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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Started by rnolan - Last post by MarshallJMP
Ah yes I see it now, stupid of me  :facepalm:

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Started by Wimbish - Last post by Wimbish
Hi all,

the MC-1 MIDI controller is not "finding" neither the MB-1 nor the MP-1.

the plan:
as a bass player I use the wonderful MB-1 (with updates by Marshall) as my preamp together with an unmodified MP-1 as an effect unit - this gives me some excellent distortion and chorus sounds.
I want to control the MP-1 with my old MC-1.

The problem:
The MC-1 is connected via a 7-pin cable to the rear of MP-1 (or MB-1 with same result) plus a power supply at the back of the MP-1. The MC-1 gets power. So everything fine here... However, the preamps are not reacting to any program changes with the MC-1.
I set the MP1 MIDI channel to either "all" or 16 and the MC-1 channels set to 1111 (all up!). No result.
The MC-1 display always goes to "01" when disconnecting the Phantom power and connecting it again (like it is supposed to do).
I just cannot get any changes of the program of the preamp with that MC-1.
That same MC-1 has been checked by a music store technician, by the way.

I will order a new MIDI controller (suggestions?) in order to try if that feature is working at all with both preamps. But it is strange that both preamps are not working.

Is there anything else I should check or that I could do?!
Thanks for your support in advance.


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Started by rnolan - Last post by MikeB
Pretty sure he means "power related".

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Started by herbyguitar - Last post by MikeB
I'm also having similar issues. Max had been asking me to quantify my squeal but i haven't had an opportunity to get all scientific about  it. With my b200s out  of action, i have been using the mp1 with a cab sim and  going out to pa speakers. My higher gain patches became unusable. Even Turning the gain down a bit hasn't really helped and then if it did , it's not really the solution I'm looking for.  I will try to spend some time this weekend mapping out the limits of the squeal.

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Started by herbyguitar - Last post by MarshallJMP
Well I thought about something, with the higher MDRT voltage, the output voltage of the tube board will also be higher, maybe with some tubes it could be to high for the digital pots. I'll do some experimenting this week, see what I can figure out. Now should this be the problem you can easily solve it by replacing one resistor on the tubeboard so the input voltage on the digital pot is lower.

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Started by Dante - Last post by MarshallJMP
Well it seems you got lucky  ;D I would never risked doing this, but no pain no gain  ::)

Now if you want to use a small housing you could still use the schematic i gave you. You don't have to wire up all the switches should you wish to discard some.

BTW a ADA TFX-4 footswitch would also work.

A question to the viper owners, when you hook up the switch and you change the channel on the amp do the leds on the switch change? Normally they should, just curious.

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Started by rnolan - Last post by MarshallJMP
What's a power relater????

So it starts up or does it get stuck in the boot sequence?

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Started by Dante - Last post by MarshallJMP
Thanks Kim  :thumb-up:

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Started by herbyguitar - Last post by Iperfungus
Did you try to replace those parts we talked about?

Not yet mate...but I planned to do the job in the next days.
I'm always overloaded with stuff...  :dunno:

I was just curious about herby's MP1, since it has the same mods and a similar issue...even if I had not the same luck with tubes rolling.  :lol:

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rabidgerry
Update on the Intellipitch, perhaps I was a little tooooooooooooooooo quick to write this thing off!

Ok it's awesome.  And i'm sorry to say it is better than the IPS33.

I have to say this though, the IPS33 is better than the 33B which has a lot more processing power and better features and controls.  However the IPS33B cannot track for shit!  The only time it can track distorted guitar is when it is in "chord" tracking mode.  But guess what?  Chord tracking mode is not available with all harmonist modes, so it's available in Chromatic, but not Scalic!!!!!!!  WTF!!

I don't give a  :poop: what I have read, the IPS33B is not better than the IPS33, not if it can't track properly.  It can in chromatic, but in scalic even with "distortion" tracking setting on it falls down badly.  It can't just about handle anything played on the unwound e b and g strings but as soon as you go lower on the bass strings it warbles like a sonic turd!

The Intellipitch....................flawless tracking!!!!  Raises pitch with bends no problem, sounds great, plays along with you as fast as you play.  Great unit.  I'll be hanging onto it.

I have to also say the Boss SX700 has a harmonizer on it also.  It sounds nearly as good, obviously less advanced, not sure it does scales, and just has chromatic, but it tracks as good ad the Rocktron.

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