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Let us never forget our beloved founder - RIP Jurrie, we all miss you very much

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Author Topic: Line 6 Helix  (Read 6755 times)

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Re: Line 6 Helix
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Next rig I build (which is a bit sideways for me) will (maybe) be MP-1 (Fx probably in loop (I just want a little bit of mild delay and reverb, though, like MJMP, I'm not fond of the MP-1 loop) > Marshall (direct to power amp jack input (recent mod)) and 1 x (2 x 12) ADA slant split stack. This is how MJMP uses his Marshalls (but he has 2  :facepalm: ) so can preserve stereo... and he has a bunch of Marshall cabs... will be a nice rig for sure.
I agree about MP-1 send/return: I do not love it too much as well.  :wave:


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Well well well, thanks for sharing that vid, I have subscribed  :thumb-up:

He will give me Death by anthrax (NOT the band...)...
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Re: Line 6 Helix
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BUMP: I played through this guy's Helix rig the other night. Onstage, pft. But watching videos of the show, it didn't sound bad.

I got a good sound in my In-Ears, but those quickly fell out from me jumping around, after that, I had trouble hearing myself. That is a major PITA. I don't play well when I can't hear myself, and I can see myself making mistakes on the vid.

I gotta say, it'd give the Ampulator a run for it's money. But iRig is much cheaper, and I already have one ;) Here's a crappy phone video, with plenty of ambient crowd noise

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