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Author Topic: FS: ADA Microtube 200 >SOLD<  (Read 1642 times)

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FS: ADA Microtube 200 >SOLD<
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SOLD.  :thumb-up:
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Re: FS: ADA Microtube 200
« Reply #1 on: Time Format »

Here comes the GAS attack....I want this. I just bought a PowerBloc for this very reason.

Now, I would rather have the MT200, but I already have the Crate....grrrr...and I just bought a mixer for the band....grrrr
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Re: FS: ADA Microtube 200
« Reply #2 on: Time Format »

I was getting ready to message you to see if you would revive one of my MT100's which has both channels dead !
Really tempted to snag this from you. I'll pm you later today. At work right now.
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