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Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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Well there is an easy check you can do, measure the resistance on the mains plug, then convert it to 220V and the resistance should be 4 times higher.
So for example if the it's 30 ohms on 110V then it should be 120 ohms on 220V.

I shall do this when I make the switch, it's a good way to test without having to turn the plug on and blow it up.  I really need to see what it is I'm going to be doing first of all.  I guess I will need to un-mount the transformer and gain access to wires on the other side?

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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This is what MJMP said to me a few months back about the transformer switch

"yep it seems like you can get it to work on 230V.From what I can see you need to remove the bridge wires on 1-2 and 3-4 and place a bridge wire between 2-3."

MJMP I'll probably take some more pictures of the other side of the transformer and hopefully get you to elaborate a bit more  :thumb-up: before I do anything.

Richard, so you think the hum can be eliminated by a buffer between the lid and the tranny?

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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That sounds excellent!!!  :thumb-up:

Mid thirties Richard, jeeez that's my right now!  Mid Thirties Gerry  :lol:

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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I would love to have heard that Richard!  I reckon it would have sounded excellent.

How did Blackmore do it live?  John lord Harmonize with him?  The only had one guitar so I doubt he could do it all live unless the Keyboards filled it out.

I aint never tried IPS33 without using the loop, you think it will track the same for me?  I play clean enough so I think my tracking would be an issue.

Why is the so called better 33B not so good?  Ruined the purchase for me if I am honest.

As for the tranny, I'd rather see if I could switch the existing ones wiring around for 220v (you know the 220-240 region).

See attached photos Richard.

I've one more gig that involves traveling this year and when that's out of the way (London this weekend) I shall try and mod it. 

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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Hey RG, I always liked mine, not that I use it much anymore.  What is the difference with the 'B' from the original?

Quite a bit Richard, and if I am honest I don't know if I like the 33b.

It cannot track for shit unless you select the "Chord" tracking option.

However this Chord Tracking option is not available when using certain other modes and you are left with "Normal", "Distortion" or "Bass".

And of course why not select distortion then since I am using distortion all the time?  Well because it doesn't work very well.

Now comparing this issue to the original and supposedly inferior IPS33, well the 33 wins hands down thanks to the distotion loop.  It tracks so well, and sounded so thick and "chewey", this is what Impressed me with the 33.

So everything I read has said the 33B is the best out of the two. so bagging the 33B I was expecting a bit more, and sadly I was let down. 

When I figured out that I could use the 33B and get it to sound ok using the "Chord" tracking i was immediatley relieved as it sounded great suddenly.  However then I discovered that it wasn't available in certain modes, mega crisis time.  I need to evaluate if this device is going to be useful to me or not now.

Other things that the 33B has are different internal stuff going on, it also has a, LCD read out as opposed to the digital number read out on the 33.  There is more processing power as well that allows for a few effects at once.  But then I only want the intelligent pitch shifting so none of that really matters to me.

It could be the 33 just suits me as a player.  It has more than enough scales to select from without ever running out in my opinion, but also you can transcribe your own custom scales.  Surely that's all one needs?  Well that's enough for me.  The extra knobs and whistles of the 33B are nice to have but if it can't even track as well as the older model, the f++k that!

Shame as I was looking to have one at home and one in the studio.

MJMP told me a while ago to look at my old 33 and see if the transformer says anything about 230v near by.  Low and behold it does, so I seem to recall he said I could possibly wire the 33's transformer to cope with the UK voltage which would be awesome as I hate having the step down transformer.  I might take a look inside the 33b and see if it has the same transformer, and see if I can perhaps copy the way it is wired up?  Good idea bad idea?

Oh the 33B has a remote control as well.

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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Since I recently just got the Roctron Intellipitch, why not bag mysewlf an Digitech IPS33B!!

This one is a UK model so no step up required.  I really like the IPS, I think they sound awesome.

Discussions / Re: Where did Quality go?
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That's why I won't ever buy another expensive guitar.

Same for me, and I doubt any of my guitars actually fall under expensive and I have some nice guitars of very good quality.

I had the old "of what kinda guitar have you got there?" happen a few weeks ago playing a gig in Wales.  Before the guy got any closer I said "'s a Squier so you'll be disappointed".

He then replied "yeah, I am".


The same gig I told another guy about my axe and he was really interested and din't give a shit that it was a Squier (an up market one at that with some modification).

I can't vouch for the quality of $1000+ insturments but I know dam well that half the price guitars can eqaul in build quality fo sure.

Effects / Check this out Biyang X Drive
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I think I mihgt buy this!!

Check it out people!  I have one pedal already by this brand and I think it's awesome, I have the EQ pedal.  But check this amazing OD pedal out, you can even switch chips out to vary the sound even greater, truly a unique feature for any pedal!!!



