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Temp "Time Format" issue Fix in Discussions

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Well that's only -1 C so it shouldn't be a problem.  Generally you need to let vacuum glass things (tubes, light filaments etc) cool down before putting them in the cold or the glass can crack  :facepalm: .

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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I assume they have a battery to keep presets  :dunno: .  I haven't used mine in quite a while, I pulled it from my live rack and was going to include it in my studio rig but haven't got around to it..

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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Hey RG, I always liked mine, not that I use it much anymore.  What is the difference with the 'B' from the original?

Good news for modern man  :thumb-up:

Great news  :thumb-up: :whoohoo!:

Discussions / Re: Where did Quality go?
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 :whoohoo!: good score  :thumb-up:

Hey SC, good advice  :thumb-up: .

I never had any issues with my MP1 when I had it.  In all the years I gigged with it I only did one tube swap and put in some Boogie STRs (JJs) which worked fine.  When I finally did a tube swap in my MP2 I initially put in a pair of Boogie STRs as I could buy them locally.  When I cranked it up at a rehearsal is when I had the issue on the bottom E, it didn't so much fart  :dunno: just broke up.  I'd ordered some Mullard LPs and put them in as soon as they arrived, and it was just soo much better, but that's for how I play.

There was a bunch of MXC pedals etc going from a site a while ago, was it SC who posted it?, anyway they had a bunch of ADA pedals for sale.

The cheapest option is probably the Behringer FCB 1010 but there are many other options

Hey losman26, welcome to the depot.  I haven't tried the short plates in the/my MP2 but the long plates work a treat in that unit  :thumb-up: .

Discussions / Re: Where did Quality go?
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An aside, the frets move with temperature differently than the neck wood, Alembic even add a speal in their doco about how to smooth off the fret ends should you need to due to the change in environment.  When I bought the Alembic bass I was a bit surprised that they even talked about it in the notes, but they include a section on how to do it if you need to.

However, I agree, if you are paying top $ for a guitar, you shouldn't need to file/sand the fret ends  :facepalm:

All PREAMP Tech Tips & Support / Re: MDRT heat
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IMHO, running with the lid off (except when needed for maintenance etc) is not a good idea.  Apart from what the guys have said, it also acts a a heat sink and spreads the heat across the whole surface area so it can dissipate.  Mount it at the top of the rack so it has air above it, make sure there's as big a gap as possible between units so air can circulate (or even better leave a space beneath it).  Really, it shouldn't be a problem, yes these unit get hot, but that's how they were designed, and in all the years I've used MP1 then MP2 (which are even hotter), I've never had any issues (just don't go touching the top LoL).  Moreover, this is in Australia, it gets quite hot here in summer.

What I found when I changed from Boogie STRs (re-branded JJs) to Mullard long plates in my MP2 was:
Didn't fart on the bottom E (~82hz) as it did with the JJs
Any ever so slight change in left hand fingering pressure (and position between the frets (and I'm talking very very slight) was clearly articulated (very 3D)
A nice balance across the frequency spectrum, the JJs were on the middy side and quite 2D.

I was an instant convert, however, the JJs had the best feedback  :thumb-up:

Playing with max gain (ODs on 10 & 10) will be a new world, it's ultra sensitive and you need to learn taming techniques.  I learn't them early using a 73 Marshall turned up as loud as it would go.  The MP1 is much easier to tame, but hi gain is what it is  >:D

Hope it sorts your problem  :thumb-up:

The long plate Mullard is a bit more 3D than the short plate and really articulate (nice) low end.  Careful though, the long plates are so subtle they track every little pressure change in your fretting  >:D . They are very articulate tubes.

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