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Temp "Time Format" issue Fix in Discussions

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 on: Time Format 
Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rabidgerry
Hi guy's I am starting this topic so anyone with any contributions at all in the realm of combating guitar playing fatigue can share their tips and solutions here.

I have always suffered a bit of this I have to admit, but now it's getting down right ridiculous.

I played two gigs in a row on Friday and Saturday and on Saturday's gig I was gone by about 4 songs and basically had to wing the rest of the show.  My hand loses all strength.  No pain or anything like that, just cannot keep my fingers locked against the fret board.

Now their are contributing factors to this, the night before we stayed with the band we played a show with who basically kept me awake all night long, and then we had to rise early in the morning to drive across Scotland to get a boat back to Ireland for the next show.  I didn't get any sleep on the boat or whilst driving either.  By the time it came to show time on Saturday I was out on my feet.  This is not ideal circumstances.  So as I mentioned earlier, four songs in my hand was gone.

My left hand has really good grip, and because I lift weights I expect my strength to be pretty good.  I think a combination of playing and being super tense just annihilates my hand to the point I can barely fret chords.  I'm always tense at shows and I cannot help it.

If anyone has any advice or tips to help with this please share here for myself and others who might have issues.  Just so it's clear, I don't have pain issues, just lose all power during most gigs at some point, usually near the end of a set, however occasionally I will get early fatigue like last night in a 10 song set.

I found these links here which may help but I want to hear from you guys on this subject.

 on: Time Format 
Started by Systematic Chaos - Last post by Systematic Chaos
Pulled the trigger on a Yamaha MFC10 Midi Footcontroller on a JPN Auction site for 15$ (including shipping!!!!). When it turned up on my doorstep this thing was dead MINT, even had the protective clear tape still on.
Awesome MIDI pedal, completely programmable to a gazillion controller changes/MIDI Commands per patch change and after I set it all up an awesome companion for my AxeFX.
What makes it even better is the lit numbers in addition to the LEDs. Time to retire my old trusted Roland FC200 now (any takers? ;-)  )

Yesterday evening on stage before lights:

 on: Time Format 
Started by Zilthy - Last post by MarshallJMP
I know what you mean, although I only need one reading glas  ;D

 on: Time Format 
Started by Zilthy - Last post by Zilthy
For the first time in my life, I am bringing in a guitar for some electronics work.  And that makes me feel old.

Why?  I can try and convince myself that it is just because I do not want to do it anymore, but the reality is, I am sitting here with 3x reading glasses on looking through a mag lamp, trying to see and solder a jack connection.  What in the hell happened to my reading range eyesight over the last 10 years?  Thank God my normal vision is still good.  Although I am a little scared at what happens if I can no longer read a computer screen being in IT and all later on.

 on: Time Format 
Started by herbyguitar - Last post by Iperfungus
Up!  :lol:

 on: Time Format 
Started by Feedback - Last post by rnolan
I haven't come across that before, I've had my display go all hieroglyphic (ish) when it doesn't get decent power (running off a generator) and I have to power cycle it to fix it.

One thing to check is the ribbon cable that goes from the PCB to the front panel, it can come out of it's socket on the PCB quite easily, although the display is fed by another cable which runs from the PCB, under the ribbon cable to the screen, worth checking that it's connected properly.  Otherwise, it would seem to be either a problem in the screen or a problem with whatever feeds the screen on the PCB  :dunno: .  You can get replacement screens, MJMP had some but they are the same as the screens used in Quadverbs and come in a variety of background/text colours. (
There's some chat about screen change in the MP2 section (

 on: Time Format 
Started by Feedback - Last post by MarshallJMP
Do you mean that the characters are shifted to the right? Both rows?

 on: Time Format 
Started by Feedback - Last post by Feedback
Hey guys,

Fired up my old MP2 again after it has been in storage for years.
Everything sounds fine - the only problem it seems to have is on the display. When I turn the preamp on it's all good, but after some time playing, characters are offset to the right.

Anyone came across this already?

 on: Time Format 
Started by Dante - Last post by Kim
Really like those graphics you came up with for that Quad switch!   :thumb-up: 

 on: Time Format 
Started by Dante - Last post by tomy
Hi Dante,
I'll check what tubes are inside my viper next week when i'll Come back home. I think previous owner never change it before as they still sound great, I also remember they are pretty hard to change.

Hey Kim, I' d be OK to test your mod on my viper !
Let me know


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