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Effects / Re: Radial Tonebone Hot British
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Is your GSP1101 on Beta C63?
If you need any SW (IR cab loader, etc...), lemme know.
There's also some more tweaks and tricks to get the best outta the 1101, e.g.:
- setting the Comp to "Post-Amp", even if not engaged/off = way more clarity;
- XLR settings: make sure LPF is "on" = affects the 1/4 outputs as well;
- series/parallel routing
- delay spillover
- ...

Effects / Re: Radial Tonebone Hot British
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From what I know of "your sound" and your prefs I would suggest the 005 (5153), 012 (Friedman BE) or 002 (JCM900) in that order.

Effects / Re: Radial Tonebone Hot British
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In terms of size and price, you might wanna check the Mooer Micro Preamps...they fit in a pocket, are 90€ new (Thomann) and sound more than decent on their own, probably even better chained in a GT-5/6/8/...

*moved to follow ups to new thread*
==> Radial Tonebone Hot British

Effects / Re: Radial Tonebone Hot British
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Congrats on the GSP1101....
You're already set on the Radial? I could get you a Koch Pedaltone for 130€ from the JPN local classifieds here...add another 20€ for shipping.

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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Hey Gerry,

I'm looking forward to hearing your impressions once you get the amp.
Not to hi-jack your thread though....I been also eying the Palmer Macht 402. At 3.8kg and 2x100w @8ohms it also looks promising (especially at the price point of 288€ (Thomann)/245GBP (Andertons))

That’s’s mine attached to an OFR on an ESP MII:

Works like a charm

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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I think you guys have missed the point of my post and forgotten what my concern was.  Volume!

As for tube  sound, perhaps its better to look at this like not so much sounding like a tube amp, but sounding better or closer to a tube amp than ordinary solid state.  I don't care about getting authentic exact tube replication but I do want to enjoy an amp that might sound better than other s.s choices at 5kg.

I don't have this Koch amp to compare yet, but the difference between an ordinary S.S amp and Roctron Velocity is night and day. There is a more dynamic feel and that's great.  A glassy element to the sound.

As for those name guitarists I mentioned, they were referenced on the basis that they have switched from 1000watts Matrix s.s amp to this Koch 90watt amp.  So those guys would not have done so if there was not enough power.  Therefore the Koch must do something better or more efficiently to not need the same amount of watts like the guy said.  And, those guys are on a higher level than me, they'd not use the amp if they didn't like the sound over the other either.

Hey Gerry, I guess you answered some of your questions with this. I read up some on the Koch and there´s pretty good reviews on Rig-Talk,, FAS-Forum etc, also with regard to volume, sound and feel.
Everything now is purely hypothetical until you check one out for yourself.
I don't know (and I don't wanna know  8) ) how much of a discount they're offering. Wok something out with a money back option in case it doesn't float your boat and have them send you one. Or take your GF on a nice weekend trip to the Netherlands and check the amp out at Koch directly.

...and since I always have a pocket full of them, some more of my 2cents:
I presently run (main rig) an AxeFX II with an old Rocktron Velocity 150 through an early 90s Boogie 2x12 Vertical Halfback and I have zero volume issues with loud drummer or tube stacks (and I don't get past 2 o'clock on the 150s Vol knobs)

Also, one of the best comments in this thread:
[...] Now on the other hand for live use you don't need a lot of watts when you're mic'd up.

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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Gerry, I merely said/meant hear them out what they wanna offer and if its good go for it. Who knows, maybe you'll end up with a Pedaltone II and an ATR-4502 (I sure as hell wouldn´t mind that combo).
Peace bro!!

Hey MJMP! Yeah, you gotta set it to Original EDGE, then it works for Floyd Rose Original, Schaller Floyd Rose and Gotoh GE1996. This tool is definitely worth the extra $ over the cheapo flimsy Allparts Intonation tool  :thumb-up:

- A quality notched straightedge for checking/setting neck relief (
- a higher quality set of allen wrenches and screw drivers,
- an intonation tool for your double locking trems (
- an action ruler gauge (
- radius gauge set for your fixed bridge (
- some 0000 steel wool
- various grit sanding sponges
- StewMac Fret Erasers (
- care products (e.g. Lizard Spit Fretboard Conditioner (for rosewood), Music Nomad F-One Oil (for maple fretboards), Dunlop 65 Polish/Cleaner)
- and if you wanna apply a Music Man style Oil/Wax finish to the backs of your necks: Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil and Birchwood Casey Gunstock Wax

Amps / Re: Koch ATR-4502 Power Amp
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Wow, Koch amps are some serious "almost Boutique" stuff, Dutch amp manufacturer with a really high renommee.
Don't be intrigued by the wattage. e.g. a Boogie, Marshall or Engl 2x20w tube poweramp blows the 300w Rocktron straight outta the water volume wise.
Although the ATR-4502 is a hybrid, it gives you more of that tube warmth, depth and punch than the Rocktron or Thomann.
It´s the same power sections as in their Jupiter Amps, basically 2 Jupiter 45 poweramp stages.
Check that amp for some sound bits.
...and don't judge the book by its cover (watts wise).
If you can secure a good deal with them go for it  :thumb-up:

Discussions / Re: Guitar Playing Fatigue
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The definition of high or low action is/can be very subjective.
e.g. check out Ola Englund's vid on setting string height and action:

I think he sets his low E ~1.8mm at the 12th fret. Low enough for Ola and hes likes it this way/fits his playing style.

I have the low E at ~1.2mm (12th) and the high e at ~0.8-1mm (12th) on my guitars....but that's what works for me

Truth is though, my low string height without buzz/rattle is a the result of a combination of (imho important) things.
Fist and foremost (and that gets you 85% there) is a totally perfect fret level/dress. Take your most favorite guitar to a luthier and let him do a fret job - you'll be surprised! (I was and all my guitars either got complete new frets or had their frets dressed/levelled and polished).
After the fret dress/level I could relly set my neck almost straight.
I play 11-50 (D'Addario Balanced Tension) in Standard E tuning. The polished frets make them feel like 10s when bending (EVO Gold or Stainless Steel frets even more so). The thicker/heaver strings don't oscillate as much as thinner strings (lower action; straighter neck).
I use fairly thick/stiff picks (Dunlop Jazz III 2.0, Dunlop Ultex Jazz III, Gravity Sunrise Mini 1.5 or 2mm) which helped my right hand dynamics. I can riff through Holy Wars or hit big open chords with humogeous sound and sustain and NO buzz.
Important: this is just my subjective approach (YMMV) but it definitely gives me a relaxed und uber-comfy playing experience and a huge left-hand comfort.   

At the end of the day: You WILL sound best with the setup/strings/pickups/amp/gain settings/cab/...... that you FEEL most comfortable on. If it feels comfy/good = I play [positive adjective]. Otherwise: Shit in -> Shit out

If you normally go MP2>GMaj>Velocity>Cab, then yes, MP2>GMajor2>Bugera return.
The Bugeras Poweramp stage does the same as the Velocity (Bugera in mono though  :thumb-up: )

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