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Update, I took the 18i20 back today, and have a PreSonus 1824 coming instead (and it's USB3 and includes StudioOne DAW).  The Focusrite MixControl is such crap, tiny white text on grey background (someone thought it looked cool but you can't read it), not a very intuitive interface (S/W that is, hardware is fine).  After I finally got it working, it didn't sound that great, quite clinical, not very "musical", allegedly Focusrite's higher end gear is better  :dunno:

Hey RG, a 1RU line mixer with a stereo send is the go but then $s...  The little mixer you have in mind will work but limits your options a bit.Don't know why you want a pedal in front, I thought that's what you wanted to get away from, I know I did, although IIRC you like a bit of boost before your MP1.
I'd go Guitar > MP1 > Mixer >amp for Fx, MP1 send > Fx > Mixer.  Run Fx full wet but change the volumes (delay, reverb etc) within the Fx patch.  So this way the Fx are applied to the MP1 sound and your wet dry mix is done with the mixer vols, so set it with Fx off, then turn them up at the mixer to taste (you need to adjust the mixer levels for your loudest patch so it doesn't overload the channel, then all softer patches will be fine).  Think of it like a PA mix where you add a little delay and reverb to the vocal channel (or any other channel) via you outboard Fx unit(s) which take their input from a Fx send and return back down 2 channels and get mixed in.  If you want different amounts of specific Fx, make a patch in the Fx unit exactly how you want it. And if you want the same MP1 patch but with different Fx, make copies of the MP1 patch, or if you want the same Fx patch on multiple MP1 patches (as is what I do), midi map them either in the MP1 midi map or the Fx midi map. Eg I use the same mild delay and reverb (QV 000) for most of my patches, so I edited the Quadverb midi map to map the desired MP2 patches (110, 111, 112, 113) to be 000 in the QV.

So I run Guitar > MP2 > mixer ch 1 & 2 (panned L/R), Fx send 1 & 2 > Quadverb L/R in, Fx send 3 > IPS33 in (I no longer bother with the distortion loop), Quadverb L/R outs > Mixer ch 3 & 4, IPS33 A/B outs > Mixer chan 5 & 6 (and turn up ch 5 & 6 Fx send 1 & 2 (so IPS33 output is also sent to Quadverb)) Mixer out L/R > amp > cab(s).If I had a 1 RU line mixer with a stereo Fx send, I run it the same except take the MP1/2 loop send to feed the IPS33.

Hey RG, that one will work but ideally a mixer with a couple of Fx sends and basic treb bass eq would be better.  The eq you can use for balancing different room/stage environments (like the Room EQ on a MP2) ie add a little bass for live shiny wooden stages or add a little tops for deader carpeted areas.  Once you get the mixer set you vary rarely need to touch it.  With mine I occasionally turn the master outs up to drive the power amp harder (eg real drums in the room), but once you have your levels set there's no need to tweak it.  Set your levels for the loudest patch.  I use the individual patch master vols to adjust compared to one another and you can make different Fx patches for the various MP1 patches and switch them all via midi. Just create MP1/Fx patch pairs either with the same midi/patch number or use midi mapping to use the same Fx patch on multiple MP1 patches etc.  Once it's all set and the levels are adjusted to accommodate the loudest signal, you just select with your FCB, you should need to go near the rack except to grab your drink or spare pick...

Hey RG, you should be able to pair it down to 1 rack, a midi pedal and one or two cabs.  The only lead you need to run to your feet is a midi cable (if you modify your FCB to be phantom powered) or cable tie/or tape a midi cable and power cable together (this is what Mike does with his FCB).  Everything you need can be in the rack and already connected.  I have a 8RU rack with everything in it (mixer is velcroed to the bottom of the rack), so all I have to run is 2 speaker cables, a 7 pin midi lead (to my MXC) and plug the guitar into the preamp (in my case MP2).  I modified an ADA split stack to be stereo or mono, so setup/pack down is quick and easy. I'd like to replace my mixer with a 1 RU rack unit but I haven't found one with enough Fx sends, I could get by with just 2 (or a stereo pair), but more sends allows more units (not that I'm needing them).

I get buy with electric kit so 8 is enough to get basic rhythm tracks and a guide vocal. But as you say, for a full kit mike up you need allot more, then stereo guitars etc

Hey RG, I hope it works out for you, I've always liked Digitech stuff (well particularly the IPS33) and other reports indicate it's good.  Though I'd probably chain it (or put it in a preamp loop) but worth trying both ways, whatever works and sounds good (for your live UK/Island rack I'd go with a small desk or 1 RU rack line mixer and run it like a mini PA (like I do)).
For you fly rig, while an expensive(ish) option, an ADA APP1 with MP1 Ch in it's loop (both stomp boxes) could work for you  :dunno: .  How many sounds/patches do you need live ? I currently only use 3, and then mostly 2, anyway an idea...

