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Lets get Technical > All Things Tube All about preamp and power amp Tubes.

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Started by Chucky - Last post by GuitarBuilder
There's a wealth of info on Jark's website:

The next significant addition is the circuit called Autoclean. We all know that turning down the volume pot of the guitar reduces the gain of the distortion: to a certain extent, we can go down from plain distortion to light overdriven sounds. To a certain extent only: the balance between the treble and the bass frequencies is messed up, and we lose a lot of dynamics. Moreover, it is virtually impossible to go as low as a clean sound with this technique.

Well, all in all, the Autoclean circuit allows doing all that: total control over the saturation without signal loss, without dynamics loss, from the guitar volume pot! It is even possible to reduce the gain down to the clean sounds range.

Though the basis of the Autoclean circuit doesn't look complex, it was actually very tricky to design, and as a matter of fact, only the younger Sustainors have an Autoclean that really works great.

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Started by ADA Amplification - Last post by GuitarBuilder
We have started a short run of original ADA Flangers using the Reticon SAD1024 bucket brigade chip!  We found a few of the rare parts and are using the original printed circuit board layout and component values to achieve the exact same product A/DA shipped in 1978.  We are using the same "big box" aluminum sand cast enclosure.  The original Flanger ran off 18V DC and using an obsolete 2.5mm center pin positive AC Adapter.  The only change we have made is to use a 2.1mm center pin negative DC power jack, which is standard for today's pedal boards.

Fantastic!  How does one get it?

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Started by rnolan - Last post by MarshallJMP
Around 1985

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Started by MikeB - Last post by MikeB
 :facepalm: I'm trapped!!

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Started by rnolan - Last post by rnolan
Though I'd start this for Joe P,  He asked me when the 2FX came out, we didn't see most of the ADA FX etc in Australia so I don't know but I suspect others here will remember.

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Started by MikeB - Last post by rnolan
Good point MJMP  :headbanger:

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Started by MikeB - Last post by MarshallJMP
Looks really nice. But now you will need a backup for the backup  >:D

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Started by MikeB - Last post by rnolan
Hey Mike, good score  :thumb-up: , looks very clean and a later (no top switch) version.  They do look like the original tubes.

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Started by Griphook - Last post by rnolan
Hey Feki, no worries  :wave: , what EPROM do you have in your MP2 ?  It will display the version when you turn it on. The last EPROM (firmware) upgrade was v1.41 (you can buy one here if yours is older).  The later EPROM has a fix for the slow patch change in the MP2, when they first came out it was the one thing that bugged me, very slow patch changes, but they fixed it pretty quickly with a new EPROM.  If you have 1.41 EPROM, you can change the program change speed to fast (IIRC it's in the midi menus).  Also run your midi switcher into the MP2 midi in and the GMaj off the MP2 midi through (if you don't already).

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Started by davidfugler - Last post by Chamai
what power amp and speakers are you using?
im rocking a marshall 9005 power amp with g12t75 speakers. my mp1 sounds freaken massive.

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