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Let us never forget our beloved founder - RIP Jurrie, we all miss you very much

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 on: Today at 05:05 AM 
Started by rabidgerry - Last post by Harley Hexxe
Hey Gerry,

   You can't talk about rack mount preamps and not bring up the MP-1, after all, that's the one that started the whole thing!

    So you want 5 eh?

    I can tell you right off the bat not too many preamps impressed me back in the day, because I'm kind of the opposite of most people who were shopping for things like that. I listened for the best clean sound from the preamps I auditioned, instead of the most distorted sounds they could produce. That's because you can make any amp distort, and to whatever degree you want it too, but it's harder to get a good rich clean tone out of them.
    So...based on that viewpoint, here are my picks;

    ADA MP-1, (later, MP-1 Classic)
    Groove Tubes Trio
    Soldano X-77, or X-99
    Fender RP-1, (only one ever made, with matching power amp and they guy wouldn't sell it)  >:(
    Mesa Boogie Triaxis

 on: Today at 03:10 AM 
Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rabidgerry
Hi guy's, just wondering what we all regard as the best known rack preamp?

I got thinking about this last week when I was talking to a guy about gear and I mentioned I use the MP1.  Now normally when I say this to people they react as they have heard of the unit and how legendary it is.  This guy didn't react.  So this mad me think he didn't know the unit.

But then there have been other people I mentioned about using an MP1 and they have known exactly what it was and about it's reputation.

So tell me, what all do you guy's regard as the best known preamps.

Give me your top 5 rack preamps in order of best known.  I assume the MP1 will be in there, but perhaps not  :???:

 on: Today at 02:13 AM 
Started by Iperfungus - Last post by Rockhead!
Been following this thread and drooling at the thought of getting my MP-1 pimped too.  I'm hoping to send mine off to MJMP when he gets a moment.   

 on: Today at 02:07 AM 
Started by Rockhead! - Last post by Rockhead!
It may well need some new meds precribed from MJMP. :banana-rasta:

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Started by Iperfungus - Last post by Harley Hexxe
I'm guessing they sound similar to a Soldano power amp

 on: Time Format 
Started by Rockhead! - Last post by Iperfungus
of course these preamps are getting on a bit and anything could go wrong at any given time.

Unless you send them to MJMP for cures...  :lol:

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Started by Iperfungus - Last post by Iperfungus
That's good to know, how much do they go for ?

A correct average price would be 200-250 euros...but there's a lot of people asking 3-400 or more.
I bought mine from a friend and paid less than 200 euros...  :whoohoo!:

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Started by Iperfungus - Last post by Iperfungus
Hey Max, DJC is alive and well and sends his regards, he's focusing on his guitar business (, he said he pop back from time to time, he didn't want to be negative, not that he had much luck with it all, 11 units and not one usable.. :facepalm: .  You can email him from his profile if you want to.

Thank you Rich!  :thumb-up:
I will.

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rabidgerry
Metal Church were awesome btw.  It was like a religious experience.  It was the first time the band visited Ireland.  They played Belfast and Dublin.  The band were awesome, and Mike Howe...................well the guy still has it.  I am very disappointed that I could not meet them after the show.  They basically told everyone they would meet them at the merch and sing anything they wanted for free.  Then after they would mingle.  Truly awesome band.  Went right out the next day and bought their latest studio album.

Hail Metal Church!

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Started by Chamai - Last post by rabidgerry
No it's the newer one that is 1U.  It's funny as I have heard the opposite in regards to the older 2U version.  What have you heard is bad about the new one?  I'm now concerned.

Well, I don't recall anything specific....just hearsay I suppose.  I can tell you that if it sounds as good as the older 2U unit did it's a winner.  :thumb-up:

What was good about the old one?  They've stopped making the 300 now and only make the 100LTD.  MAINLINE is the new Velocity 300.

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