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Need a Schematic? Check the Vault *MP-1 Classic Schematics Just Added!!

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Started by ADA Amplification - Last post by rnolan
 :whoohoo!: very cool  :thumb-up: , how much (incl shipping) to send one to Australia (with a 240v adapter) ? PM me please  :wave:

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Started by davidfugler - Last post by davidfugler
thank you

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Started by ADA Amplification - Last post by ADA Amplification
We have started a short run of original ADA Flangers using the Reticon SAD1024 bucket brigade chip!  We found a few of the rare parts and are using the original printed circuit board layout and component values to achieve the exact same product A/DA shipped in 1978.  We are using the same "big box" aluminum sand cast enclosure.  The original Flanger ran off 18V DC and using an obsolete 2.5mm center pin positive AC Adapter.  The only change we have made is to use a 2.1mm center pin negative DC power jack, which is standard for today's pedal boards.

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Started by Chucky - Last post by rabidgerry
Oh I know, I just meant it's an unusal number to see on any guitar EQ, normally it's 800hz, but Scholtz figured 700hz was best.  He based it on a modified boss eq from what I've read.

Ok so just got the DG, it seems there is a loose connection somewhere.  Only seems to work, when I press down on the top of the unit, or set it sideways and hit it a few slaps and generally jiggle about with it.  Controls seem fine, apart from one thing, Autoclean.  Chucky what is this supposed to do?  On the sustainor I never used it but if I remember correctly it's meant to turn to clean the lighter I pick string correct?  Mine seems bust, pressing the button in made the output go insane and also the distortion much, much fuller, less hollow.  Should I saw to the ebay seller he sold me a dud?

I think though if I get this baby working properly I will enjoy it a lot though.  I have the tone there, I can hear it, however it's a little dull so might need post EQing for further brightness.

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Started by Chucky - Last post by Chucky
Oh yeah I hear ya, it's extensive alright.  I just meant in the EQ department, the 800 seems to be important in the Scholze method.  It's weird he designed the ROCKMAN EQ to have a slider at 700hz,  I have one of those also.  Very musical sounding EQ indeed.
Well the ROCKMAN EQ is designed to do the after amp notching while the preamp EQ is a regular MXR 6 band EQ.
I programmed a few post EQs in Reaper that I apply to tracks after recording.
It makes all the difference!

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Started by Griphook - Last post by rnolan
Hey Feki, you can run it either way, GMaj in the MP2 loop or chain through the GMaj into the power amp.  The approach to dry/wet balance if quite different depending which way you go.  My preference is use the GMaj in the MP2 loop as then you maintain the analogue MP2 signal all the way to poweramp.  The first thing the GMaj does on input is convert it to digital, so if you chain through it (after MP2) the dry MP2 signal is converted to digital then back to analogue on output.  The difference isn't huge but it is there.So if you use the loop, the MP2 loop is parallel (not series like most loops) so you are mixing in the FX with the dry MP2 signal.  So as you have done ie select line level for both send and return on MP2, use/adjust GMaj Input and output for best gain, set GMaj dry/wet mix to 100%, then use the loop return levels in the MP2 patch to adjust dry/wet (they default to 20% wet (loop) return).  The loop return levels are adjusted/set for each patch so if you want lots of FX on a patch, turn them up for that patch.  This is much the same as you would use an external FX with a PA using FX sends and returns or return down 2 channels in the desk and blending/mixing some FX into the dry mix (which is how I run my MP2, with a small desk).The MP2 FX sends are after the OD1/2 & master, both eqs and chorus (see signal chain in the front of MP2 manual).  MP2 main output volume is set by front level knob (and/or stereo master vol controlled by CC pedal).

If you opt for chaining through GMaj, then you need to adjust the dry/wet mix in the GMaj.  This makes more sense with the MP1 as it's loop is mono and series and it also doesn't have midi CC control like the MP2 has.
A very useful feature of the MP2 is using a CC expression pedal to control the overall output volume (a global setting that can only be used this way).  The GMaj also has this option, another reason to chain through it with MP1 but not MP2.

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Started by davidfugler - Last post by rnolan
Hey david, welcome to the depot  :wave: , and we are happy to help as much as we can :thumb-up: .There are some posts about the MP2 motorboating if you dig around.  It was quite a while ago it came up IIRC This post ( is related to it.  You can do the MP2 noise mod, replace 21 caps and a resistor, IMO the resistor (R913  :dunno: ) is the most important (if it needs replacing), if you get 190v or just under (around 187v) at the test point then it doesn't.  The problem comes when the test point voltage exceeds 190v.  MJMP puts a kit together with all the components you need for the mod ( MP1 should sound good out of the box, factory patch 1 (Marshall) should sound very usable, I used it as a starting point for most of my MP1 patches.  So I'd try reloading the factory patches:LOAD ALL 69 PRESETS:
1. Press the STORE button. lt will light.
2. Press the BANK button and while holding the BANK button down press the number 1 button.
3. The display will read "Presets Loaded" When the display returns to a program number, all 69 factory presets have, been restored.
If patch 1 still doesn't sound good, it could be tubes, always worth putting in some new ones anyway.
I suggest you start 2 new topics one for your MP2 and one for your MP1 either in their respective areas or in the Lets get technical and we'll work through the issues with you  :thumb-up:

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rnolan
Definitely the way to go, if it's all secured in the rack, then that's all you have to worry about.  The tricky on in my rack is the Quadverb power supply, it's quite large and I have it velcroed to the bottom/side wedged in between the mixer and the side.  It was all good for many years but the velcro comes unstuck over time (as it's done with the powerboard).You were lucky with that power supply, it's quite an unusual one, and good to have a spare  :thumb-up:

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Started by Feki - Last post by rabidgerry
Welcome aboard!  Good place to talk about ADA stuff, and also music gear in general!

 :thumb-up: :banana-rock:

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Started by Feki - Last post by Feki
Thank you for your welcome :headbanger:

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