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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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MP1 / Re: ADA MP1 for Rhythm
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That was pretty cool!   :headbanger:

"Why did I just make a sound....."   :lol:

A mistake I made a couple years later was to trade my 2 ADA 2x12 cabs for a Peavey 4x12 cab, and instead of carrying 2 rack bags I got a 6 space rack. My reasoning was that I wanted to condense my gear so I didn't have so many pieces to carry. As time went on I realized the folly of trading 2 manageable cabs for one heavy beast. The 6 space rack wasn't too dang light either.

How do I find the version number on the MP1? Is it inside?

I know I certainly prefer lugging some extra stuff if it's gonna be lighter than one big heavy thing.  I'm keeping my rig split into two easier-to-manage rack cases; once you put a tube poweramp in there then a single rack case gets more heavy than convenient.  Right now it's a 4U for preamp, fx, tuner, powerstrip and another 4U for poweramp and Powerblock.

If by version number you mean which Eprom is installed, it will say on the screen at startup.  1.37, 1.38, 2.00, 2.01, etc.  The most common ones are 1.38 and 2.01.  The early ones (1.xx) usually had the Line Level switch (accessed through a slot in the top lid) while the later ones (2.xx) usually didn't have the switch under the lid.  I say "usually" because a 1.xx chip can be installed in a later unit and a 2.xx chip can be installed in an earlier one.....even though it may not have come with that particular eprom from the factory.

Hi and Welcome! :wave:

While I don't normally use or rely on pedals for my Overdrive/Distortion sounds, I did pick up a few pedals along the way that I like.
Most recently I found a gently used EHX Soul Food locally for about $50.  I had heard it was pretty much a clone of the famous Klon Centaur and had also checked out a bunch of YouTube clips comparing these type of pedals, so I gave it a go.   Very interesting pedal; not my normal style but I really like it anyway.  I like that I can use it as a real nice Clean Boost as well as dialing up some Drive.  It may or may not become part of my Live Rig, but it definitely earned a place in my Home/Studio Rig for further experimentation.

Original MP-1 / Re: "New" MP1 here!
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SuhWEET!   The early models still in really good shape are getting harder to find.  Heck, any MP-1 still in good shape these days is starting to get rare. 

Original MP-1 / Re: "New" MP1 here!
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That's a rebranded tube, Chip.   Meaning that it was manufactured in an actual tube factory and sold in lots to other NON-tube-manufacturers and relabelled as their own.   Many times you can still see the original faded, partially rubbed off printing on the tube as well as the new printing.  Take one of those suckers out and examaine it closely; hold it up to the light and see if you can still see the original printing.  I have some vintage 1962-63 Wurlitzer 12ax7 tubes lying about that are even labelled as "Made for Wurlitzer by G.E."
So yes, they are Wurlitzer tubes.  No, Wurlitzer did not make them.
"As of 2012 the 12AX7 was made in various versions by two factories in Russia (Winged C, formerly Svetlana, and New Sensor, which produces tubes under the Sovtek, Electro-Harmonix, Svetlana, Tung-Sol, and other brands for which the firm has acquired trademark rights), one in China (Shuguang), and one in Slovakia (JJ Electronic)....."

The one major U.S. tube manufacturer (RCA/General Electric) shut down in 1986 and likely stopped producing the tubes themselves as early as 1976-78.

Mullard had a handful of factories in Europe, and "Philips continued to use the brand name 'Mullard' in the UK until 1988. Mullard Research Laboratories in Redhill, Surrey then became Philips Research Laboratories. As of 2007, the Mullard brand has been revived by Sovtek, producing a variant of the ECC83 and EL34..."

Again, no tubes were actually manufactured by Groove Tubes, Mesa, Fender, Wurlitzer, or even Jackson.  Feel free to contact any of these companies to inquire where they "make" their tubes.  ;)  Maybe ask for a tour of such factories as well?  :lol:

Why rebrand things?  There's plenty of reasons, mostly due to availability and supply (or lack of), overall costs, warranties, etc. 
I can tell you this:  about 12 years ago I worked in a factory that made wiring harnesses for several various big-name manufacturers.  Besides the wiring harnesses that we made in-house, every week or so a truck also showed up and dropped off about a hundred boxes of wiring harnesses from some other factory in China.  These boxes were unpacked, sorted, and all "Made in China" stickers and designations were removed.  These very same wires were then reaffixed with "Made in USA" stickers and labels, reboxed and shipped out as our own.  WTF!!!  I did not ask anyone in charge why this was happeneing, and the ladies doing the actual work didn't seem bothered by it either. :dunno:  Just a paycheck. 

