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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Effects / Re: Let's see your pedalboards!
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Your not alone MJMP, the best thing about going rack for me way back when was to just have a midi pedal at my feet and put all the pedals and wall warts out to pasture.  But hey each to their own.

Hey RG, looks like you could at least use it to bring 2 stereo outputs together

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hi
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No worries  :thumb-up: , there are also other ways you could do it depending what other gear you have and what you are trying to achieve.

Well welcome back !!!!  :thumb-up:
+1  :thumb-up: :wave:

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hi
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Hey Bazza, welcome to the depot  :thumb-up: :wave: .  There's a bunch of ways you can patch things, all with different results.  The GT100 isn't a great fit for a MP1 rig as it wants to rule the world and seems largely designed for recording using its amp simulators etc.  How you patch it depends what you want to do eg do you want to record with it ?, do you want to make a live rig (do you have a power amp and cabs ?).
Probably the easiest way is how RG uses his MP1 with his boss GT5 thingy (in essence, it's a similar idea/unit to the GT100) and put the MP1 in the GT100 Fx loop.  So your MP1 becomes a glorified distortion pedal.  This will work, but the MP1 is then mono but you can use all the GT100 features.Alternately you could put the GT100 in the MP1's Fx loop and turn off all the stuff in it you don't want ie all it's preamp stuff.Either of these options will work but getting the gain structure right will be a bit tricky as neither of them are designed to work this way particularly as both units expect a guitar level signal on their input and output a line level signal.
I'm in Canberra so I'll PM you my phone number, your welcome to give me a call and we can talk it through (if you'd like)

Buy & Sell ADA Gear / Re: WTB: MP-1 Classic
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No worries my friend  :thumb-up: :wave:

Effects / Re: Radial Tonebone Hot British
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Hey RG, looks interesting :thumb-up:

Buy & Sell ADA Gear / Re: WTB: MP-1 Classic
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Hey Dante, check your email  :wave:

Guitars / Re: NPupsD!
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Very nice  :thumb-up:

Hey Tomy, I understand your frustration (and am interested, at least in helping you, for me, I don't care anymore, I use 3 or 4 sounds these days), you need to record them somewhere so you can find them again.  Simple approach is to write them down (basic), or create a spread sheet, similar but makes it searchable, make a little Access data base (bit more work but more elegant than a spread sheet), but easy (well for me, just takes some time).  Aspects of this are about "library" software which already exists, another approach... Some have the ability to make new modules to interface with your preamps.
Designing a 1RU gadget with a bigger screen that does it all (or some of it) is something I'd like to do but beyond my current expertise, but definitely doable.  One issue (not sure how to solve) will be how to uniquely identify each preamp/fx unit on a midi channel.
As you have multiple Preamps and Fx, a small database would be easier (better) than a spread sheet.  But I sense you'd like something a bit more groovy than that, again yes it's doable, but who will do it ? Or does something like this already exist  :dunno: .

Hey Tomy,  I don't think you are an asshole  :wave: , do you have too much stuff  :dunno: , can one ever have too much stuff ??.  I agree it becomes hard to handle in some ways.  Maybe make a spread sheet with all the patches you care about so you can remember them.  I have patches in some of my M2s I was trying out and have forgotten, so now I've no idea whats in them, but then I really only use 2 MP2s, one in studio rack and one in live rack, and then only 3 basic sounds.  I use the same Fx on all the patches (mild stereo delay and some reverb). Bt then I'm happy with my sound(s) and not in an experimental phase (although sometimes I think I should play around a bit more, but it takes allot of time to fiddle/tweak and also should be done at stage volume (not so easy)).Part of the reason I've ended up with quite a bit of stuff is to have spares (as ADA gear is quite old now), and partly because I've become a bit of a collector, but from time to time I bemoan that some gear isn't being used.  Eg, I haven't used my 73 Marshall for many years, even after recently having it serviced it still just sits there, should I sell it ?? mmm no, can't quite come at that LoL

Original MP-1 / Re: I’m on the fence
« on: Time Format »
Hey mqqse, well that's a hard one, I'd keep them all LoL.  But if the JMP1 floats your boat and you really want to lighten the load, then maybe sell the MP1 and B200s as a pair  :dunno: , someone on here will no doubt take them off your hands.  Since your in the US, the MP1 and B200s will need a transformer swap for this part of the world but that's quite doable (ie MDRT for MP1 and a toroidal fits nicely in the B200s).

Hey Tomy, I just remember the numbers, I used to write them on an A4 bit of cardboard/paper when I used lots of patches with MP1, I just work in banks of 10 patches.  So xx0 is clean, xx1 is alt clean (a bit louder), xx2 is always my main rhythm patch, xx5 has triggered wah, xx 6, 7, 8 & 9 are lead patches getting louder and xx6 used to have a big delay.
But these days I use 3 patches: 110 clean, 112 main rhythm/lead (vol controlled with expression pedal), 113 is my old rhythm patch which is now over the top lead.  I still have 115 with triggered wah.  But then now I use MP2 so I can name them (not that I ever look as I know my number layout...)

Hey Tomy, I'm sure it's possible.  It would probably need a small computer (maybe a raspberry pie ?) to send and receive the sysex.  The program required would be one of the editors, probably the .net one.  and it would need some tweaking.  Another addition (since you are going for a 1RU space) would be knobs for each parameter.

So he's combining stomp actions and CCs, ie you can program that a bunch of stomp buttons are activated at the same time (via another button) and each of those can do 2 CC functions, so 6 buttons, one activates the other 5, each button sends 2 CCs = 12 CCs sent by pressing the one (call it master) button.  So that's his concept, then he goes on to tell you haw to do that.

You are probably better off doing some of what you want by making multiple patches and some of it with stomp on/off CC commands.

And yes it can do your head in LoL.

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