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Author Topic: RIP Martin Ain  (Read 970 times)

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RIP Martin Ain
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Sheez... what a lousy last few years it's been for losing influential artists.  :'(

Another gone too soon.  Martin Ain, bassist from Hellhammer then Celtic Frost has passed.

I didn't get to even hear the early Hellhammer stuff until about 2000 or so, but I was a huge Celtic Frost fan.
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Re: RIP Martin Ain
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Sad to hear this, Hellhamer was a very special and an extreme band back in the 80's. I still have the 1984 EP release of Apocalyptic Raids.


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Re: RIP Martin Ain
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RIP Martin  :'( , yes we seem to loosing quite a few over the past couple of years  :facepalm: And he was only 50...
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Re: RIP Martin Ain
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Never got into the Frost or Hellhammer for that matter.

But in the subject of losing great people, yes we are losing some gods, from Lemmy and Bowie to Prince, George Michael and Martin Landau and John Hurt.  What's weird is, a lot of these people are old, and legends, and it just makes me think the newer celebrities coming a long, very little of them will ever have as big an impact on generations the same way some of these people did what with their movies or music.  Taylor Swift?  Really?  No one will remember her in a few years trust me.  She'll not be the new Madonna (still around after 35 years).

It's part of this X factor show generation thing, no one has longevity anymore because the coveyor belt mentality of those shows has devalued everything this pop c#nts strive to be.

This is why I love heavy metal, even during Grunge, it still existed and survived many changes in music taste, and is still around now and still growing strong, still reaching people (thanks to the dreaded internet (double edge sword really isn't it?) ) and it is probably going to remain that way for the future regardless of what is going on in the contemporary world!  Same with other scenes like Rockbilly and Country!  They're awlays going to be around and have their following.
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