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Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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I know that it's not easy to find a light, loud and good sounding amp. At some point you always have to sacrifice something.

There's a saying I know of:

The 3 important things about building a race car are Fast, Reliable, and Cheap.  You can only have TWO of those things.

So applying that logic to amplifiers:
Loud, Light, Cheap.  You only get two.  Lol

Amps / Re: NAD: Peavey JSX
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Toggle switch fixed and I now have all 3 channels available.   :whoohoo!:

Still say I am pretty impressed with this in person.  Lots of great tones already in there, and I don't max out the Gains to 10 either.   6 and 7 are plenty for me.  And besides the 3 channels I own 3 different Drive pedals that I can put in front and the amp responds to them just beautifully (something I'm sorry I can't say about the MP-2 or QuadTube.)  :dunno:  The Noise Gate isn't so much of an actual "gate" that shuts down as it is a "noise reduction" that takes away the extra hiss.   Speaking of noise, the amp head is dead quiet in operation with no mechanical buzz or hum from the chassis.  Every tube amp I've ever tried has had some sort of mechcanical buzzing or humming coming from inside and I always thought it to be normal.

Oh, and then I even put some good hearing protection on and wound it right up for a bit.  Apparently, the "JSX" stands for "HOLY F***KING SH*T"    :lol:   :metal:

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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Oh I know, I'm just curious to see if this 90watt hybrid is as loud as a SS 300watt amp.  That's my bench mark currently so I need the same or me for me to make it work with my rack gear.

There's two things to also consider here. 

The perceived volume is not linear with wattage ratings. 
If you compare the maximum volume of say a 50 watt amp with a 100 watt amp, the difference is only going to be 3 dB....not much of a difference.  It would take an amplifier with 10 times more power  to be perceived as being twice as loud; a 10 dB increase.  It'll take 500 watts to sound twice as loud as 50 watts.   :o

A "hybrid" amp is...... still a Solid State amp. 
There's a tube or two attempting to add some "warmth" of the soft-clipping even-order harmonic distortion, but the final link to the speakers is still within the S.S. realm with transistors, Mosfets, etc.  Comparing the 90 watt hybrid to the 300 watt SS amp is comparing two Solid State poweramps.  Apples = apples.

Having put that out there now, if the 90 watt amp fits your travel weight requirements, then IMO it should do the job.  3-4 dB difference shouldn't be the deciding factor here.  And since the price might be perfect (free endorsement?) if the deal is made....well if I were in your shoes I'd just say "Yes please".  :)

Assuming the FX unit can use one Input and be Mono.  Of course, you could also have TWO guitar amps to make your rig Stereo.....

Here's two ways to configure the MP-2 with an fx unit and stereo poweramp.  The specific brand/model of the FX unit and poweramp may vary for your application; the ones listed in the drawings are simply the ones I happen to be using.

Discussions / Re: Guitar Playing Fatigue
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I used to keep my action a bit higher than normal because of my inherit "heavy-handness" but I've been gradually adjusting it down lower over the last year or so.  Now it has that "butter" feel which I am appreciating more and so I've been making a conscious effort to play with a lighter touch and some more finesse.  I find that when my fingers start to fatigue, it's mostly because I'm squeezing too hard so I remember to lighten up some.

But it's not because I lack the initial finger strength; I probably have more strength that what my joints can manage because I've been working in the steel-related business for about 25 years now, (with temporary pauses over those years to do electrician and factory maintenance/tech work) and if I'm honest I'm running out of parts of my body that don't hurt!   

That Cherry b*mb graphic/font on that Solo Boost though.....    :thumb-up:


Amps / Re: NAD: Peavey JSX
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If I remember correctly, this was more or less a souped up Triple X, right? 

IIRC, it was based off the Triple X which btw was originally designed for George Lynch to be his signature amp to endorse, but somewhere along the way before actual production the deal fell through so it was released as just the Triple X.

