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Board added for "Routing & Patching" in Lets Get Technical

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Started by Feki - Last post by Feki
Thank you for your welcome :headbanger:

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Started by Griphook - Last post by Feki
Hello, I have a question about FX. standard input works well with my G-Major, but there's a big loss on the ADA Gain signal.
If the setting is up to 20% it's ok, the effects in G-Major have to be 100% to be heard. Is there any other solution?
When setting G-Major after preamps it is O (image).
Images of all types of connections are here:

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rabidgerry
I'm sure I could been more strategic in placement but I only have one other walwart to go in there, and I haven't made up my mind as to whether I'm going to secure it in the same way as well.

I forgot those particular walwart two weeks ago for a gig and it's because I left it behind in the venue from the night before, so I figured trying to keep everything in the case was a good way to go.  I ended up buying a replacement the next day which I was very lucky to get because it's not exactly a common power supply (14v 800ma) and that got me through the gig that night.  I couldn't believe the third music shop I tried had a replacement.  Anyways I have a spare now as I also got the original back from the venue where I had left it.

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Started by Chucky - Last post by rabidgerry
Oh yeah I hear ya, it's extensive alright.  I just meant in the EQ department, the 800 seems to be important in the Scholze method.  It's weird he designed the ROCKMAN EQ to have a slider at 700hz,  I have one of those also.  Very musical sounding EQ indeed.

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Started by davidfugler - Last post by davidfugler
 Hi, I'm new to this forum. Thank God I found it. My mp2 has the motorboat problem, so I got an mp1 for a backup, and sent out my mp2 to get worked on. I listened to a number of clips of mp1's that sounded fantastic, but this mp1 sounds like a 30 dollar peice or garbage. the eq is the problem all 4 points are so narrow I had to zero out bass and mid, and pull down treble and presence, and use a graphic eq to boost up lower mids and bass, way up, to get anything close to a usable sound
I have searched this forum for hours and hours, but I'm not sure which mod would best address this thin, treble heavy, pocket radio from the 60s sound. Or, throw this mp1 in the trash and try getting another one, and hope for better luck....Help.

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Started by Chucky - Last post by Chucky
As you may or may not know, I just bought a DG.
Sweet!! Love mine too!

But regardless,  it's all about the 800hz  :thumb-up:

Generally before distortion.

I like the tone too or variations of it.  Boss gear can get it ok also.  Any eq in front will do.
Well I've been doing some serious research over the last few months and the Boston sound isn't all that simple.
Of course cranking the 800hz will get you close right off the bat.
But after a while you will start feeling that something is missing.

The signal chain is quite extensive actually.
From what I gathered, you have that 6 band EQ going pre-distortion, sometimes it may be coupled with
either a cocked wah about halfway or some parametric EQ simulating the same idea.
Then you get in your distortion/amp stage. (Tom seems to favor rather SS types over tubes)
Out from the amp there is yet another EQ, ten bands, pretty much in a sawtooth/notchy manner.
Then he applies either or both chorus and delay (Around 200 ms).
There's a lot of multi-layering in his work, so he uses also pitch transposition/detuning to fatten the track.

All the guitar sounds we hear on albums are pretty tweaked and layered...

So there, only boosting the 800hz won't take you there.
At least not to the point where I want to take it.

Note: While direct recording, the ROOM EQ knob on the MP-2 front panel comes in handy for final overall hi-end adjustment.
I'm starting to (finally) dig the MP-2!!!

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Started by Chucky - Last post by Chucky
Well night always brings rest and the next morning you have fresher ears, cleaner brains...

Although I'm still very happy with my first MP-2 Boston tone, it fits for certain songs/parts as
Boston albums have a flurry of various tones, although all circling around the same center target.

I took my first patch and redialed it around the intro riff of "Smokin' ".
It only needed a few tweaks to get right there.

Voice: 6
Drive: 55
Master: 90
Comp: 4:1
Low: +6
Mid: +8
Treble: +6
Presence: +6

Graph EQ:
100Hz  -2
170  +4
280  0
470  -4
800  +6
1.3  0
2.2  -4
3.8  +2
6.3  -2

Wah: OUT

Gate in Threshold: 55

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Started by Chucky - Last post by rnolan
Hey RG, cool  :thumb-up: , I wouldn't have thought to chase 800hz

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rnolan
Hey RG, I don't know the history of GKs demise but back when they were current, they were very expensive (particularly in Australia).  Most people I knew back then couldn't afford them  :facepalm: .  Same with the Rockman rack gear, I really wanted to buy some but no way did I have that sort of money...

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rnolan
Hey RG neat way to do it  :thumb-up: , I have a 6 outlet power board velcroed vertically at the back on one side, the velcro is letting go after a few years so I may try similar to secure it to the rack.

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