dunno:

Making some strange "earth fault"  style noise.


Hi all,

as you all know, I've been educated about Power conditioners on this forum and even went out and bought one for myself.  Well as time and research and actual testing of my own went on I've talked myself out of the whole PC needed to reduce noise although I will obviously stand by their protection purposes and extreme ease at power distribution.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAnnnnyway, cutting to the chase.  So I bagged myself a furman as I figured I could get it a lot cheaper than they sell for in my country (which is really f**king expensive, honestly, their way cheaper in the USA).

I bagged it for around £86 postage covered in that total.  However it has one issue.  Apparently the on and off switch no longer functions and the unit remains permanently in the "on" position.  So I bid on the unit with the thinking that I could replace this switch (a man of my skill etc  :bow:).  How feasible do you guy's think it would be to replace the switch?  And pickup the correct type that would fit the unit?

Just throwing it out their for your suggestions.

Thanks  ;)

Discussions / I got squealy shit
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Ok guy's after a 2 months of heavy gigging and re-arranging my rehearsal room setup and thinking the problem was that.........................I got the squeals.

No I wanna know how do I find out what exactly the problem is??

So I aint changed live guitar in a while, could it be this?  Do I need to repot the pickup?

Bare in mind this feedback has only just happened say the last few weeks but was particularly bad after some heavy traveling last week.

Or is it my rockmaster which has been on the road taking all the bumps?

oR my GT5 fx unit which seems to now have a slightly temperamental input that will squeal if not in correct?

I need to neutralize this issue fast as I've more shows next week.

I personally always jump to the guitar is the issue, but I dunno with this particular problem, the pick has been potted already and nothing has changed.  Even got sponge under the pickup.

My own gut feeling is it might be the preamp (may be the tubes???) or the GT5 and it's annoying input that needs replaced I guess.  However I cannot be sure, I just know the squeally annoying shit was not there before, I had not feedback for at least a year using my current setup and of course noise reduction in the chain after the preamp.

If its a cable?  How can I tell which one needs replaced????????????????  DAM I hate feedback.

Discussions / MP1 and Metallica
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Came across this for any Metallica fans

Not really into them myself but I was interested in the fact they used MP1 preamps.  I knew Kirk Hammet used it but now it appears so did James Hetfield.  Hope this interests someone on here.

Recording - Studio Talk / Youtube covers
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Just a video of my playing along to some Russian heavy metal from the 80's,  wanted to do a video like this for a while.  It might seem bizarre to some of you as it's in a language I can't even understand but he it doesn't matter, music is the only language we need to undertsand each other right :)

Might do another one when I learn to play something else as well.

Please feel free to use this thread to post any of your own videos of you playing along with things online or anything else you would like to share  :thumb-up:

Discussions / Stereo Live Rig setup
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Ok my main question here for all to discuss is, if you run a stereo rig live, how do you arrange your speakers?

I personally have one cab each side of the stage when playing actual shows.  However in my rehearsal room, I have toyed about with several positions and to date I am not happy with any so far and seem to always be trying to fix the sound.

Currently I have my 4 x 2x12" cabs quite close to one another (2 stacked together either side).  My main complain is, I only ever hear one side.  And I think I'm suffering some kind of phase cancelation or something like this.  If I stand smack bang in the middle I get a shit dead zone!  Which is usually weak sounding.  I have to stand at either left or right side to get a decent thick sound.  So this means if I move about the sound is dropping in and out and it's pretty dam annoying.

Any ideas people?

I must ad what effects I use.  I generally use a stereo doubling effect using a stereo chorus on my FX unit.  Then I have other patches that have a more regular stereo Chorus sound.  To explain this a  little better, when I use the other Stereo Chorus as a "doubling" effect it's not meant to sound so much like there is Chorus on, it's just meant to seperate the signals from each other and give a nice stereo sound.  The other more chorus esque settings are meant to actually have the "Chorus" vibe to them.  I also use stereo delay in some solos that pans left and right and also the subtle reverbs that are stereo too.

So yeah what's with this dead middle zone?  It's pissing me off?  I have to stand one side of my rig and this is dumb in my opinion.  I don't remember having this issue back in the early days of running a stereo setup.  Is this an issue with my speakers?  I'm using two different types?

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