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Title: Sold: Processors and interfaces
Post by: vansinn on March 06, 2016, 05:33:53 AM
Selling several devices:

Mackie HR-624 mkII studio monitors.
Lexicon MPX G2.  Digitech TSR-24S (dual S/DISH DSP).  Digitech TSR-24 with damaged front panel but fully working.
SM ProAudio A08 8-channel line level audio interface with ADAT.  RME Multiface. RME Quad Mic microphone preamp.

All located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Will ship international.
All must be sold within 12 days.

The Mackie HR-624 mkII studio monitors are in condition like brand spanking new.
Amazingly linear monitors +/- 2dB.  Due to the rear-mounted passive drone/slave driver, rolls off at only 12 dB/octave.
Asking €400, $380 + shipping (in original boxes).

The Lexicon MPX G2 is in absolutely top notch condition. Hardly a scratch. Runs on intl. voltages.
Asking $300 / €280 + shipping.

The Digitech TSR-24s is in top notch condition. To my knowledge never gigged.
Two inputs, four outputs, nothing fixed wired, so any routing can be created from the effects library and router/mixer library.
Thus, it can be stereo in/out, dual mono-in/stereo-out, one mono-in/out + one mono-i/stereo-out; all with separate effects.
Set up for 230 volt but can be arranged for any intl. voltage.
Asking $125 / €115 + shipping.

The SM ProAudio A08 is a 48/44.1 kHz 8-channel line-in A/D converter with ADAT optical connection to your audio interface.
Been sitting in my studio rig with practically no use at all.
You know you must have those extra channels.
Using external power adapter, to my knowledge running on intl. voltages.
Asking $115, €100 + shipping.

The RME Multiface is in very good condition.
Eight balanced line-in's, bidirectional ADAT and S/PDIF.
Interfaces to your PC via a PCI card. PCIe card is available from RME, likewise Cardbus or PCMCIA cards.
Asking €115, $100 + shipping.

The RME Quadmic microphone preamp is in excellent condition.
WRT sound quality, it's one of the most prestine sounding preamps you'll find.
It has one mechanical issue though: Someone before I bought it had drilled up the two rack-mounts in each side to larger diameter.
Asking $230, €250 + shipping.
Title: Re: FS: Processors and interfaces
Post by: vansinn on January 23, 2017, 12:27:00 PM
BUMP!  Selection edited plus lowered the prices - see top post.
All must be sold with 12 days.