The way I understand it is that the Clean and Ultra channels are the same between the two amps while the Crunch channel of the JSX has a "more mids" type of sound than the Triple X Crunch.   Truth be told, I haven't even tried the Ultra channel on mine yet because I need to replace the busted toggle switch in order to access that (and because of that is why I got such a screaming deal on the price)  I'll also tell you that the Youboob videos of this amp do it no justice...this things RIPS even in Crunch mode.

Amps / Re: NAD: Peavey JSX
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Wow, a built in DI/Cab sim box, cool.  The speaker label is confusing though. So I guess it has 4 x 16ohm 12s in a parallel/series combination and the whole box is 16ohm and the 2nd (parallel) jack is for another 16ohm cab (amp then sees 8ohms)

I believe so.  And the amp also has a pair of parallel Output jacks and a switch to select 16, 8, 4 ohms.  So maybe it can run a total of four 16-ohm cabs with the switch set at 4-ohms?   >:D  I sure don't need to do that!   :o

Amps / Re: NAD: Peavey JSX
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DAYUMMM, that is a nice rig. What're you gonna do with that? You already have your rack rig ;)

The Rig of Fire (rack rig) is the rig that stays at the band's rehearsal studio and gets gigged with. This JSX is staying at home for my recording projects because I have so many options to use with different poweramp tubes, pedals, etc. for whatever I come up with.

The JSX cab will handle 400 watts (so should last forever) and even has an XLR DI on the back, should I ever want to just hit the "Easy" button. Attached is a pic that I grabbed from the web....

Amps / NAD: Peavey JSX
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I've been wanting one of these for some time now, mostly just for studio work.  But hey....who knows, right?  I got a GREAT deal on this halfstack, too.

I'm not a huge fan of Mr. Satriani, but I certainly do respect his work so this being his "signature" amp for a brief time had no bearing on why I wanted it.  Tell ya why I wanted it:  the specs/features.   :thumb-up:

All tube: 4 12ax7 preamp tubes and 4 EL34 power tubes.
Footswitchable 3 channels: Clean, Crunch, and Ultra.
Fully adjustable Noise Gate on board for the OD channels.
Can use EL34 (from factory) or 6L6GC power tubes (and a few of their cousins like KT77 and such), and has an external bias pot and range switch.
Made in USA.
Designed by James Brown (no, not that James Brown) who worked closely with EVH to dial in and design the legendary 5150/6505 amps, the Classic series amps including the rack poweramps, the Triple X amps, then JSX, etc.   (James has his own company now known as Amptweaker, btw)
Independent volume knobs for each Channel and one Master Volume.
3-band EQ on each channel; Active EQ for OD channels and passive EQ for Clean channel.
Separate Fat switches on the OD channels.
Global Resonance and Presence controls.

And the matching JSX cab came with, and........ATA flight cases!  :o   (I think I actually bought the flight cases and got a free Peavey JSX halfstack thrown in....)

Boy, I'm gonna be busy experimenting with this.   :whoohoo!:

Wow!  That axe looks absolutely bitchin!  I've been wanting to do gold hardware on my black Kelly (bam a lam) for awhile now....maybe this will get me going on that sooner now than later. 

Dude! You getting a QuadTube too? 

That looked like a lot of trouble, but if that works fine then Good Job!  :thumb-up: 

Does it really matter how good it "looks" under the cover?  Maybe....but IMO as long as you provide "full disclosure" to potential Buyers of this unit (should you ever choose to Sell it) then all good.

I'm sure this is not the place but I want to thank everyone who has helped me out on my rig.So since this is still introduce yourself i do have a couple questions how do I add an avatar and also how do i earn up in in ranks I am just not sure how it all works It seems i cant find anything on my  account page. Thanks in advance . Steve in souther california.

It's not too hard to get set up there, a little poking around and you can get the hang of it quick enough.  But, if it isn't working for you then we (Admins) can get it set up for you how you want it.   :wave: 

The Rank thing (as Richard mentioned) really isn't anything more than just for some fun.    But if you get put on Double Secret Probation then worry.   ;)

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