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Author Topic: Help with MIDI!  (Read 855 times)

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Chip Roberts

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Help with MIDI!
« on: Time Format »

So I spent about an hour trying to get this figured out.

My setup: ADA MP1 -> Midiverb II, all being controlled by a Digitech Control Seven. 

What I want to do:
-Assign patches in the MP1 to their own MIDI program
-Set the patches so that they switch on and off patches on the MVII
-Get my Control Seven to correspond with those patches.

MP1 Preset 13 + Midiverb Preset 99 = MP1 MIDI Program 01 -> Control Seven button 01

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Re: Help with MIDI!
« Reply #1 on: Time Format »

There's a few ways to do it I spose.  For your example:
Use the MP-1 and MVII midi mapping.  So when MP-1 receives #1 from D7 it maps to internal MP-1 patch 13 and (connecting MVII via the MP-1 midi through) when MVII receives #1 (from D7 through MP-1) it changes to internal 99 (BTW the MVII probably interprets #1 as #000, in its midi mapping map 000 = 99 (and in MP-1 001 = 13). (MP-1 goes 001 - 128, MVII goes 000 - 127)
If you connect the MVII midi in from the MP-1 midi out, the MVII would instead receive 13 (from the MP-1) as the MP-1 outputs "its"current patch on it's midi out (midi out is also to be used when you are using the MP-1 front panel to change patches (not the midi pedal) and you want other devices to change).
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Harley Hexxe

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Re: Help with MIDI!
« Reply #2 on: Time Format »

A supplement to Richard's reply,

   It would make programming a little easier if you wrote out the MIDI patch changes for each device on a sheet of paper for each song. This way, you will have a complete mapping assignment for your set list as you program the D7, and it minimizes bank changes on your floor pedal.

  Harley 8)
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