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Lets get Technical > All Things Tube All about preamp and power amp Tubes.

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The wall voltage is where you you put in the mains connector.110 or 220V depending where you are from?

And a warning,be carrefull you don't electrocute yourself!!!!!!!!!!

Well now you can use the SS chanel  ::) :facepalm:

The problem comes from the power supply.So first i need to know the wall voltage,if it's to low this can happen.It can be other things but this is the easiest to check.Can you measure the wall voltage?

This can happen to mp-1's and can have different causes.Take the 2 tubes out and start it up again,let me know if that does help or not.

yes this cap is standard.

Try to plug in a headphone in the headphone out and listen,are both outs (L and R) the same through the headphone?Let me know.

Effects / Re: Pedal vs. Rack
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It could be,depends a bit on how the loop works.

Original MP-1 / Re: OD 2 Clip
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Aah sorry my bad.Now it's normal that the od2 led blinks at a setting of 6.0.

Original MP-1 / Re: OD 2 Clip
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Tubes will have no impact on the OD2 led.

The Godmod,ha good thinking  :thumb-up:

I listend to the sound of Alex and IMO you should be able to get that sound out of an MP-1.Did you try the clean tube channel?

Original MP-1 / Re: OD 2 Clip
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There is a guide on how to set the trimpots.See attachment.But you need a scoope to do it.

Power Amp Tech / Re: CARVIN TS100
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A 6L6 is not a tetrode but a beam power tetrode,there is a big difference.Tetrodes are actually not really suited for audio,these are mostly used in transmittors in class C.

Troubleshooting Problems / Re: No Sound
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Well the ebst thing to do is putting a signal into the mp-1.A sinus with 0.8 Vtt and 2kHz would be the best.Then trace the this signal from the input to the outputs and see where where it stops.

Let me know if you need assistance.

Hi Rusty

Welcome to the depot!

Start with replacing R913.

Original MP-1 / Re: OD 2 Clip
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the trimpot T2 lowers or raises the gain in the OD1 circuit.

Yes you can hear a tikking noise sometimes.

Hey Jarrod, try running the MP1 in stereo sometime, the difference is amazing, if your like me, you'll never go back to mono  :thumb-up:

+1 :thumb-up:

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