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Author Topic: ADA MP1 User Interface Software  (Read 2124 times)

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ADA MP1 User Interface Software
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I'm gonna need Marshalljmps and Dante and others input if you can recall it.

Now many years ago I downloaded software that links the ADA MP1 via Midi to a PC. Now from what I recall it allowed you to save all your Patches and Adjust the EQ section in 1db steps and not 2 and 4db steps like when using the Front panel.

I know I have this program stashed on one of the million pc's I have laying around.

Does anyone remember this and Who wrote it?


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Re: ADA MP1 User Interface Software
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I remember there was some software but not exactly what it did. I thought I'd downloaded it (but I was using MP2 by then).  I went looking for it quite a while ago now and also a program to edit my Quadverb, couldn't find either of them  :facepalm: .
In one of the other posts is a link to a project where the guy is redesigning the MP1 interfaces, not sure where that's up to but looked very interesting/promising (

Also back then another member was working on similar software for MP2 but unfortunately stalled... and we heard no more about it.
Again, way back then I had some library software (Win98 days) that you could either request an interface be developed, or develop your own to control most anything.  IIRC it had the Quadverb included but not ADA preamps.
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Re: ADA MP1 User Interface Software
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Here it is,now i'm not sure if it will work on win7,it does work on xp and below.Also you need a V2.00 or V2.01 eprom else it won't work and memory protect has to be off.

It was written by Kent Dalton in 2002.
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Re: ADA MP1 User Interface Software
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Looking for that as well, cheers.   :thumb-up:
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