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Board added for "Routing & Patching" in Lets Get Technical

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 on: Today at 08:06 PM 
Started by TerraSaw - Last post by bunkyloo
I wouldn't mind a backup Mp-2

 on: Today at 05:08 PM 
Started by bunkyloo - Last post by bunkyloo
Hi all I acquired a Mp-1 with the 3.666 mod it is a 2.0 generation btw. It is capable of many sounds with trim pot adjustments ,but all in all not my sound.
I would be interested in trading for a 2.0 later production model stock or mp-2 or classic otherwise make an offer I am in Southern California please let me know I'm open to trades as well as cash . Thanks Steve

 on: Today at 09:10 AM 
Started by Systematic Chaos - Last post by rabidgerry
Dam, I stupidly got confused that the level control to the mix were the input gain for the channels.  My mistake Richard.  Although I do not for see an issue as this is what the output on FX processor can control in this case like you mentioned before.  This arrangement is a future/possible live setup.  I would record without FX usually and sure I have that SX700 that allows all those parallel connections should I want to records with FX.

 on: Today at 09:06 AM 
Started by Soloist - Last post by rabidgerry
Oh without doubt they are more expensive.  The blaskstar new is over double the amount I paid for it.  The price of ADA MP1 channel is way more,  it's like 4 times.  That unit would have been an option but not common enough in the UK for the price to be cheap enough for me to afford it.  Lets see how I get on with the Blaskstar.  I nearly bought the dual which is a clean/crunch + distortion channel version but I wanted to make sure I had enough distortion on tap so went for the Distx model.  Although I hear these blackstars take boosts in front well go extra distortion can be found.  Hopefully I will only use about half of that the Distx provides.

 on: Today at 04:50 AM 
Started by hansgraudal - Last post by rnolan

 on: Today at 04:40 AM 
Started by Soloist - Last post by rnolan
Hey RG, looks pretty cool. I wonder how it compares to the ADA MP1ch, a similar unit in many ways.  Trouble is, you really have to hear/try them and they're not cheap.

 on: Today at 04:33 AM 
Started by Systematic Chaos - Last post by rnolan
Hey RG, I'm looking at the Behringer Xenyx 502, if you have level controls for all channels then it's a different model  :dunno: .  Do you have a manual you can send me of the one you have ? (and or pics (top & rear is all I need).Do you want to record with this or go into live amp/cabs ?

 on: Today at 04:09 AM 
Started by Kim - Last post by rnolan
My pleasure my friend  :wave: ,

 on: Time Format 
Started by hansgraudal - Last post by hansgraudal
I'm glad you're enjoying the journey too rnolan :) This has been on my to-do list for a very long time now...  ;D

 on: Time Format 
Started by hansgraudal - Last post by hansgraudal
That's what I'm saying too. The pic is from my scope at home, and it's obviously 100Hz. The 50Hz reading was from the frequency calculator in the scopes at work. I didn't even think about checking the measurement, as they're usually very accurate. Not this time though...

Anyway, the 100Hz ripple is far gone after the regulators, So that's not an issue anymore. Today I replaced all of the 100n decoupling caps as well as the 15uF tantalum, but didn't have time to measure the outcome. There's a job for tomorrow :)

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