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Author Topic: MP1 Classic Err 7  (Read 1399 times)

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MP1 Classic Err 7
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Hello everyone! I am an active musician and a lover of ADA products. In my early days I used an original MP1 and then used a MP1 classic which I adored with all my being, accompanied me on all my tours until his death and lack of trained service in my country put it in the trunk of memories.

Since 2014 I included the APP1 in my current pedalboard with my G System and going great. One morning I opened the trunk of memories ... and there it was: my MP1 Classic after 12 years of not seeing him, and obviously gave me nostalgic and lit instantly, with the aim of seeing their lights on again.

Unfortunately after so many years he seems to have worsened. On power it shows immediately Err 7 screen, and the P8031AH processor is heated tremendously.

And I changed the battery, and although the panel lights turn on, pressing the buttons no action.

As for the sound is distorted as 12 years ago when it stopped operating properly: low-level hum and distorted sound.

You could help me with a guide to leave in factory conditions?
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Harley Hexxe

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Re: MP1 Classic Err 7
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Welcome to the Depot Leninvargas :wave:

    You came to the right place. MJMP is the resident ADA Guru here, and I'm certain he'll be able to get you up and running again.
    The Classic is also my favorite of the ADA preamps.

        Harley 8)
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Re: MP1 Classic Err 7
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Hey LV

Normally err7 is the battery, but since you already replaced it there must be an other fault somewhere.Did you check the battery voltage, might be dead again?

About the distorted sound,is this on all the voicings or just on the tube voicings (not SS)?

BTW where you from if might ask?
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