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Need a Schematic? Check the Vault *MP-1 Classic Schematics Just Added!!

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Yep, just did some testing and nothing seems to change.

Mmmm when I have a chance I will check to see if anything changes (in an electronic way).

When you replace the battery it will count from C1 to C128 and then you get err1,2,3 and all the presets are gone. So yes that's normal, no worries  ;D

To reload the factory presets just push STORE, it will blink and the BANK and 1 together. It will say "presets loaded".

Normally (and I say normally) this shouldn't affect the sound, are you sure you're talking about rate and not depth?

The mainboard went from Rev. A to G, the midi board had 2 rev, the old rev was also used in the MQ-1 but it had different jumper settings. The new rev had the line in discarted.

Yes you can but maybe we should some other things first? Besides the 3TM is anything else been done to it?

Original MP-1 / Re: Muddy/Mushy bass - HELP!!
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I would try some new tubes first. It's easy to do and can give you instant results.

Original MP-1 / Re: "New" MP1 here!
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Line level is always better.

Original MP-1 / Re: MP1 Transformer Hum?
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Did you check the screws holding the transformer, they might be loose a bit?

Well try out those things I said, if it helps ,fine if not I have a few 220V original transformers if needed. But try it out , could be a failed component but it could also be that the transformer is on it's way out. What ever it is I have your back  ;D

So what you can do first is to replace 2 diodes (red arrow), the 3300µF/16V cap (red arrow) and the reset circuit (red block). If that still doesn't help you could put in a larger cap so the reset circuit keep the CPU a bit longer in reset mode.(yellow arrow).

Well the UK distributor bought ADA MP-1's without transformers in it and when they arrived in the UK they put in there own ones. But these are a lot smaller as the original ones. Later on they used bigger ones but I saw you have the small version. I replaced a few of these because they either failed on the high voltage winding or 9V winding.In the 1st pic the one on the left is an original transformer, in the middle an UK big one and on the left a small one like yours.

Okay I see it has one of those crappy UK transformers, this could be the problem also.

Original MP-1 / Re: "New" MP1 here!
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They are made in China by shuguang.

Can't see the pics? just something about updating your account?

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