Microtube 200 MT-200 / Re: 12AT7s in a MT200?
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Hey Deadhorsescott, welcome to the depot  :wave: , interesting question.  It's not a spot that I'd think to put 12AT7s.  They are a lower gain (~70mu IIRC, amplification factor ~60) but high current tube, great for a phase splitter driving a tube power stage (if you are chasing output tube distortion/break up) but in the MT200 you are driving a bunch of high speed FETS, not tubes, the FETS probably need detail/articulation not current.  However, you'd need to be sure the MT200 power supply is up for the higher current requirement of 12AT7s.  If you want a less sensitive (lower gain) input buffer tube for the MT200 you could try a 12AU7 (amplification factor ~20), again I'd have to question why  :dunno: (but they wont stress the power supply).  Less gain, less dynamic range, less articulation so unless you are blowing out the MT200 input stage (from whatever you are feeding it with), you'll get the best dynamic range from a 12AX7 (amplification factor 100) which the MT200 is designed for.  Personally I'd try some Mullard long plate 12AX7s as they are nice and 3D and should open up the amp a bit (great articulation) while having a really wide dynamic range.Anyway, my 2 cents worth

Hey RG, nice, it's getting there  :whoohoo!: . Any news on the Koch ?

Hey MJMP, good setup  :thumb-up: .  I get by with 8 in/out, I use my Eurorack UB2442 FX desk as the centre piece and do all I/O and monitoring from the desk, so no latency issues.  Also the desk has direct outs (post fader) for the first 8 channels, it's a well thought out desk (with real knobs and faders  :thumb-up: ).

Hey Chip, thats just crazy, 1 that it has to have a specific firewire card but that they don't tell you  :facepalm: .Also, with the 18i20 it only seems to work (for mix control) if you use a USB port on the computer (and not the USB 3 port), if I used the ports on my external HDD (it has 3 additional USB ports) it didn't recognise it.  Windows was happy with it though, it would play stuff from other programs even when mix control wouldn't work  :dunno: .  Then I discover today that mix control has changed things in my laptop, for the first time ever I now get sound from the external monitor (connected via HDMI), it had never worked before.
And next I have to buy new recording software, I own pro tools (6.4) but it wont work with any non digi design interfaces.  So it's $1000 to buy new pro tools, well at least since my daughter is going to Uni she can buy me the student edition for around $400...

Since my win xp machine died  :facepalm: and thus disenfranchised me from my pro tools  and thus digi 001, I've been without descent I/O and stuck with using the on board realtech crap AD/DA that's built into many pcs blah  :facepalm: it's so shit.... (if you have decent monitors...).  So after much recalcitrance/reluctance (on my part, hey I spent thousands on that setup..)  I finally bought a new I/O device (USB is not my preferred connection method but hey, what can you do..).  So I bought a Focusrite 18i20 (as did Harvey IIRC).  So far it's been painful (though not quite as painful as a win98/win xp install of pro tools 5/6 with digi 001).  Well win7 (64bit) seemed ok with it and it let me play some wav files, but the Focusrite Control program (the thingy you need to rout inputs and output etc) didn't want to recognise it WTF. Ended up having to bounce it around a few USB ports until it was happy (it seems to only like USB 2 ports), and finally it works.So I've just played back a few (wav) files with GoldWave, and then VLC. VLC is so shit (from a resolution perspective), with GoldWave there is sooo much more detail.Initial reaction, the Focusrite is very detailed in the midrange (maybe too detailed  :dunno: lacks bottom end IMHO), the pro tools digi 001 (which is very old now) is a better sounding I/O (AD/DA) device as in it just sounds allot better.

Original MP-1 / Re: Found me a second MP1
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Hey Richie  :whoohoo!: fantastic  :thumb-up: , I hope it's in really good nick.

Hey RG, I don't know if it's the same guy who posted similar on here quite a while ago.  If you search around you'll find his post.  He was going to write it up as a "how to" for us but that never happened  :facepalm: .  Anyway, he changed out all his opp amps with similarly good results.  It would be good if MJMP could put together a kit of all the needed parts and instructions "The Sonic Moderniser Mod" or some such.

With regard to ADA just saving money with cheaper opp amps,  :dunno: , you'd have to compare what was available back then and how much they cost at the time, the internet has provided a much bigger market than existed then and made the economics of it very different, not to mention developments in opp amps and other components.

No doubt you can mod a MP1 in many ways for different qualities and characteristics, IIRC there was quite a focus on that sort of thing on the original forum, these days we seem to be mostly keeping them alive and kicking.

Effects / Re: Let's see your pedalboards!
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Holy crap Pos, tap dance the light fantastic LOL...  I'm sure it sounds amazing  :metal:

Buy & Sell ADA Gear / Re: FS: MXC | Quad | 4x4
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Wow, they look hardly used (can't say the same for mine LoL, well my live one)

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