Discussions / Re: R.I.P Malcome Young
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Malcolm Young was AC/DC.  They could not be AC/DC without him.  A revolving door of drummers, a few different vocalists, but take Malcolm out of there and they do not exist, IMO.

True, everybody talks about Bon and Brian, and Angus always has the spotlight with the spastic schoolboy angst but the truth is that Malcolm made the riffs.  He preferred to stay back near the drum riser and hold that rhythm section accountable.  Not even a mob boss could lock everything down tighter than Malcolm, Cliff, and whichever drummer they had at any given time.   I never was a huge fan of Angus; I appreciated him but I always had a ton more respect for Malcolm because he just did his thing, did it better than anyone else, and didn't showboat, bullshit, or braggert his way through any of it.

Malcolm did more with 4 chords than all the other Rock guitarists of his generation together.  And did it with fuggin STYLE and TRUTH.
The world of Rock music owes a huge debt to this man, and we'll sing loud and proud all of his riffs.   RIP Malcolm Young.  We thank you so very much for your gifts to us.

Jesus that's a little harsh man but if that's your opinion, that's your opinion :o

They didn't have a revolving door of Drummers at all, it was mostly Phil Rudd for best part of 20 years, then Simon Wright and Chris Slade.  And to be fair to Brian and Bon, man those guy's are equally as special, no question about it.  And the Spastic School boy..........................that man's energy and ability are not to be overlooked in the slightest.  My only criticism of Angus is how he treated Brian Johnson the minute he heard he was no longer able to play live again.  Totally ridiculous, cold and callous.  I'm so glad Brian got his hearing fixed, that man lost his ability to sing a few years back and then totally regained it for the Black Ice album.  Utter Respect for Brian Johnson.

@ Richard, I never used it without the loop!  Is there much difference?

Ok tried to Rocktron-Intellipitch,  I have been very busy so only got round to it today!!  :facepalm:

Uh not blown away by it's sound at all.  The pitch shift sounds are not as good as the IPS33.  They are ok, but to me not mind blowing.  When I first used the IPS33 I remember thinking "wow".  When I used the Intellipitch I was like "this is a bit underwhelming".  Perhaps it's the preset's I tried just suck?  I dunno?  But yeah I'll hang onto both may be for the hell of it and see if I can get anything good from the Intellipitch.  Good unit but didn't blow my balls off.

Discussions / Re: R.I.P Malcome Young
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Rock & Roll Royalty, to be sure :(  You simply cannot tell the story of Rock without mentioning him.

He had been battling that dementia for some time, at least he's not fighting that anymore. RIP

I agree, may be it was better for him to pass away rather than suffer from the loss of his mind!  Just really sad which ever way you look at it.

His music and contribution will always live on so that's the main thing.

Discussions / R.I.P Malcome Young
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Just heard the awful news that Malcolm Young has passed away.  R.I.P.  He will be remembered as being a legendary musician and driving force within one of the most important rock bands of all time!!

He was sadly missed when he departed ACDC a few years ago due to dementia and this is just an even more sad event to behold.

Thanks for all the great music Malcolm, we'll always remember you!

Poland's finest

MP1 / Re: MP-1 Ultimate 80's Tones
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THAT was some really NICE playing, very Gilbert sounding.

I watched the intense rock VHS a lot growing up (which also factors into the ADA love).

I have that same video.  Well mine is a dvd of the same video.  I sound nothin like Paul Gilbert though :lol:  Got it a few years ago.

Weird I never use the MP1 Chorus.  Mainly because I don't use an FX unit that has a stereo input (currently).  I have a few units that I could run with it but I haven't set them up yet and I'll never get to use them live anyways since I have to keep my rig light for shows abroad.  I have a show in London in December and the whole 4 rack thing I ue locally is causing me problems already, so I might have to cut back to a 2U rack which is shit.

Noticed you aren't locking you nut off, how come?

Like a covers band?

50 gigs a year is hard to do with a fulltime job for me personally.  In fact there isn't 50 places to play metal in the whole of Ireland.  We do our fair share though.  One one is wealthy enough to quit their job and this band thing does not pay well at all.

You were in a very lucky position then having the band member with the shop, I was never in that position,  my first amp was and setup was all down to what I could afford really.  It's only now I'm able to experiment.  However I don't like to change to often, it's good to settle on a rig "base" I think.  Also there is practicality involved.  I can't make my rack bigger as I can't get it on planes and I have no roadies to set my shit up in 15mins for shows without sound checks for me either. 

Well I'll try record something tonight and post it on youtube.  Weird the Intellipitch did not catch on.  And yes you are right, it's programmed by the same people who did the Eventide.

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