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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Amps / Re: Jackson JX3
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Thanks man, you saved me some cash  8)

I thought that thing had metal written all over it.......................I guess not.  That's shred button is very misleading.

Ok so more gain with stock MP1, no prob's I'll leave it then.  I love my MP1s.  Back using a Rockmaster though in my home studio currently.  I chop and change, you know how it is  :thumb-up:

Amps / Re: Jackson JX3
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@ Soloist

I could get a good deal on one of these at the moment, is it recommended man or what?

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech Studio Quad V2
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I think by now Boss has well overcome this and are hitters in their own right and have been for some time.

But back to the point, in my investigation into other units quite a few of them have predefined algorithms.  But my trouble is I wasn't sure what the hell any of them were for.  I was looking at this through serial connection only.  And now that I've realised how to get the serial connection to work I'll probably stick with that. My trouble as the mixer settings.

Say I was using chorus, and I had a mix of 50 dry and 50 wet on each channel, well the output of the chorus needs to be 100% going into the next effect.  Then the next effect (reverb in this case) you have to have the mix 100% each channel and then control the mix of both effects using the reverb output.  Taking this output down fully leaves a dry guitar signal, adding it back in gives you the chorus going into the reverb effect blend.  I still don't fully get why this is but it seems to be the way it works.  Now I'm not sure what way it will work with a third effect inserted before the Chorus but I'll soon find out.  I'll never use the RSS effect so literally only mod, delay reverb I need this unit for and perhaps occasionally the eq.

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech Studio Quad V2
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Why not simply get a Digitech 2120, create a send/return loop on the analog clean channel, and hook-up an ADA there..?
You'll be able to use both the 2120 tube preamp and the ADA in parallel :woohoo:
You'll have all the effects your can dream up, and if it's a 2120 Artist, you'll get fairly good speaker emulation to boot.

It's 2u and that's 1u more than plane's like you to travel with in their luggage hold lol  I really would like to avoid 4cm as well.  Sounds like a good unit.

Richard, I respond to your email properly, but as you say I need to think of the SX700 as a mixer, this is what I think has been tripping me up and finally I am getting the hang of it.  More on this later.  It's a good unit btw  probably underrated because it's Boss and there seems to be some kinda stigma attached to Boss I've noticed that's pretty ridiculous  :lol:

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech Studio Quad V2
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Maybe a TC electronic G force ?

Had a we look at those as well MJMP, their not dropping their price much on the second hand market.

I may be able to survive however with the SX700.  Getting to grips with the Mixer/level controls.  It's kinda awkward for me as it's not like other effects units but I'm getting their now.

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech Studio Quad V2
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I've already answered that Rich,

Lexicon doesn't do a intelligent pitch shift on any of the MPX units.

Value for money, f++k yeah they are indeed.  I nearly snapped one up the other day in great condition for just over £100.  The pitch shifting killed it for me.  Something I need and plan on using a lot more of in the future hence all my other threads about harmonizers.  I'm set in the studio, but for my new idea on a live rig I was needing a solution.  This may have changed now since i'm not digging the SX700 now because I realise it needs configured differently ro get the best.

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech Studio Quad V2
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Never found anything of their to be "muddy", I don't think Andy Summers would agree  :) Anyway, whole other arguement there I fail to see.

I'll send you the manual mate.

If a lexicon had intelligent pitch shift I'd give them ago.  The reverbs on this SX700 sound very good to me.  Generally my use is very subtle anyways.  I always have a little on in the background.  As SC said earlier

when the drummer starts to chime in, you won't hear the 13th row of overtones that gets lost

That goes for a lot of things I believe not just analogue/digital conversion.  Don't get me wrong, I'm fussy, but sometimes you just have to know when to stop setting the bar.

If think personally best reverbs I've ever heard where impulse reverbs, but that's another discussion I don't want to get into.

Buy & Sell Other Gear / Re: FS: EMG humbuckers
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 :thumb-up:  Dimarzio
I didn't need SC to switch me onto them though  :lol:

Hoping I can wangle a sponsorship with them in the future  :whoohoo!:

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech Studio Quad V2
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So perhaps the SX700 is good after all and I'm just not used with having a processor that alows to have effects in parallel connection.

