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Author Topic: Info on dementia in America needed  (Read 403 times)

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van Sinn

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Info on dementia in America needed
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I'm helping a friend write a though-up business case for a tech product intended to help people with dementia.
This thought-up product, to be launched in Florida, will aid both professionals and family to know about bodily needs for the one suffering from dementia.

Now, part of her task (it's a business education) is to write about the differences between how Danes and Americans look at people suffering from dementia. In Denmark, it's being discussed quite a lot in press and on TV, and mostly looked at as a social problem, requiring professional help, which is fairly well available through public services. And, it's not a tabu.

However, she has troubles finding information about how Americans look a dementia.
Anyone have something to share?  Preferably pointers to articles or videos..
Oh, and she of course must hand-in this assignment on monday ;)
Thanks, mon freres.
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