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Temp "Time Format" issue Fix in Discussions

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MP-2 / Re: Display offset problem
« on: Time Format »
I haven't come across that before, I've had my display go all hieroglyphic (ish) when it doesn't get decent power (running off a generator) and I have to power cycle it to fix it.

One thing to check is the ribbon cable that goes from the PCB to the front panel, it can come out of it's socket on the PCB quite easily, although the display is fed by another cable which runs from the PCB, under the ribbon cable to the screen, worth checking that it's connected properly.  Otherwise, it would seem to be either a problem in the screen or a problem with whatever feeds the screen on the PCB  :dunno: .  You can get replacement screens, MJMP had some but they are the same as the screens used in Quadverbs and come in a variety of background/text colours. (
There's some chat about screen change in the MP2 section (

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello from California
« on: Time Format »
Hey GR, keeping the home fires burning  :wave:

Hey Dante, the answer is yes/maybe (and it would be very tricky re trying 4CM ish variations and only possible because MP2 and classic have parallel loops) but not optimal and you'd have serous gain structure issues doing it that way. If you decide to go that way I'll help you design it, but not an easy road.  And the patches in each unit would need to be very carefully tailored so the inputs don't get blown out.
But with a small mixer (or one of the 1 RU line mixer options) what you want to do is heaps easier and will sound much better. Remember, each unit is designed to be the centre piece and they all expect an instrument level signal at their respective input jack (not a line level loop send), chaining them together will not work well as the inputs will be overloaded.
Best way is (probably) to Y lead split guitar input into MP2 and Classic and run the Fx unit just as Fx off the mixer Fx send/rtn, if you also want to use the Roland Boss thing's guitar preamp sounds then it would be better to add a dedicated rev/fx style device for overall Fx and split the guitar signal between all 3 preamp units.  However, there are many patching permutations possible. Now I'm not across some of the new looper gadgets and maybe it can be solved that way  :dunno: .

Hey Dante, from what I can tell you're pretty good at the music art as well  :thumb-up:

Troubleshooting Problems / Re: Help with MC-1
« on: Time Format »
Great news my friend  :thumb-up: :whoohoo!:

Very cool Dante  :thumb-up:

Well if your chan A still works fine, maybe use that instead for now ? MJMP may have some ideas, which trany are you wriggling ?, IIRC the MT 100 has 2, a standard and a toroidal,

Discussions / Re: Thank you MJMP
« on: Time Format »
Hey Max, IIRC you are into web dev stuff  :dunno: , how's your PHP skills (which is what the depot (as we use SMF) is built on).

Effects / Re: Wah pedal busted?
« on: Time Format »
Go Dante  :thumb-up: :whoohoo!: , hey man great tip  :thumb-up:

Discussions / Re: Thank you MJMP
« on: Time Format »
And Max, you are very much part of that magic my friend  :wave:

Troubleshooting Problems / Re: Help with MC-1
« on: Time Format »
No worries  :wave: , just the first options that I thought of, let us know which one(s) your try and how it goes  :thumb-up:

Discussions / Re: Thank you MJMP
« on: Time Format »
Wow thanks guys, but I'm not the only one who deserve this, ALL of you help out one way or the other so a BIG thanks to ... EVERYBODY over here at the depot!!!  :bow:
+1  :thumb-up: we are just all part of the whole, we all bring to it what we can, so many good contributions from lots of people, so from me a BIG thanks to everybody who make the depot as good as we can make it  :headbanger:

Discussions / Re: Thank you MJMP
« on: Time Format »
A truly well deserved praise for MJPP  :headbanger:
+1  :thumb-up: but his pockets are getting rather wet by now LoL

Troubleshooting Problems / Re: Help with MC-1
« on: Time Format »
There's a few ways you could patch it:
-Simple - Mp-1 in MB-1 loop, MB-1 send 1 > MP-1, MP-1 A > MB-1 Return 1 MP-1 B > MB-1 return 2.
- Better  :dunno: but you loose half the MP-1 signal ie chan B) - MP-1 in MB-1 loop, MB-1 send 1 > MP-1, MP-1 A > MB-1 Return 1, MB-1 send 2 (use short patch lead) > MB-1 return 2 (this maintains the MB-1 signal and lets you mix in the MP-1 on send 1 IIRC this is the way Peter uses his to get a parallel loop as both MB-1 loops are series (device is "inserted" into the signal path)
- Best - User a small mixer Split the bass signal between MP-1 and MB-1 (Y lead or a/b a+b box), MB-1 > mixer chan 1, MP-1 A/B > mixer chan 2 & 3 (panned hard L and R), mixer L/R > stereo power amp  > 2 x cabs (this is the way I ran it with my MP-2 and I used the mixer send returns for Fx unit(s) and blended it all together, also my Alembic uses a stereo jack out so neck PU goes to L chan, bridge PU to R chan; I made a stereo jack to L/R mono jacks lead, neck PU (L) into MB-1 bridge PU R into MP-2, added a little stereo rev and delay with the mixer Fx send/returns, also I used the MP-2 cab sim outs as I ran it into Messa P112 cabs which have a tweeter)

Troubleshooting Problems / Re: Help with MC-1
« on: Time Format »
I agree with MJMP, run the units in parallel if you can. but you could try the MP-1 in the MB-1 loop (you'd loose stereo of MP-1 though) or the MB-1 in the MP-1 loop (and keep stereo  :thumb-up: ),an interesting option though.

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