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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Guitars / Dead spots
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I found that many of my guitars have a dead spot on G string at 12th fret: less sustain and quick decay than other notes on other strings or same strings at different frets (there's also a wolf tone on B string at 9th fret....meaning an overtone when sustain ends...).
They are very different guitars and it doesn't matter the scale, strings gauge, set-in or screwed necks, neck wood and so on.

I've found that's a very common issue on many different guitars around the world, cheap ones or expensive ones.
It's not related to hardware, bridge, saddles, setup, frets and so on: it's related to neck resonance only.
Many people says they fixed the issue by adding mass to headstock in some way.

Do you guys have similar behavior on some of your guitars? Do you live with it and forget or did you attempt to fix it?
How? Did it work?

Let's go!!!  :banana-upsidedown:

Discussions / My first tattoo
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Ok guys...I know it has nothing to do with tube preamps...but I wanted to share with you people!

I started from a wonderful statue of an Angel that's located on a family tomb in the Staglieno monumental cemetery, here in Genova.
I love that Angel since longtime and you can see a picture here.

Then I added a tribute to Necrodeath (Methodical Killer), a famous black/thrash metal band from Genova that's on the scene since more than 30 years...the song is Master of Morphine, the one I love can find the official video here (those guys are still around, alive and kicking...).

Then I found the right one to do the job.
And she has done a great job!

Hi guys!

I recently bought a 2nd MP1 as backup and of course the seller wrote "PERFECT CONDITIONS, LIKE NEW, NO MODS, 100% ORIGINAL".
f*ck him, his whole family, mother, sister and wife.

The unit is an old V1.38 (1.38 EPROM), battery has been replaced already (no holder... :crazy:).
It has the following issues at least:

1) the plastic thread of front Input jack is ruined so that the nut and washer fit and keep the jack in place with some difficulties
2) very low volume sound from Output B and sometimes from Output A too...but this seems to be an issue related to the top level switch (if you move it)
3) front Output level pot should be replaced: it's not noisy but it's jerky
4) almost all screws of top and bottom lid are loose and do not lock firmly in threads and 1-2 are missing
5) 1 missing screw in front panel
6) power cable has been shortened

This is what I discovered when I turned it on.
Then I was a little disappointed, I turned it off and I started telling the seller what I think about him.
I did not test loop/pot, phones output/pot, MIDI.
The chassis, display, buttons are in good conditions and work fine.

I paid 190 euro for this MP1...and I cannot define this a good deal.
Of course the f**king bastard refused to take the unit back and give me my money back...and he did not offer any partial compensation.
I gave up with him: he's lucky enough to live 5-600 km away from me.

By the way, now I decided to sell the unit for parts if someone is interested.
I would keep the JJ tubes.

I don't know how much I could ask and there are shipping costs to consider.
So, guys...just let me know.
If someone is interested for any reason, make me an offer and we'll talk about it!  :banana-jazz-smiley-emoticon:

Guitars / Arrogantia guitars
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Hi guys!

Have a look at these instruments:

This is DESIGN.

Once my 1987 PRS will be sold, I'll start mine.
I've clear ideas about what I want, after all these years...and after a lot of guitars.
I just needed someone able to synthesize everything within a single guitar: I think I've found this man in Emanuele.

Guitars / NGD 1991 MIJ Ibanez RG570FM TB
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Ok guys! I bet SC is going to love this topic!  :lol:

I found this baby very, very close to my home...20 mins by car.
Today I played her and it has been love at first note!
Test these guitars into a clean Fender amp and you'll be sure if they play or not.

By the way, this beauty is a 100% original Ibanez RG570FM in Transparent Blue (but it's more a blue that turns to green) from 1991.
Made in Japan, of course.
Basswood body with a nice flamed maple veneer (it's not a real top), one piece maple neck (looks a quartersawn one), scarf neck (perfect joint!!!).
It's a bolt-on neck, 4 screws, neckplate and tilt joint system (remember the original FP Jem?).
Original pickups: V2 (bridge), S1 (middle), V1 (neck).
To be honest, I don't know why people hates this set of pickups so much: they are AWESOME!!!
I especially love the neck V1: it's a very open and articulate neck pickup!
Sounds like a single coil on steroids and it's not splitted!

Original Edge bridge, cosmo black hardware, Gotoh tuners.
Original Ibanez HSC (very good one).

The guitar is in very good shape and conditions.
Paint is 100% ok.
She just needs a good setup, new strings, some minor frets job, good cleaning and a couple of new studs for the Edge (one is broken).

I love her a lot already!
A good sister for my RG655 SPM.

Look at her...

Discussions / DJC: we're missing you!!!
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Hey guys...does anyone here have news about Danny Joe Carter?
He suddenly disappeared after all that bad luck with every MP-1 he and his fellow Jason put their hands on and I did not see any new post from him.

I just remember he sent his Holy Grail MP-1 to MJMP for some mods but maybe, at the end, Philippe bought that unit when DJC gave up.

I still hope he will come back, with other MP-1 (good) stories to share.

Ehi happy, wherever you are!  :headbanger:

Guitars / NGD: 2017 Kramer Baretta Special
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149 euros...brand new from the shop.
A blast.

Mahogany body.
Quartersawn (or it looks like, at least...) maple neck.
22 frets thick and genuine rosewood fretboard.
Very good fretwork and frets dressing (no sharp edges at all!).
Very good and precise tuning machines (they 100% look like unmarked Fender Am STD ones...).
A very good Alnico V hot humbucker.
One volume with already installed treble bleed cap.
A very good nut.
A very, very, very crappy unusable 6-screws vintage type bridge.
No scarf neck (2 pieces headstock, anyway).

