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Temp "Time Format" issue Fix in Discussions

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 on: Time Format 
Started by mqqse - Last post by Dante
If it were me, I'd keep the MP1 with the B200s for posterity, unless it sounded particularly better with a different amp.

Tone before fashion ;)

 on: Time Format 
Started by tomy - Last post by Dante
How you, guys, do to remember all of your programs ?   :dunno:

I use one bank for each guitar, because they all sound so different. That way, I put the same 'type' of patches in the same locations to keep me on track. Like this:

Patch Zero (or 10, 20, 30...)

Patch One (or 11, 21, 31...)

Patch two (or 12, 22, 32...)
Basic Crunch

Patch Three (13, 23, 33...)
Hi Gain Crunch

Patch Four (14, 24, 34...)

I have 5-9 available for specific settings (like an auto wah for Man in A Box, or an Octave down for 7 Nation Army's bass parts).

SO, how do I remember which guitar goes with which bank? I put a piece of tape on the back of the guitar's headstock :)

 on: Time Format 
Started by tomy - Last post by tomy
Hi everybody, 

First, Sorry for my lack in english  I guess it doesn't help to understand.

@Soloist, That's how i do too... so another unit is needed with not more than 2X16 lcd  :-\. As i export with Bome sysex, I keep a parameters backup too, but my problem is not about backing up parameters  but more  a sharp eyes glossary of what each program  is about

@Rich I'm organizing that way too : 1 bank= 1 instrument / 0=clean to 9=heavier

But still, I'm abble to lost programs or unable to remind which one was about (most likely experimental ones specially when I don't use it for a while)

@MJ, a 4X40 lcd screen...whoa ! effects processor should have those, just what I want !

I'm just surprise about no constructor built a tool/unit with enough characters to manage 256 programs (more or less) while so much old units only work with  2/3 digit (MB1, mp1, jmp1 ,tech 21, piranha...)

 on: Time Format 
Started by Soloist - Last post by Soloist
Wow Gerry, I am suprised to hear of your issues with the Hot British.  Mine is set at level 50%, high 80%, low 100% contour 40% distortion end=bright, voicing=notch, mid boost= out. I find if the level is up too much it starts to mud up a little. Mine goes into my rack mixer and I increase the level there. I eq before an after. Eq before is a mid boost and eq after pulls out the yuck. Post eq pulls -6db at 31hz,-4 db at 500hz and 1khz, -5db at 16khz. 125hz,2khz,4khz all boosted +5 db, 250hz and 8khz boosted +3 db and 62hz is flat.
Pre distortion eq is a frowny face.
Are you running the pedal directly into your power amp like the pedal is its own preamp? That's how mine is routed. Did you eq before or after?  Or in fx loop?
Play around with the 3 switches on it. They change alot of tone and dynamics. Like the fat setting adds mud.
It does not like to be boosted with an Od, doesn't like the tube screamer either. It also works great as a boost. I have used it boosting my Mp1 and my Jmp1, but I think it sounds more marshally than my jmp1. I do think it has too much distortion on tap, I just don't use all of it.

 on: Time Format 
Started by tomy - Last post by MarshallJMP
@tomy, biggest one I ever seen was a 4x40

 on: Time Format 
Started by Soloist - Last post by rabidgerry
So been trying this pedal out, it totally captures the marshal sound, it's actually amazing sounding.  But as soon as I go past 2 o clock on the drive, mush!  Dynamics die and mush horrible overly compressed feel happens and that almost ducking sensation you get with too much compression.

This is a real shame as it had the sound and the tone I wanted/needed, but just not the amount of usable distortion.

I thought perhaps if I dial back into the safe territory with the drive and then use a boost this might do the job.  Not it didn't really.  Not as much mush, but it's in the back ground and it just doesn't feel right.

I really cannot emphasise enough though, this is actually a really good marshall in a pedal device, but the last few rungs on the distortion ladder are not usable in my opinion.  Put it this way, when I boost my MP1 I don't get this mush sound even full on with my OD pedal level!  The right amount is about half way but the point is I can push harder, where as with the Hotbritish, I can't push.  I even used an EQ.  No deal.

Soloist not sure how you get your boost to work, do tell?

 on: Time Format 
Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rabidgerry
Ok so the deal fell through, or rather I could not accept it as I was unable to avoid the VAT which drove the price up too much for me.  Shame.

 on: Time Format 
Started by mqqse - Last post by mqqse
Like many of you, I have too much gear.  My MP1 has been sitting for over 6 months and other acquisitions are getting all the love.  Truthfully, I like my voodoo modded JMP1 better than the ADA (no offense) and I know there are folks that would put it back in service.  I also have 3 power amps, BP200s, Lexicon 284, and Marshall Mono block, aka the golden anchor.  I think the ADA stuff shoulda stay together and also shed the Marshall and keep the Lexi and JMP1, what say you?

 on: Time Format 
Started by tomy - Last post by rnolan
Hey Tomy, I just remember the numbers, I used to write them on an A4 bit of cardboard/paper when I used lots of patches with MP1, I just work in banks of 10 patches.  So xx0 is clean, xx1 is alt clean (a bit louder), xx2 is always my main rhythm patch, xx5 has triggered wah, xx 6, 7, 8 & 9 are lead patches getting louder and xx6 used to have a big delay.
But these days I use 3 patches: 110 clean, 112 main rhythm/lead (vol controlled with expression pedal), 113 is my old rhythm patch which is now over the top lead.  I still have 115 with triggered wah.  But then now I use MP2 so I can name them (not that I ever look as I know my number layout...)

 on: Time Format 
Started by Zilthy - Last post by Peter H. Boer
Of course I'm up for laying down bass, stick, doublebass, Taurus, etc.  ;D

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