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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Discussions / Re: Thank you MJMP
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Hey Max, IIRC you are into web dev stuff  :dunno: , how's your PHP skills (which is what the depot (as we use SMF) is built on).

I'm not a developer...I'm a QA engineer, meaning that I deal with system and integration testing. skills are very, very low.

But...what's the problem? Let's see...  :thumb-up:

Discussions / Re: Thank you MJMP
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And Max, you are very much part of that magic my friend  :wave:

Thanks a lot Rich!
I'm a nerd of a newbie, but I love the Depot and its people!

Discussions / Re: Thank you MJMP
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This is still a magical place.

Discussions / Re: Thank you MJMP
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Wow thanks guys, but I'm not the only one who deserve this, ALL of you help out one way or the other so a BIG thanks to ... EVERYBODY over here at the depot!!!  :bow:

Don't be shy...  :lol:

Discussions / Re: Thank you MJMP
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A truly well deserved praise for MJPP  :headbanger:
+1  :thumb-up: but his pockets are getting rather wet by now LoL

Too old for that.
Probably pissing his pants off.  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Phil, we love you!!!  :banana-rock:

No. You don't have to open a new thread. Like you said. It's all related

 :thumb-up: :thumb-up: :thumb-up:

Usually this approach produced good results for other people in the future.
A common issue solved is a big added value!

Discussions / Re: Thank you MJMP
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Well done Dante!!!  :thumb-up:
You're right.

Phil is one of the best guys around.
A very caring one, someone who never leaves you alone with an issue.
And there's none on this planet who knows ADA stuff better than him, now that Todd Langner passed away.

We should say THANKS A LOT PHIL! 1000 times everyday.  :beer:

In this case it may well be relevant. It seems that you are having a similar issue to both Max and I and we have done the same mods as you. I'll certainly be watching with interest.

That's what I said some posts ago: 3 MP1s, same mods, same issues.
Issues that are related to this topic.

I discussed this issue privately with Phil/Mjmp several times and we made different hypothesis.
Now, after you guys reported the same issue, Phil had an idea and made an assumption about MDRT and tubeboard that makes sense (as usual, speaking about him).
I'm sure he's already testing the possible solution and he will be back with results soon.
Then, shouldn't this be enough, there's something more he suggested me to do during our discussions and that I didn't do yet (an OP AMP and 4 caps to be replaced): I would wait for Phil's results now.

By the way, if Herby prefers, as I said I can open a new topic and we can go on there.
Just let me know!

Fight!  Fight!  Fight!....

 :lol: :lol: :lol:

...are you hijacking my thread?

Me??? NO!!!  :lol:

Just looking for a solution for a common issue.  :metal:

PS. being serious, I can start a new thread if you prefer...

More like not enough beer!

 :headbanger: :headbanger: :headbanger:

No not really, I want to lower the output of the tubeboard a bit. Not sure if this will help but it won't hurt anything.

So, are you going to reproduce the issue and attempt the fix on the tubeboard?
That's an approach that I share a lot.

You must use high gain you still have the ones I sent you?
If you need them, I'm here.
By the way, if you set OD1 = OD2 = 7.0, Master = 5.0, Bass = 6.0, Mid = 8.0, High = 10.0 and Presence = 12.0, you should reproduce the issue easily.

Now I'll wait for results of your test before opening the MP1 and replacing components.

Should the resistor fix not work, I can swap OP and caps as you suggested and see what happens.
Or you can do that as well.

We need to go step-by-step.

Airpressure, humidity, temperature? Those can have an influence on the sound sometimes.

Beer? Too much beer? too many beers???  :facepalm: :wave: :lol:

Well I thought about something, with the higher MDRT voltage, the output voltage of the tube board will also be higher, maybe with some tubes it could be to high for the digital pots. I'll do some experimenting this week, see what I can figure out. Now should this be the problem you can easily solve it by replacing one resistor on the tubeboard so the input voltage on the digital pot is lower.

f**king great mate!!!
That makes sense about MDRT, tube board and higher voltage.
So I'd better wait to replace that OP and those caps we spoke about for this issue with the squeal?
I also used different tubes there but with no improvements...

Are we working on a fine tuning of MDRT mod here???  :headbanger:

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