It bleeds and deliver BROWN SOUND.

I will measure volume pot, since I'm not sure it's a 500K...eventually I will replace it.
And I will replace that bridge for sure (I already have a very good Gotoh at home).

It rocks the cradle away already.

Have a look...and, if you can, try one.

Original MP-1 / Pimping my MP-1
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Ok, now it's the time!

Finally I sent my MP-1 to MJMP for some mods...
Today I received an email from Phil: Ready to ge installed!!! with the picture I attach here...  :headbanger:

Although I'm an asshole and I forgot to write down my patches settings (I hope MJMP will do me the favour...), this is going to be one of the best MP-1 for the next 30 years!  :waving-banana-smiley-emoticon

Stay tuned...

Guitars / Custom Stratocaster "relic"
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Ok guys...this time I would like to share with you one of my experiments.
I already posted a picture of this guitar with a black HSS pickuguard.
Then I changed my mind as you can see in attached pictures.

It has:

1) Made In Japan Fender Stratocaster alder body in a "creamy" vintage white
2) 1990 Made in Japan Squier Stratocaster neck, 21 frets, rosewood over maple, natural relic, Fender tuner keys
3) Voodoo ST-60 pickup set with no RW/RP middle pickup
4) Fender vintage 6-screws bridge

I will install a Graph Tech TUSQ new nut, I will put strings and I'll ear how it sounds.
If the result is what I expect, I will refret.
As SC suggested: Dunlop 6100 (upper fretboard, until 12th fret) and 6105 (lower fretboard, after 12th fret) frets.

Do you like it?
Maybe a darker red tortoise pickguard + backplate set?

Guitars / NGD: 2016 Ibanez Prestige RG655M SPM
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I told you, guys: I was in love!  :lol:

I sold one of my Traverso Silky to a friend and I bought a brand new Ibanez Prestige RG655M SPM (Subterranean Purple Metallic).
It seems black, but its true color is a dark metallic purple... :whoohoo!:

I simply love this guitar: Super Wizard neck profile, 24-frets maple fingerboard, Edge tremolo, DiMarzio pickups...and perfect for rack stuff!  :headbanger:

2017 Ibanez Catalog:

The SPM is out of production and can only be found on 2015 and 2016 USA Catalogs:

I've got it brand new in the shop for 950 euros, Ibanez HSC included.
The average price is 1350 this seems a very good deal!  :lol:

I took some pictures, but they are....crappy!  :facepalm:
I will retry with better light...

Power Amp Tech / ADA B200s: Channel A issues
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Hi guys!

Ok, here we go with some questions about Channel A of my B200s.

First of all, I've to say that volume pots look good for both A and B channels: not noisy or scratchy and very smooth.

Channel A had a couple of strange behaviors in the past days: the first time I powered the amp up it had very low volume, much lower than Channel B at same settings...and it was low also at 10.
I powered the unit off, disconnected cables, connected again, turned on: issue was gone.

Some days later Channel A was totally muted.
Same stuff as above: issue was gone.

Since then, Channel A has always worked fine...meaning that I always hear sound from it now.


Speaking with the guy I bought the B200s from, I discovered that pots were probably scratchy in the past...and he made them "repaired" in some way.
I don't know if pots have been cleaned with some contacts spray or changed with others.
They are not scratchy or noisy for sure now.

By the way, I discovered there's a slight difference between channel A and channel B...they do not sound 100% the same at same level.
Channel B sounds more thick, present, with better bass and high freqs...while Channel A sounds a little "weaker".
I've to investigate this point better...

I didn't open the unit yet...just used a bit of contacts spray inside Channel A IN and OUT...but nothing changed so far.
Also tested different cables...and run Channel A and B in mono to see if difference is still audible and it is.
Looks like pots work in slightly different ways...

Do you have any idea, guys?

B200s / ADA B200s: a couple of questions
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So, finally I powered my B200s on and it's a blast!
Very good power amp with tons of punch.

I just have a couple of questions for you, expert guys...

1) when I power my B200s on I can hear a sort of continuous "low level" hum...seems "transfomer's noise" this normal/correct? It's not high level noise and it's not disturbing at all while playing...But I can hear it if I stop playing (at home, of course)

2) when I powered it on for the first time, I noticed channel A had very low volume compared to channel B at same setting (channel B had normal volume)...meaning that with pot turned to max channel A had very low volume...and channel B shoot my hair away... I powered the unit off, disconnected and swapped speakers cables, connected them to cab again, powered the unit on...and the issue disappeared...same volume for channel A and channel B at same settings...I did the swap again a couple of times but the issue never arose again...and I played for 2 hours with no other issues. Is this something I should worry about? Did you notice something similar with your B200s? There's something I've to check inside? Or could this have been a bad contact (cable to cab, maybe?)?

Thanks a lot!  :thumb-up:

B200s / New ADA B200s came home!
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Yes guys...the warmest power amp on this planet is in da house!  :bow:

Just a quick question for tech experts...
I do not have my 2x12 cabinet it safe to turn on the B200s just to see if it powers up even if no load is connected to its outputs?
On the manual it is reported that the unit should automatically shut down channel/channels if nothing is connected and dummy load is not needed, but just to be sure I don't make it explode immediately!  :banana-skipping-rope-smiley-e

Thanks!  :bow:

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