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Lets get Technical > All Things Tube All about preamp and power amp Tubes.

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Author Topic: Quad Tube pics  (Read 2812 times)

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Re: Quad Tube pics
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2x12 closed-back combo that uses a pair of Celestion G12T-75 speakers at 8 ohms each.

Here you can see the Rack Holster.  A rackmount fx processor of your choice can be vertically mounted here if desired.  The Rack Holster itself is detachable; it's held on with 4 special Velcro inserts.  It takes a good whack to install this rack into the Velcro, so it's not flimsy like you'd think Velcro normally is.  Still, it's not recommended to transport the amp with something mounted in the Rack Holster.
Looks similar to the MP-2 Input, except the Quad Tube also has a High/Low switch that sets the Input sensitivity.  The manual says that if the Input Clip LED is lighting up when you play hard, you should set the switch to "Low".

The button layout is similar to the MP-2, except the buttons are actual buttons with a tactile switch behind them instead of the membrane-style panel the MP-2 has.  Also, there's a VariCab function on this menu (instead of Wah).  This gives the amp programmable cab emulations; Bypass, 2x12 Vintage, 2x12 Bright, 4x12 Vintage, 4x12 Bright, while also using switchable Lo Boost, and Hi Cut.  These all can be programmed on Left and Right independent of each other.  A Standby switch allows the amp to be used quietly without the speakers on for recording, etc.  The Quad Tube has six Chorus modes to choose from: Rock I, Jazz I, Rock II, Jazz II, Rock III, and Jazz III.  According to the manual: "The Jazz modes have a large stereo field, and in general, sound best with Clean sounds. In contrast, the Rock modes are more tightly focused and work better for distorted sounds.  In Rock II and Jazz II modes the chorus rate is slightly modulated by the guitar input (i.e., the harder you play, the faster the chorus LFO). This makes for a chorus effect that is very dynamic and alive. Rock III and Jazz III are the same as II, but with twice the modulation amount."

Midi In, Out, and Thru jacks.  This amp has Phantom Power supplied internally, unlike the MP-1/2 which needs an external power supply hooked up to send Phantom Power through the 7-pin midi cable to switcher.  There's also a quiet cooling fan to keep temps down.

Ahh, versatility.  Programmable Stereo Effects Loops and a non-programmable Mono Effects Loop.  Studio Outputs for recording, FOH sound, etc.  All the Outputs are independently buffered and may all be used simultaneously if desired.  The funny looking aluminum tabs are for winding up and storing the mains power cord.  I only wish there were External Speaker jacks to connect other cabs, too...

DAMN!!!!!! What a beast! And what incredible features!
I really dig the rack holster as well as the 110v outlet, pretty much everything about this unit Kim!
Thanks for sharing this!

 So it's definitely the MP-2 format and layout plus I'm assuming the Micro tube power amp, which I always thought was pretty bad-ass! Very good review Kim!!  :whoohoo!:
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