So up until not I have been using the serial configuration of effects on the boss.  It has however a whole bunch more.  I don't really understand what these are for or how they would benefit me.  But I got thinking about Richard and his mixer idea and keeping shit all analogue.  Well then I started to realise that the Boss has a "Thru"  setting for the input.  This according to the manual is "analogue".  I had been using this prior to this thread but not to it's full potential as I was trying to run the effetcs in serial and I was getting confused with the amount of dam levels there were in the mixer section of the unit.  Then I started to look at it like Richards mixer idea.  Then I started to realise if I thought of the mixer to use the levels like so but use one of the parallell configs.  So I did and played about with it for an hour.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Got good sounds using Chorus and Reverb.  This is all I played about with so far but I'll delve in more this evening.

I think I'm getting there.  But I still need to try out other module effects and delay and see if I can get this stuff wrking as and when I want/need.  So with the "Thru" setting I am getting basically the exact same signal I get when I bypass.  This is pretty pure sounding to me, it actually sounds different to what the input signal sounds like when it is set to "direct %100".  So I checked "Thru" and bypass over and over and determined there was not one bit of difference.  So now I realised "Thru" was like a pure signal that you can blend in the effect with in parallel, but it will be better using the right configuration.

Would love someone with better understanding of effects in anything OTHER than serial connection to take a look at the SX700 manual and tell what the f++k all the other configs are about and what is the best way for me to set the effects up.  I feel I've just scratched the surface with it.

Still open to ideas on other units BTW

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech Studio Quad V2
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Checked all of the out, the G-majors seem quite expensive over here used or not, and the Rocktron Expression doesn't do intelligent pitch shifting.  The Rocktron would be perfect otherwise as it's in the right price bracket etc.

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech Studio Quad V2
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Rack Gear / Re: Digitech Studio Quad V2
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I disagree with the sound of all boss stuff (as you know, but I'll bight my tongue... hey if it works for you  :thumb-up: ) and SC's suggestions make allot of sense (and they are usually on the money  :thumb-up: ),

Weird you don't like Boss to that degree, so many others disagree with you lol  At least one pedal has to be to your liking, they've so many classics.  Anyways their GT5 sounds a lot better to me than many of their later pedals, that's why I chose it, a lot more analogue.  And their chorus is pretty famous too.  Anyways I'm not a diehard, but their equipment works well with me (once I gained an understanding of their MFX units which took a while).

have you thought of using your rockman preamp thingy ? (I assume you still have it ?), given you guys are 3 piece, the compressor on the guitar wont matter that much dynamically (another idea..). 
  Then I would sound like a rockman permanently which I don't want.  Also I want to play through speaker cabs, something the Rockman Sustainor isn't designed to do.  It's means to be played through flat cabs.  I've committed to real cabs so I'm sticking with them.

I'd like to hear you opinion on a MP2, they have way more gain than MP1, very versatile preamp... 
I'm not in the market for another preamp, it may have more gain, but it will still need a boost as it doesn't have the three tier distortion stage.  I'm happy to stick with MP1's and a boost infront of them  (except the 3TM of course).  If the MP2 had intelligent pitchshifting we'd be in business.

But hey, you could make your life easier with a AxeFX, one stop shopping.... (I'm trusting SC here as I haven't used one)
  That's not going to happen.  I prefer the gear I use and the setup, and for one thing it's a lot cheaper.  I'm looking to spend a very small amount of money and an AXE FX is very expensive.  Also not as much fun as using real gear.  I went from modeling (albeit may be not as good) to real gear so I'm not about to revert back.  Might suit some people but I'm hanging onto my MP1's and my Rockmasters.

I just need a 1u Rack fx unit with all my reverbs delays and chorus's and pitchshifitng with a modicum of intelligence.

Upon looking at the SX700 manual there are a million (a lot) of different ways to configure the effects chain.  Perhaps these are the answer to me getting better use out of the unit.  I know nothing about parallel effect placement so may be if I looked into using one of the parallel arrangements it would help me with the  mix between direct sound and fx better????

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech Studio Quad V2
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OK, I get the picture. With the GT5 (being a floorboard) you have immense lengths of cable runs back and forth to your racked preamp(s). That itself results in a definite degradation of your signal.

