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Lets get Technical > All Things Tube All about preamp and power amp Tubes.

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Try both, my guess is it will sound best in the loop  :thumb-up:

Original MP-1 / Re: Peavey 50/50 vs B200s
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No worries, $100 is a good score if it's in good condition.  And always good to have a spare poweramp just in case  :thumb-up:

You could put the GP-8 in the MP1 loop, it will be mono so take the GP-8 left (mono) ch out > back to MP1 return and adjust the MP1 Fx knob and the GP-8 input and output so there is no volume difference with the loop switched in or out

Hey VoxG2, short answer is the GP-8 is a mono in - stereo out device and you need a stereo in/out Fx unit to do what you want.  The GP-8 may have front and rear inputs, but either one will turn off the other (most likely) or, using both inputs, the ADA A & B signals will get mixed together in the GP-8 back to mono (highly unlikely).  If you like your current sound (as you say you do), just loose the front input (I suspect it will make no difference, the GP-8 isn't a stereo input device).
To run properly in stereo (both MP1 and GP-8) you need a mixer, eg MP1 A/B ch 1&2 (panned L/R); Fx send1 (or feed it from the MP1 Fx loop send) to GP-8 in (front or back?), GP-8 out A/B ch 3&4 (dry/Fx Mix set 100% on GP-8).

So currently, what you have is one channel of the MP1 going into the GP-8 (I know you plug in MP1 A&B to the GP-8 front and back but one will cancel/turn off the other, and then, the GP-8 going stereo into the B200s, so, in the end, what you miss is the MP1 stereo chorus section.

Hey Chamai, I've not tried it, like you I've added depth to the chorus with no rate (I ran depth at 100 which added a nice very short double with rate = 0). So the chorus rate setting is about modulation, slightly varying the notes pitch, but also the chorus section is where a MP1 becomes pseudo stereo.

A good idea for us all to try  :thumb-up: :whoohoo!: .

Original MP-1 / Re: Peavey 50/50 vs B200s
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Hey VoxG2, ( Anyone ever stood in this boat of decision?) yes I have I suppose.. albeit a little different..  My B200s was farting/crackling really badly (after 20 + years of no problems  :facepalm: ) so while I tried to get it fixed I needed a poweramp, so I bought a Carvin TS100 (much the same(ish) as a peavy 50/50 all tube amp).
The answer to your question is it depends... the carvin (and I assume the peavy) is a good clean transparent poweramp (which IMHO is what you want with ADA preamps). Now some like to chase some power amp distortion, I don't, I'm happy with my MP2 (or MP1) tones.
So my take from the journey, the TS100 all tube poweramp added a "very little" warmth compared to the B200s and is a great amp.  Is it better, no, does it weigh more (shitloads), is it as powerful, no (B200s 124 w p/c), but tube w vs SS w  :crazy: , but the peavy will sound great  >:D .  Will it be better than your B200s, I don't think so, it will be "a little" different, hey only you can decide..
My B200s is now fixed (I re-flowed all the solder joints (credit to MJMP for that idea  :bow: ), they are such great amps for what we want them to do.

Hey if it's a good price, give it a try, I'll/we'll be very interested in your reaction.
My understanding is the peavy tube poweramps are nice and transparent and not particularly coloured (eg like boogie amps (which some like and some don't))
However, (as much as I love tubes) tube poweramps are very heavy.

Hey luctrev, well not quite but you can get one here (
Last MP-1 EPROM was 2.01

Hey hg, all normal  :thumb-up: , when you change various things it can throw up errors on the first boot, the control side of a MP1 is a computer which controls some of the analogue circuits and switching etc.  When you change out the battery, any saved patches are lost (as they are stored in RAM which needs power from the battery, or the unit when its on) and also triggers a full error check (my guess).  You can load/restore the factory presets (they are stored on the v2.01 EPROM), you cab access them directly or load them into presets.
Anyway, if it's working, all is good.  If you haven't read the manual for a while, read it now  :thumb-up: , somethings you will already know, but others eg play modes... you may not have thought of before  :dunno:

So there's V1 and V2 hardware, V1 are the early units with the output line/inst level switch on top (as Kim was saying).  If it has that switch (a slider accessed through the top lid), it's a V1, otherwise a V2.  I think there were some PCB revisions within each version ? MJMP will know better than me.  The rom is actually an EPROM and 2.01 was the last update.

Hey hg, welcome to the depot  :wave: , it's good to find out a little more about you and your playing styles, it will help guide some of our/my responses eg tube choice.
BTW, Mike has recently been through the MP1 modernisation path and his MP1 is sounding even better than when I bought it new in 1987 (ish).  Mike and I play in a band together these days (I use MP2s) so I get to hear it first hand  >:D
So any questions you have, we'll do our best to answer them.

Cheers Richard

Hey Dante, whatever works  :thumb-up: , although typically you want your wireless to be transparent and clean.

Original MP-1 / Re: Muddy/Mushy bass - HELP!!
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Hey hg (Hmm maybe I should call you Mercury LoL), the JJs should work well and they are a reasonably "tight" tube.
I was going to suggest you check out DJCs threads, seems you found them yourself  :thumb-up: .  He didn't like the boogie power amp colour and now uses a Marshall power amp.
The noise mod and a MDRT is a good place to start.
Maybe start a new thread (Pimp my MP1 or whatever ) so we can all chime in as you go.  And maybe also do a post in Introduce Yourself ( and tell us what gear you have, playing style etc  :wave:

Original MP-1 / Re: Muddy/Mushy bass - HELP!!
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Hey herbyguitar, 10 years playing on the tubes probably means time for new ones.  As for which tubes, it's very subjective.  Various members here have rolled quite a few options until they found the tubes that suit them and their playing style etc.  Have a good read through the posts in the tube section, lots of good info and opinions in that section. (start here: (then here:  Happy reading, may take you a while, tubes are a hot topic LoL (no pun intended).
Actually SC knows allot (and has posted much knowledge) re different MP1 tube choices.
So you found MJMPs website.  It's a good place to check out and MJMP is very good to deal with.  MJMP is our resident ADA tech guru  :bow:
Yes it's worth modding the MP1.  They are getting quite old so some people are just replacing parts (particularly electrolytic capacitors that have gone hard inside) to give the unit a new lease on life and keeping the tone stock.  Others prefer some of the mods for various reasons...more gain, particular tones etc.

Guitars / Re: NGD 1991 MIJ Ibanez RG570FM TB
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Go Max, awesome  :thumb-up: :whoohoo!:

Original MP-1 / Re: Muddy/Mushy bass - HELP!!
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Hey RG, just looked up my old post where I found a bunch of my 1992 MP1 patches:
  #   Voice OD1  OD2   M   B  M   T  P   Ch D     R
103   DT    3.8   3.4   4.5  9  6   6 10      100  0.0
109   DT    8.5   8.0   8.0  4 -6   0   0      100  0.0
107   DT    3.8   6.5   6.5  9  2   2   4      100  0.0
102   DT    6.0   5.0   5.5  6  4  -2   8      100  0.0
100   CT    4.8   3.2   7.0  4 -8   6 12        10  1.7
101   CT    4.8   3.6   7.5  4 -8   6 12        10  1.7
Seems I mostly scooped for cleans back then, it's a long time ago.

Hey herbyguitar, maybe some new tubes will fix it ?  Do you know what tubes are in it and how old they are ?  Flubby bass can also be exacerbated by the power amp, a higher dampening factor pulls the cone up tighter and helps resists the back wash from cone movement giving much tighter bottom end.

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