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Hello, I have a show coming up 2 weeks later. I checked out the Venues stage and there's a Bugera 6262 infinium head and a 4 x 12 cab. So I am planning to leave my heavy rocktron velocity and Ampulator at home and take Mp2 and Tc gmajor2 which are connected.
How should I connect my gear to this amp.Directly to clean channel ? Or with some connection tricks just to power section, if yes How will I do that ?
Best Regards

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How users of these units change their presets with less effort? For example; I am on my clean tone, includes some delay and chorus, in some cases a little phaser with TC G major2, Then I want to switch it to Lead tone which includes some delays and harmonizer. and turn back to Rhythm Crunch tone with no additional effects.

MP-2 / Delay and Bumb Noise - Bank Changes
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Can any improvements or modifications be applied to reduce the delay when bank changes ? Clean sound comes like a ''fade in'' in a very short time. Also I have a bumb like sound when I change my bank from Crunch to clean.

It was really tiring to carry and load Big FCB Everywhere.And some pressing problems was happening in the stage frequently. After a short time of search in web, I've found this one. Its very small, compact, good looking, effective and built very strong. I needed just 4 banks, so its okay for me. Plus you can control 16 presets with this one. Also 8 buttoned version is available.
It's shipping from Hungary. I forwarded it to United Kingdom in 4 days. The owner is very communicative and helpful.

I don't have engineering skills or fixing experiences, I just plug, set and play. I realized that no clean tones coming from Output B, Just Crunches. And another issue that sometimes a radio-frequency search sound (I didn't know,else how to describe it) comes, the sound Increases a few seconds, becoming bright and later decreases.
Do they Seem like tube problem ? It has Marshalls on it, when I bought it from someone 3 years ago. And I dont know its replacing date. It's obvious that to try with different tubes but that means buying it 2 times expensive than european prices in my country.

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