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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Author Topic: How I use my MXC + Quad Switch  (Read 2733 times)

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How I use my MXC + Quad Switch
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Not long ago, I started using stompoxes in lieu of my beloved rack gear. I discovered new ways of mixing a common effects device (ie. delay or reverb or solo boost) with several patches in my TC Electronics Nova System and it got me thinking.

I knew the Quad switch worked with various FX in the MP-2, but I wanted to use it with my MP-1 Classic as well. Then, I discovered midi control commands - specifically, I could control any effect in my FX device using the control number of the Quad switch. So, I can add a solo boost to any patch. I can turn the delay or the chorus (or the flange....) on or off for any patch. I can switch the octaver on/off for one patch in get the idea.

Why didn't I realize this a long time ago?  :dunno:

So, I ditched the Nova System and went back to the MXC pedal for my MP-2 and my MP-1 Classic. However, now I was armed with the full capabilities of the Quad switch at my disposal, running my FX device (Boss GX-700). I use it to control the EQ for a solo boost (most times it's just a flat volume boost), toggle individual F/X, or just mute the sound and use the onboard tuner. Here's a graphic to illustrate how I have arranged my patches.
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Re: How I use my MXC + Quad Switch
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Very cool Dante  :thumb-up: Have you ever looked into using the MP2 "macros" they do a bunch of stuff as well. I'd forgotten about them but was reading the manual recently for other reasons and thought to come back to them and get my head around how they work at some point.
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Re: How I use my MXC + Quad Switch
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Love the color coding, Dante!   :banana-rasta:
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