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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Started by van Sinn - Last post by Dante
I have not found a set that I like.

Usually, they work great for cancelling the high pitched freqs of drummer's cymbals and then I can't hear myself during a solo. Grrr....

I wear a set of Sennheiser cans at home, but use IEMs live. I use the Shure 425 earbuds for my IEMs & they're very nice.

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Started by van Sinn - Last post by van Sinn
EDIT: This is about plugs used for working with DI / speaker emulation, rather than for listening to program material.

The best plugs I've found so far are a set of Sony MDR-E808's - which I actually found on the street ;)
I also have a set of AKG IP2's, but those have too much high frequency contents for guitar.

The Sony's are nicely rounded-off, without sounding dull at all, the cable doesn't make much noise, and they sit well.
The AKG's, as said, are too aggressive in the high band, the cable makes a helluvalot of noise, and they easily fall out.

Your take on plugs..

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by van Sinn
Russian Folk Metal Bank Arkona. Check their earlier works; some of it is more folklore'ish than this their latest.

Full concert setup, complete with additional singers and strings.

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Started by rnolan - Last post by Dante
Thanks Richard! You're a good cop C:-)

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Started by Kim - Last post by rnolan
Cool  :whoohoo!: :thumb-up:

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Started by Soloist - Last post by Soloist
I am thinking of selling the JMP1 and the GSP1101 and grabbing the GT100. My thoughts are mostly for simplicity. Smaller rack, smaller foot print.
The gsp is good for recording and FOH, but with the Ada cabs its just not there for me .

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Started by Soloist - Last post by rabidgerry
@Soloist  what don't you like about the gsp1101?  I got one of them to eventually replace either my boss gx700 or sx700, haven't made up my mind yet.

I used a boss GT6 for years, by itself!!  Was before I got into the rack stuff.  Then I got the GT8, but never got round to implementing that.  I love the GT6's metal amp model, no speaker sim, and an OD block boosting it.

I'm sure the GT100 has come leaps and bounds since that man.  You have so much gear  :lol:

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Started by Kim - Last post by Kim
Well, I installed them straight to it without any aforementioned "breaking in".    I have to say that I am familiar with the "Honeymoon Phase" in regards to trying new stuff, so my review at this time may or may not have all the merit it should.   ;)

But right away......NICE!   So much more desirable tones from my cab now with a pair of these mixed in with the other two.  I'll be sure after a few more rehearsals, but so far I think I'll be getting another pair of these very soon.  :thumb-up:     

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Started by rnolan - Last post by rnolan
For all who wish to register for the forum - Due to a deluge of miscreant member registration attempts (hopefully just related to xmas rip offs  :dunno: ) We have temporarily suspended new user registrations.  If you are a valid worthwhile "real" individual who wishes to participate in forum discussions (BTW you can do everything as a guest except post) you can contact us via the Need Help button and be registered manually by one of our Admins.
Sincere apologies for having to take this action, we will review and revisit this decision in the new year but for now we must protect our site (as best we can) from this internet borne scourge  :facepalm:
Regards ADA Depot Admin Team

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Started by Soloist - Last post by Bazza
I use a GT100 with my MP1. I also use the 4CM. It works great with a bit of tweaking on the patches and making sure you turn on the send and return on so you can use the MP1 as the preamp. I use it more for changing patches instead of a mc1 foot controller and the effects.
Have any trouble just ask.

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