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Buy & Sell ADA Gear / Re: WTB: MP-1 Classic
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 :bow: thank you  :bow:

Buy & Sell ADA Gear / WTB: MP-1 Classic
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Hi Guys,

It seems my Classic is officially dead in the water...drifting out to the mercy of the currents and the wind. If anyone has one they can part with, lemme know

Thanks in advance,


Original MP-1 / Re: I’m on the fence
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If it were me, I'd keep the MP1 with the B200s for posterity, unless it sounded particularly better with a different amp.

Tone before fashion ;)

How you, guys, do to remember all of your programs ?   :dunno:

I use one bank for each guitar, because they all sound so different. That way, I put the same 'type' of patches in the same locations to keep me on track. Like this:

Patch Zero (or 10, 20, 30...)

Patch One (or 11, 21, 31...)

Patch two (or 12, 22, 32...)
Basic Crunch

Patch Three (13, 23, 33...)
Hi Gain Crunch

Patch Four (14, 24, 34...)

I have 5-9 available for specific settings (like an auto wah for Man in A Box, or an Octave down for 7 Nation Army's bass parts).

SO, how do I remember which guitar goes with which bank? I put a piece of tape on the back of the guitar's headstock :)

that is genius.

There has to be a simple device out there to do this

Combo Amps / Re: Viper in it's natural habitat
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Actually,  his Blackstar sounds pretty good. I know damn well he can't program it, I'm assuming he bought it already set up with killer patches and simply moved them to locations he could access with the footswitch. He plays pretty stock Ibanez RGs, with mid grade PUs, and it sounds pretty dang nice.

still... I don't wanna hear that 'i have a blackstar' crap as a response to every little hiccup I have with my gear either - lol - It's all good, I get jokes

Combo Amps / Re: Viper in it's natural habitat
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I figured I'd just add to this thread, rather than starting a new one. Here's a shot of the 5x12 rig I used at a recent outdoor show. Our PA was grossly underpowered, but we barely made it...I had very little headroom on the master gain of the mixer. The guitar rig, however, was just scratching the surface - she was LOUD.

I used the Viper for a 'head' of sorts, and mic'd it. I used a H&K 4x12 underneath the Viper, powered by a Crate Powerblock amp. I ran the recording out of the Viper into the little amp head and it PUMPED. Clean sounds were ultra glassy clean (I love that) and the 'modern' sound had a bit more bass than it should (probably the 4x12), so I used my 'classic' setting instead. It sounded amazing.

I've never tried this rig before, I typically just use the viper by itself. I have a 1x12 if I need that. The 4x12 is usually under my 4u rack rig, but since my MP2 is acting up, I used the Viper. I think for large gigs, this is my new rig. Here's a pic, you can see the Powerblock on the 4x12 with a mic bag on it. And, notice the Viper has a mic dangling in front of it - that's all that was running through the PA. Those of you on Facebook may have already seen this photo

Welcome back!

MP-2 / Re: RIP Ada. I give up.
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Time to get Tarnowski and say : "We want our money back because your POS only worked for 30 years" ;D

LOL!  :lol:

soloist: I have to bang the top of my rack to make the loud hum's not always there, but it rears it's ugly head at the worst possible times....never at practice.

I bought my MP2 in '95. I gigged with it from 2005-2012. I got a LOT of good years out of that thing....i gigged a lot during that time. Started using the Classic in 2013 (i think) and it's crapped out now too.

MP-2 / Re: RIP Ada. I give up.
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I feel your pain, my mp2 sounds amazing, but keeps crapping out at the most inopportune times. I am relying on my Viper combo because is simply has less miles on it. Unfortunately, I am not skilled enough to fix these things.

So, I bring the combo and I bring an extra rig too: a Tech21 FlyRig RK5 and a Crate powerblock amp....just in case.

Effects / Re: Let's see your pedalboards!
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So far, this is the latest iteration of my pedal board...I think...wait ten minutes, it's gonna change....wait, I got rid of the tuner and just use the one in the Nova System's toooner now (see how quick that was?) I should be sure to mention, this doesn't control any of my midi gear, it's the pedal board that feeds my ADA Viper combo

have you seen the crap they're selling now? it's totally overdone and waaaaaayyyy overpriced.

Basses / Re: The Potomuss Bass-O-Rama
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I like that hollowbody bass, and that bass pedal foot controller is badassery!!

Introduce Yourself / Re: Greetings!
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WELCOME to the Depot!

 :wave: :wave:

Guitars / Re: Dead spots
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that's funny - my $350 Epiphone has a Seymour Duncan JB in it and it sounds AMAZING

Great guitar - Epi Vee Korina edition, 1959 reissue. Get one if you see one.

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