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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rnolan
Hey RG, a thought, it may be a dud wall wart ?  There were posts previously about the wall warts to phantom power the ADA midi pedals causing noise.  Worth a try  :dunno: .BTW, most of the ADA jacks don't earth to the case, eg Mike had really bad hum on his B200s when he changed the output jacks to standard, to fix he changed them to the plastic collard jacks that don't contact the case (as they came with).
At the end of the day, isolating each unit from the rack rails etc seems a good idea (though good quality units "shouldn't" need it).

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by van Sinn
Some devices have everything internal fully insulated from ground, with only the earth pin in the power cable acting as ground.
This is the preferred way of ensuring single-point grounding, in order to avoid ground-loop [hum], because the builder can now use ordinary jack cables, and arrange single-point grounding for each device at the common mains summing point.

Other devices have their in/out jacks grounded to chassis.
This not preferable, as there's the possibility of ending up with grounding through both the mains prong and simultaneously through the signal cables - because of the chassis-grounded in/out jacks.

As Kim said, the builder can start with simply mounting and connecting the whole shebang, and see if all is ok.
If hum is present:
* either disconnect everything, and then reconnect one device at a time, until hum appears.
* or, disconnect devices one by one until the disappears.

Hum most often develops when using, say, external processors in send/return loops, simply due too signal cables carrying ground in a loop-structure, while this external device is also being grounded through the mains prong.

When the hum-hum device has been found, a usual remedy is to isolate it from the rack rails using insulated bolts and washers and maybe a strip of gaffer on the rails to avoid chassis contact.
Sometime it's possible to use custom signal cables having the ground flex connected at only one end - best option is to leave the open-ground end of the cable connected at the Send jack.

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Started by Griphook - Last post by Griphook
I will do that :)

maybe you can recreate it and make it a mod to offer. This would be so awesome!

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by MarshallJMP
Can you give a bit more info about those 2 loops you are using, maybe a schematic of the routing?

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Started by Griphook - Last post by MarshallJMP
Yeah sure, could you send the whole board so I can see what they did, afterwards I'll ship it back and I also send an original eprom.

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Started by Dante - Last post by Dante
I finally got a chance to fiddle around with the guitar last night into my rack. Wrote a few patches.

Cleans: Just what you'd expect, very clear and transparent sounding. I'm good with these single coils and they're not noisy. Now, they do NOT sound very Stratt-ish, or quacky. They are just clear and surprisingly warm (for single coils). I can get a good quack out of the split Humbucker though, it sounds pretty Tele like.

Crunch: I can get a fantastic Brown/Plexi sound with the Humbucker. It cleans up very nicely with picking attack and really growls with the "Metal" patch. I think Schecter knows more than me about pickups and how they wire their guitars - they're a bit more sophisticated than a simple LP or Strat config. Case in point - the tone knob is a push/pull to split the bridge PU. does something to the single coils too. Not sure what yet, maybe parallel or out of phase?? It seems to effect the Neck PU when in the 5 position on the 5-way switch (neck PU only).  :dunno:

I'm going to keep on playing around with this thing and possibly keep the stock PUs in there (can't believe I'm saying that). I need to do some research and find out what's going on in there before I start tearing shit apart.

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Started by Griphook - Last post by Griphook
I think i can send it to you. Can be interesting to know, what has been coded^^

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rabidgerry
I'm pretty sure my hum is coming from the fact that two units are powered by a wallwart/power pack.

I'll give you an example, before I dropped the floor unit for FX I got hum going into the rockmaster.  I was able to determine that this was because I had a ground loop being cause from running a pre in fx unit loop.  I did this by detaching the earth in the rockmaster plug.  Hey presto no hum.  So the solution to this was use the Art Clean box II.  Yes worked a treat.

Toward the end of the floor unit use I started running a different way,  I was going direct into the pre and then having the pre out go into the return of the fx unit.  This sacrificed the use of front end effect from the fx unit but also eliminated the need for clean box II which is a ground loop isolation box.

So moving onto where I am now.  I use two unit loops, one for noise gate and one for FX.  Using the clean box gets rid of the hum and basically the noise gate keeps it 95% unnoticeable.  However there is still a bit of hum.  And it's because there are two loops being used.  The noise gates loop and the fx units loop.  I could run the clean box in both loops I guess since it has two separate transformers for decoupling earth loops but I was just wondering if there are any other things I could try instead hence the question about isolating on the rack itself.

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Started by Dante - Last post by van Sinn
I would put the lipstick in middle pos - makes the pick smooth-off just nice, and makes for more of the modern Knopfler tone, should you happen to like this, all while keeping the normal neck tone.
Ahh, and for neck pos, might I suggest a modern Wilkinson 60's style overwound pickup.
Or, if you prefer a slightly more 'buckered single coil tone, an Original Bill Lawrence 300-series dual blade.

IME, most hum issues with single pups can be handled by shielding the pup and body cavities, use shielded wires for the pups, and use proper grounding while observing not to create ground loops.
Lots of videos on the tube about this..

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rnolan
Hey RG, it also depends on what's causing the hum, isolating works (I suspect) with ground loops which can be very tricky to pin point.  But it can also be caused by gain structure issues, and as is the case with my IPS33, mechanical vibration from the transformer into the case/lid.
The link you posted is a good one, he makes lots of sense and provides good advice.  Seems I'm lucky with my rack, I haven't done anything special, some of my cables are good quality, some are just the multi colour ones you buy in packs of 8 (or whatever), these are ok in the rack coz they don't get connected/disconnected, with these cheap cables, the plugs aren't soldered, the cables attachment is held in place by the plastic molding.  I do my best to keep power leads away from signal leads.  Once I have everything plugged in, I tidy the leads with cable ties.
Maybe to track this hum down you should turn the noise gates off ?

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