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Original MP-1 / Re: New MP-1
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 :thumb-up: :whoohoo!:

Hey RG, the line input jack is balanced if you want to use it, just make a lead XLR female to stereo jack (wiring is on page 10 of the manual), or buy a XLR > Stereo jack adapter, they're not expensive.  You can plug into the mic input, it's just not ideal gain structure pumping a line level signal into a mic input (kind of going backwards from a gain point of view), sure you can turn the Rockmaster output down and the mic channel gain right down and make it work, but just use a XLR > st Jack adapter and use the line input, keeps it balanced and much better (correct) gain structure.
The MP1 Fx send always has a signal (comes just after the tube > Eq section but before the chorus).  Taking a feed from there won't break the serial chain, the loop on/off in the MP1 patch toggles the Fx return jack path. You can do the same with the Rockmaster but use a Y lead so the dry signal is fed back to the return and also to the Fx input so you don't break the serial chain.
You'd only need a cab sim if you are going direct to a desk and full range speakers and you want to use the same patch as you use with cabs.  A patch adjusted for cabs will have/need much more tops than a patch tweaked for full range as the live cabs are 12" speakers and don't (usually) have a horn tweeter so they (the speakers) roll off the top end, thus we boost the tops so it sounds right.
(balanced output provides 600ohm, transformer balanced signal to be used as "direct" patch into mixing consoles, tape recorders, etc.  The signal at this point has been frequency compensated for low noise operation.)I read this as they have reduced the tops to compensate, which is the main thing all cab sims do and also what the MP1 does on its headphone out for the same reason.  (BTW you can use the MP1 headphone out direct to a desk etc for recording).  So using the line out XLR and going to cabs (as is what you want) you'll have less tops and have to compensate in your patch (or IIRC correctly you use an Eq before the amp ?).  If you just use the Rockmaster L/R outs into ch 2/3, Y lead to split off the Fx send and Fx L/R outs into ch 4/5, you now have parallel Fx and maintain stereo.
Anyway, try it all these different ways and see/hear what sounds best for you.

Hey RG, I assumed (since you said the XLR out is designed to plug into a desk) that it would be cab simmed as otherwise you wouldn't want to plug it into a desk unless you change the patch(s) to have less tops than you need for going into 12" speakers.  The pix I saw of it says balanced line out, so as you say not cab simmed.  Now you are plugging a line level signal into a mic input so be careful with levels.  It would be better to plug it into ch1 line input (as it's designed for it).
MP1 is easy, MP1  A/B outs > ch 2/3, MP1 Fx send to Fx L mono in, Fx L/R out to ch 4/5, main out > amp > cabs.  You could also plug the Rocmaster in this way and it would be how I'd do it.

Hey RG, I was wondering, actually I hoped you'd got one of the others like the 802 as then you get at least 1 Fx send...  But the 502 will work.  For a live setup with amp > cabs use the Rockmaster normal out (or MP1  >:D ) into the ch1 line in (as the XLR out should be cab simmed and will lack tops without a full range speaker system).


Effects / Re: Radial Tonebone Hot British
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Hey RG, looks pretty cool. I wonder how it compares to the ADA MP1ch, a similar unit in many ways.  Trouble is, you really have to hear/try them and they're not cheap.

Hey RG, I'm looking at the Behringer Xenyx 502, if you have level controls for all channels then it's a different model  :dunno: .  Do you have a manual you can send me of the one you have ? (and or pics (top & rear is all I need).Do you want to record with this or go into live amp/cabs ?

Effects / Re: Let's see your pedalboards!
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My pleasure my friend  :wave: ,

Cool  :thumb-up: , your getting there, and I'm enjoying the journey  :wave:

Effects / Re: Let's see your pedalboards!
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Effects / Re: Radial Tonebone Hot British
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I borrowed a little 15 w Blackstar a while ago for a jam, it was a nice little amp.  pair of EL84s output tubes, tube preamp stage, nice built in digital reverb.  Sounded good for blues/rock which is what we were doing.  Not loud enough for a real kit though but IIRC it had some cab sim outs.  I thought it was too expensive (and it was 2nd hand) or I might have bought it (it was so portable) and had a nice tone.However, no idea about their bigger whatever models (which I assume you guys are talking about ?)

Hey RG, that's one way to go, remember the XLR input is a mic input (does it have a pad or line level switch ?), you'll need to be careful not to overload it from the preamp, upside is it's balanced (XLR). Also the only channel volume is on ch1 so the other channels you'll need to control from the Fx out level, so are you going to feed the Fx device from the Rockmaster Fx send ?Also is the Rockmaster XLR out cab simmed ? If the target is a desk (as you say) it probably is (so into amp > cabs will lack tops) but for recording  :thumb-up: .
More I had in mind MP1 > ch 1/2, MP1 Fx send into FX L (mono), Fx outs L/R > ch 3/4, main outs > amp > cabs
But there are quite a few options (as always)

Effects / Re: Let's see your pedalboards!
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Your not alone MJMP, the best thing about going rack for me way back when was to just have a midi pedal at my feet and put all the pedals and wall warts out to pasture.  But hey each to their own.

Hey RG, looks like you could at least use it to bring 2 stereo outputs together

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hi
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No worries  :thumb-up: , there are also other ways you could do it depending what other gear you have and what you are trying to achieve.

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