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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Started by jnelson - Last post by van Sinn
Never had that issue myself, but given how damn hot both the Analog Devises dual compandor and associated opamp runs due to +/- 24 volt rails, I'd start looking at those two chips.

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Started by Kim - Last post by van Sinn
One advantage of hooking the FX into the MP2 send/return loop is that you can often reduce the number of presets/settings needed in the FX, simply because of being able to dry/wet mix-in the amount of those fewer effects presets.
Tis how I always did it with my MP2 and Digitech TSR24-S.

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Started by Kim - Last post by rnolan
And of course you can combine the 2 methods, ie use the serial connection and put a second FX unit in the MP2 loop

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Started by jnelson - Last post by rnolan
Do you think it may be component related ? as in a batch of whatever bit(s) have gone off over time and they were only in a run of units  :dunno:

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Started by Kim - Last post by Kim
Here's two ways to configure the MP-2 with an fx unit and stereo poweramp.  The specific brand/model of the FX unit and poweramp may vary for your application; the ones listed in the drawings are simply the ones I happen to be using.

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by Kim
I used to keep my action a bit higher than normal because of my inherit "heavy-handness" but I've been gradually adjusting it down lower over the last year or so.  Now it has that "butter" feel which I am appreciating more and so I've been making a conscious effort to play with a lighter touch and some more finesse.  I find that when my fingers start to fatigue, it's mostly because I'm squeezing too hard so I remember to lighten up some.

But it's not because I lack the initial finger strength; I probably have more strength that what my joints can manage because I've been working in the steel-related business for about 25 years now, (with temporary pauses over those years to do electrician and factory maintenance/tech work) and if I'm honest I'm running out of parts of my body that don't hurt!   

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Started by jnelson - Last post by MarshallJMP
Well 2 of my mp-2's have this problem, the others don't.

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Started by McLeanAB - Last post by McLeanAB

Thanks for the suggestions, sir!  Shovels, indeed!  No worries!

Yeah, I tried the shim, it just didn't feel right... it's a design 'flaw' for sure... all the Dreamsicles are like that... not sure why they did it that way... I just got back my 2013 MIM Charvel SD-1 after waiting four years to have it painted by a friend (long story, but it's all good), and it didn't get painted... slapped her back together, and she plays like a dream!!!  My right hand sits so low on the body of the guitar and it feels great...

I'm still debating... there's a guy close by on CL that has another SD-1, so I might see if he's interested in trading... I have the Primer Scream which is basically the Dreamsicle with a floating Floyd, so I'll still have an ebony neck... we shall see!!

 on: Time Format 
Started by jnelson - Last post by rnolan
Hey MJMP, This is an interesting area...  seems to be age related (in one sense) but I have 4 MP2s and they are all fine (2 with noise mod, 2 stock), as Julius Sumner Miller said (if anyone remembers him) "why is it so  :dunno: "

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Started by rabidgerry - Last post by rnolan
Hey RG, Told you LoL, I'd be the same if I had MJMPs electronic wizardry/understanding,  :whoohoo!: .  This looks like a really nice unit, wouldn't mind one myself (I also (as you know) have a rockman(esk) soft spot).  Your sustainer probably just needs re capping (particularly from what I read when you first went down this rabbit hole and I started to consider doing the X100 refresh, then I lent it to Mike and have forgotten about it), I'd send it to MJMP as well and get him to do his thing  :whoohoo!:

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