Having your needs in terms of weight restrictions/size (when it comes to travel) in mind I suggested the GSP1101. GSP and preamp in 2u rack bag, small midi controller (e.g. Control 7, can be found for 30€ used) in the rack bags pocket. Done.
Guitar signal to rack and in there is where it stays with no extra lengths of cable (except some small 15cm patch cables in the back of the rack). Just a Midi cable from rack to floorboard. -> Clean solution.
You can either decide to bring your poweramp of use the loop returns of the venue's backline amps for fly in gigs.
Compared to the internal of the GT5/SX700/GX700/...units of that era, the GSP1101 is by far more transparent in 4cm.

That's true about the cable, it still sounds fine, I just think it sounds better directly into the pre.

In my studio when using 4cm and the boss GT5, the leads are short also, so degradation is definitely not an issue here, it's hard to compare the live sound to the studio setup.  But since I changed from guitar > pre > FX using the sx700  I think a bit more clarity and bite is present.

With the SX700 there is no 4cm.  My chain is like this:

Guitar > Pre > RockMAN eq > Rocktron Hush IICX > Rocktron Intellipitch > SX700.

Sounds great, just I hate the mix controls of the SX700.

Live I was hoping to have:

Guitar > Pre > NS-50 Noise gate > SX700 > Power Amp

But now I've decided I don't like the SX700 controls at all.  First boss I've disagreed with.

Hey RG, if you really want to get pedantic the 4 CM method is slightly floored from the start as it is totally dependent on the Fx units quality (remember the old posts where MikeB and I tested 4 CM with his GMaj 2 (which digitizes the input etc etc) compared with using a mixer and preserving MP1 analogue signal).  Did it sound better all analogue with mixer, yes but Mike lost some CC functionality (i.e. GMaj2 master vol control).
Your main driver (correct me if I'm wrong) is to build the smallest foot print rig (that sounds great) so you can fly with it.  So (for what they are worth), my thoughts are ADA preamp (MP1 ?  or 3TM 4cm into decent FX (I recon a Lexicon MX300 (new reliable has all the FX you want including pitch/harmonising, eq etc) and IIRC you have poweramp.  Or better MP2 with MX300 (or similar) in the stereo parallel loop (no 4cm issues).  The MP2 has a room eq knob BTW, this will help you adjust for all the different cabs you end up using (and the cab sim outs will feed the FOH (jack or XLR), no mic up required).  Then to control it all you just need a phantom powerable midi pedal. And I you could put some sort of boost thing in front (preferably a rack mount thing?), anyway my 20 cents AUD)

I agree probably keeping analogue does sound best, but it really isn't bad sounding going through a unit digitized or not.  I've never noticed any additional bad artefacts from using my boss.

So lexicon has intelligent pitch shifting eh?  I wasn't aware of that.  I must look at both MX300 and GSP1101.  Are there any older lexicons with intelligent pitch shifting?  I ask this because older units are cheaper and I'm looking for a bargain as always.

edit:  Richard the MX300 has no intelligent pitch shift which is a shame as there are some bargains on ebay right now for them!

Really pissed the SX700 did not work out.

- *sidenote* was used extensively by pros (Megadeth, Dweezil Zappa, Queensryche,....) 

and most Importantly Glenn Tipton  :headbanger:

Mind you, I don't like how his guitars have sounded in years hahahaha so perhaps it's not for me.  I hate all modern tones, this is probably the worst era ever of guitar tones.  Who knows though perhaps my rig with a GSP1101 would sound good......................... :thumb-up:

I'm not ruling it out mate  :thumb-up:

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech Studio Quad V2
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Ok made a mistake, the manual I was reading was the Studio 400 Quad.  Some what confusing.  The 400 does have intelligent pitch shifting, the Studio Quad V2 does not.  The 400 looks like a good unit actually but is too large.

Back to the drawing board!!

I've used 4 cable method for years SC, and also in the last few years since moving to rack preamps.  I used it with my Boss units and it sounded good.  But something different that I like seems to be present when going direct into the pre.  I noticed this in my studio (where I was also using a GT5 in 4cm), there was some kind of extra texture present that I never heard before.  Very subtle, but it was there.  My live set up is Gt5 and preamp in the loop, the output to amp.

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech Studio Quad V2
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I looked at the manual for the Quad and it said "Harmony" and there is also scale selection and key selection which in my experience is not just pitch shifting, that's intelligent pitch shifting territory.  See attachment on the right hand side.

I looked at the GSP1101, but it really seems too much for my needs.  I'd be keen to avoid using 4 cable method as well  since I have finally noticed a difference in using 4 cable method and plugging directly into the preamp and running effects after the pre.

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