Original MP-1 / Re: "New" MP1 here!
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Cool beans!   :thumb-up:

The switch on top is for the early version MP-1.  It allows the user to select between a Line Level and Instrument Level.  In general, if you were to plug the MP-1 Output into the Input of a regular guitar amp head or combo, select Instrument Level.   If plugging into a proper poweramp you'd likely want Line Level.   The later MP-1s eliminated this switch and just made them at Line Level.   

This switch gets dirty over time and could cause some issues.  Not too hard to replace though.  I even did a Switch Mod document to relocate the switch to the rear panel for the ones who like the easier access to the switch.

Jackson never made any tubes.  Neither did Mesa, Fender, or Groove Tubes.  There's only like 4 or maybe 5 actual tube manufacturers left in the world today and all the rest are rebranded tubes from those same factories......

Discussions / Re: R.I.P. Tom Petty
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So sad.   :'(  RIP Tom, thank you for gift of music to the world.

Just For Fun / Re: Part 2
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A local 80-90s Hard Rock/Metal cover band are looking for a 2nd guitarist.  For real.  I copied and pasted this from their guitarists Facebook post:

"People who come to audition with us just need to know my one rule: if we play a Maiden song, _I_ am Adrian Smith, and _YOU_ have to be Dave Murray. And _NOBODY_ is Janick."


Yeah, BotoPhucket gave me that nonsense too.   >:(

Samuraipanda, can you make the pics smaller please?   C:-)

Discussions / Pic Attachment Size
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We love to see your pertinent pics attached to your post, but a lot of them are being rendered to a file that's far too big to be easily used/seen.  A good Rule of Thumb would be that if the pic needs to be scrolled up/down or side-to-side on a normal pc monitor to see the entire pic, it's too big.   :( 

There's two things you can do to help.  One is to reduce the size of your pics at the source.  Your digital camera/smartphone should have a setting to adjust this. Failing that, the other thing is to resize the pic before attaching them.  You might have a program for that already in your computer at home.  If not, there's a few great online services to resize your pics for you. This one in particular that I have been using is free, very easy to use, free, very quick, and free.  Did I mention it's free to use?   ;D  I even have it Bookmarked for use on my home computer.

Upload your JPG, GIF, or PNG images up to 3MB in size and 3000 pixels wide.
STEP 1 Choose Your File
STEP 2 Choose Your Size  (Click the "600 Pixels Wide" option)
STEP 3 Choose Quality  (Leave it at 100%)
FINAL STEP Click the Button Below to Resize

It will do the work and present to you the resized pic.  Simply click on that pic and "Save Image As..."  The easy-to-follow instructions are all right there.   :whoohoo!:  Now you can Upload and Attach the pic!

Effects / Re: Let's see your pedalboards!
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Just picked up the EHX C9 for my pedalboard.  I want to get a A/B switcher (2 Inputs, 1 Out) to toggle between the Mel9 and C9, but for now I have to "double click" between the two when needed.  (Click one off and then the other On)  I have a really cool Boss Line Selector pedal that would work a treat for this, but I'm 2 patch cords short of that idea and the A/B switcher I'm looking at is about half the size of a Boss stompbox anyway.

Signal Flow:
Guitar > Saturnworks Buffered Splitter -> Morley Tremonti Wah > MP2/rack
                                 L--------> Boss CS3 > EHX C9 > EHX Mel9 > Morley Volume > Crate Powerblock

The EHX "9"s are very touchy on the dynamic levels by themselves...too much IMO. I'd much prefer one consistent Output Level coming out of these.  I'm only using the CS3 in an attempt to help even that out some, and I'm still trying to get that dialed in right. I've experimented with having the CS3 before and after the 9 pedals, so far having it before after with high Sustain settings them seems to work better.  Other than that personal gripe, these pedals sound fantastic.

Discussions / Re: Happy Fathers Day !
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Nice, congrats!  Although I was confused about the date....ours was a few months back.   :thumb-up:

I just thought of something, Gerry....  (I know... scary, right?)  ;)

What about getting the non-Floyd pickguard that is readily available to you and then modifying it to your needs?  Shouldn't be too hard, right?  It's plastic.....Just open up the notch a bit to accommodate a wider bridgeplate?   

Guitars / Re: NpupsD!
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Thanks for the comments!   I've since bought another Breed to replace the CrunchLab and made that swap this morning.  But first, I fired up the QuadTube and played around a bit with the CL still installed just to refresh myself on how that pickup played/acted/reacted with both a medium-gain setting and a somewhat higher-gain setting.  Made the mental notes I needed, and shut the amp off to start the swap.  I didn't remove or unlock the strings at all; just pulled the trem springs off so I could take the whole bridge off and carefully laid it aside and got busy. 

After I had the pickup changed I put the bridge back in and installed the trem springs, closed everything up, plugged in and fired it up to play some more.  (Still in perfect tune too after removing and reinstalling the bridge without removing or unlocking the strings!)   :thumb-up:

I absolutely made the right choice, IMO.   :whoohoo!: 

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