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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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 on: Today at 12:28 AM 
Started by Systematic Chaos - Last post by rnolan
Very nice SC, merry xmas  :wave: .  Have you considered true oiling the fret board as well ?  That will get rid of the divots and make it less slippery, and I assume a re-fret wouldn't hurt it..

 on: Today at 12:21 AM 
Started by herbyguitar - Last post by rnolan
 :whoohoo!: looking good  :thumb-up: .

The built in gate/NR in the MP-2 is after the graphic eq, so signal is still mono and feeds into the chorus stage (where it goes stereo). So maybe (if you need a gate, I never used one or seemed to need one with MP-1) you could put it in the MP-1 loop, which is IIRC just before the chorus (again where it (MP-1) goes stereo).

 on: Today at 12:04 AM 
Started by Chamai - Last post by rnolan
Sorry Herby  :wave: , but it was kind of predictable and I probably/definitely need to source one of those 4.5v batteries for mine.  I once programmed all the harmonies for the highway star solo, but I couldn't change them fast enough  :facepalm: (I would need to sequence them) so in the end I just went with a Gm patch, worked well enough.

Hey RG, thanks for the run down  :thumb-up: , very good to know.  I'll stick with mine, it does what it does quite well.  When you get a chance, try not using the dist loop and see how it tracks, I found no difference, still tracked just fine (although I understood why they put it there etc and used it for quite a while).

It will be good if you can rewire the tranny for 230v  :whoohoo!: , or possibly swap the 33Bs tranny in, although it may not be compatible  :dunno: . I'm not a fan of step downs either  :facepalm:

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Started by herbyguitar - Last post by herbyguitar
Well... I blundered again. I left out the addendum to the noise mod. My reasoning was that it was part of the old mod and not applicable. Wrong. MJMP straightened me out and I finished up the addendum and put everything back in the rack. It's done. Finally :thumb-up:

I found that using a noise gate after the MP1 doesn't work very well and I'm not sure why. Got rid of the Furman and added a protected power strip in the rear. So there's only 4 things in the shallow 12" 4 space rack: Line6 Relay G55 (Guitar), Line6 XDV55 (Vocals), MP1, 1101. 1/2 space gap on top and bottom of the MP1. 2 80mm AC fans in the rear.

The Mesa Two 50 is in its own shallow 12" 2 space rack.

Only requires 2 chords dropped from the 4 space to the 2 space.

Easy to haul. Clean and simple.

Good enough for me. It's done.

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Started by Systematic Chaos - Last post by Systematic Chaos
Treated myself to an early christmas present ;-)

This is regarded as the holy grail Ibanez RG550, a 1987 MIJ Ibanez RG550 in Road Flare Red. This color was only offered for one year and it's friggin hard to capture on camera. Neon red kinda.
Found this on Yahoo Auctions Japan for ~220€/260$, and besides some gunk and discoloration on the fretboard, the body has no dings or scratches.
These were the firs RGs that were released together withthe first Jems and I guess Ibanez really wanted to set a mark and footprint in the guitar market back then. This one has a one piece body.
These first series RGs came with V2 bridge and V1 neck pups that were wound by Maxon in Japan. After 30 years of "natural aging" these truly sound phenomenal. The V2 like vintage throaty Super Distortion and the V1 like neck PAF from the late 50s.
So much for teh first off to de-gunking the fretboard and sanding down the back of the neck for a Tru-Oil/Wax finish ;-)

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Started by Chamai - Last post by herbyguitar
Ok, I won't tell you  ::)   (

You're EVIL  >:D
I figured as much   :facepalm:

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Started by Chamai - Last post by rabidgerry
Hey RG, I always liked mine, not that I use it much anymore.  What is the difference with the 'B' from the original?

Quite a bit Richard, and if I am honest I don't know if I like the 33b.

It cannot track for shit unless you select the "Chord" tracking option.

However this Chord Tracking option is not available when using certain other modes and you are left with "Normal", "Distortion" or "Bass".

And of course why not select distortion then since I am using distortion all the time?  Well because it doesn't work very well.

Now comparing this issue to the original and supposedly inferior IPS33, well the 33 wins hands down thanks to the distotion loop.  It tracks so well, and sounded so thick and "chewey", this is what Impressed me with the 33.

So everything I read has said the 33B is the best out of the two. so bagging the 33B I was expecting a bit more, and sadly I was let down. 

When I figured out that I could use the 33B and get it to sound ok using the "Chord" tracking i was immediatley relieved as it sounded great suddenly.  However then I discovered that it wasn't available in certain modes, mega crisis time.  I need to evaluate if this device is going to be useful to me or not now.

Other things that the 33B has are different internal stuff going on, it also has a, LCD read out as opposed to the digital number read out on the 33.  There is more processing power as well that allows for a few effects at once.  But then I only want the intelligent pitch shifting so none of that really matters to me.

It could be the 33 just suits me as a player.  It has more than enough scales to select from without ever running out in my opinion, but also you can transcribe your own custom scales.  Surely that's all one needs?  Well that's enough for me.  The extra knobs and whistles of the 33B are nice to have but if it can't even track as well as the older model, the f++k that!

Shame as I was looking to have one at home and one in the studio.

MJMP told me a while ago to look at my old 33 and see if the transformer says anything about 230v near by.  Low and behold it does, so I seem to recall he said I could possibly wire the 33's transformer to cope with the UK voltage which would be awesome as I hate having the step down transformer.  I might take a look inside the 33b and see if it has the same transformer, and see if I can perhaps copy the way it is wired up?  Good idea bad idea?

Oh the 33B has a remote control as well.

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Started by Chamai - Last post by MarshallJMP
Ok, I won't tell you  ::)   (

R, you're bad  >:D

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Started by Chamai - Last post by rnolan
Ok, I won't tell you  ::)   (

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Started by Chamai - Last post by herbyguitar
Oh please don't tell me it had a battery backup. I got rid of mine a few years ago because I thought it was broke. I can be an idiot sometimes... OK, more than sometimes.

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