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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Original MP-1 / Year of production?
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Is there any way to tell when my MP-1 is produced?
It says 1.38 when I turn it on, has the line/instrument switch on top of it and serial number 805284.


Original MP-1 / Output Level knob not working.
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Hi there,

I bought my first ADA MP-1 today. Exciting moment hooking it up!
I connected to a Fender combo amp (haven't got a poweramp yet) and tried both the input jack and the FX return jack on the amp, like it says in the manual.

The unit is of course second hand and well roadworn, but everything seems to work - except ONE thing:

The output level knob on the front doesn't work like it should.
When connecting from output A there is only a faint signal and the level knob doesn't change it at all.
When connecting from output B there is no signal until I turn the level knob all the way up but then the sound come blasting.

So... Is it possible to fix the level knob? Is it analog?
Is the difference in output level between A and B part of this problem?

Hope someone can help me :-)


Introduce Yourself / Hello from Iceland!
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I'm Martin, rocking in Iceland. I got my first ADA MP-1 today and of course I had to register here.
I've got some technical issues, but I'll post it on the MP-1 forum. Hope someone would be so kind to help me :-)

Best regards,

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