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Lets get Technical > All Things Tube All about preamp and power amp Tubes.

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Started by parisblue1 - Last post by peoriashows
I agree the red ones look better and are good for home studio use, but I tend to have a hard food on stage and have several non working ones between my 3 ADA pedals. I'm going to do this with my MXC. Does anyone got a part number on those steel buttons or maybe a Mouser catalog number so I can be lazy and not do my research? Ha! I assume Carlin switches are the go-to for this?


Did the same to my MXC pedal but the red ones give a better look  IMO.

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Started by rnolan - Last post by peoriashows
I'm late to the party here, but I've been using an MB-1 and an MXC foot controller for many years. Never used the Continuous Control, but always wanted to mess with it and see if I can control volume on stage. I've never been able to track down and ADA CCP pedal. Is there another one that can be used in place of the hard to find ADA pedal?

Hey Peter, I didn't notice the volume steps, it seemed smooth to me but I'll listen for that next time I use it.  It may be because there are 2 ways you can do the master vols.  If you use the "fixed" pallet Edit Pedal allocation (pallet 9), it operates on both tube and SS masters at the same time and also keeps their relative volumes to one another as you sweep.  Moreover, this is only taking up one pallet allocation.  The other way to do it is to assign 2 of the free pallets (eg P1 & P2), one to each master vol and assign the pedal to both pallets.  So this uses 2 pallets and may not keep the relative volumes ? and maybe then goes in the increments you are hearing ??

Hey Harley, do you have to have the parameter on in the patch so it will switch with the quad switch ?  You do with the MB1 chorus (says in the notes) but in MP2 I know I can toggle the tremolo and loop starting from off (I haven't tried chorus).

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Started by jimnastic - Last post by jimnastic
ok (ignoring the wonders of the switching and the code) the cheapo Wah volume pedal I ADApted has a 100k pot (which is slightly more than normal midi controller pedals).
Running from the 2 ends of the pedal (which has no adjustment) I get midi 0/1 and midi 127 as seen by the ADA, so it works by stealth :)
I note that if you buy an M-audio pedal (£14) you do have a "range" control similar to how you're describing. I believe this is another pot in parallel, but haven't taken one apart.

If i needed to adjust the range (and did this when I replaced a noisey pot on my Cry Baby wah) the range is a physical adjustment on where the pot gear meets the lever-y thing.
So either way, if you wanted to adjust it is possible, but for a volume or wah, full range for me works.

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Started by Black_Haus - Last post by Black_Haus
Thanks for taking the time to listen guys I really appreciate it. Hopefully there is something on there you'll like or maybe get some inspiration from.

Marshall JMP,

Glad to hear you liked "Criminal Tendencies" 

I'd be up for a Jam if there is enough interest.

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Started by Hanneman213 - Last post by Hanneman213
Glad it's working for you  :whoohoo!: .  Is there a reason you put the NR/S outside the rack case ?  You shouldn't need to (just thinking of convenience here).  Rack school to me is have it all in 1 rack so easy transport/setup etc.  But hey whatever works, I used to hump around 2 Marshall heads, 2 cabs ADA MP1, Rockman X100, st chorus & digital delay pedals, A/B A+B switch associated wall warts and various cables   :facepalm: .  Now I have a rack, cab(s), midi pedal, so much easier....

Simply, because I don't have any other place to mount this pedal. I carry it in back empty side of the rack case with patch cables plugged. When I start to set up on stage, I take it out, I directly plug my guitar to it and plug 9v power adapter.

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Started by jimnastic - Last post by MarshallJMP
Okay great ! :thumb-up:

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Started by jimnastic - Last post by jimnastic
I'll do some measurements and come back to you....
It's probably never going to completely replace an ADA controller, but you can make one dead cheap and just might be an alternative to waiting for ebay to come good! ;)

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Started by jimnastic - Last post by MarshallJMP
Okay I understand that but most foot pedal don't sweep the whole range of the potentiometer, so no full 5V sweep. Like the MXC has a calibration procedure where you have to sweep the pedal so it knows what the min and max is of the sweep.

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Started by Black_Haus - Last post by Peter H. Boer
Nice  :bow:

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Started by jimnastic - Last post by jimnastic
ah, thanks for the explanation. Well, the MXC is SORT of easy to re-create, then!

To answer the question on how you calibrate the pedal (assuming you mean the continuous control by the "sweep") you define an analogue input on a pin, give it a name, then tell the code to divide the 0-5v (which is what the potentiometer is doing) in to 8 bits which gives you a digital value between 0 and 127.

Define an "output" (so a Midi address, for volume 21) and tell the MP2 to assign it to a parameter.
Some code below associated with that....

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