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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Effects / Radial Tonebone Hot British
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Hey RG, if you want a modded marshall tone in a pedal check out the Radial Engineering "Hot British ". I love the way mine sounds running it as a pre amp right into my power amp. Used the aren't too expensive. Make sure to get an older one, the newer ones are more red colored than orange. To me the older ones sound better.

Hey Herbie, like Richard was saying the hiss could be from alot of different stuff. Are you using a power conditioner?  It could be something as simple as a poorly shielded instrument cable or patch cable.

Could also be an issue with the 50/50. Mine was introducing a constant crackle, had it gone thru, replaced a few resistors and it's like new. :whoohoo!:

Usually the pickups are the culprit. Some are just noisey some are just that sensative. Pick up a used noise gate for cheap. I use one after guitar before any thing else just for noisey/sensative pick ups. :thumb-up:

I tried both set ups, #6 and #7 in the manual. Both 4 cable methods. The effects sounded good but it smoothers the tone of the mp1. I found with the Mp1 it needs an effects unit like the g major2 or g force or something similar to really make it shine.  A BBE sonic maximizer just before the 50/50 also helps if your looking for that 80's tone. :metal:

Hi Herby, I tried the 1101 with the mp1. I didn't like it, tone sucks horribly.  I also run into a 50/50 it sounds awesome.

G major 2 is a multi effects rack unit made by T.C. Electronics. Sorry didn't mean to lose you. My reply was for Richard.

A couple of notes on the G Major 2:
To tame the hiss on heavy distorted tones use the hard gate. For medium distortion use the soft gate. Also if you haven't tried this yet go into the g majors i/o and switch the input ring between pro to consumer, it changes the input sensativity. I believe pro is +4 db and consumer is -10 db. Also change the output ring consumer should be 20 db and pro should be 8 db. This gives an equal output level. :thumb-up:

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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Got myself an old Digitech DSP128 for $$35 on Craigslist.  It's, um, not great.
Hahaha, I bought one of those dsp256 a few years back. Wasn't impressed either. Think I sold it 2 weeks later.

Feeling the GAS comming on, thinking of selling a few pieces and picking up a few more. Looking at either an Axe Fx or a Kemper profiler. Alot of coin to slip past the wife though. :dunno:

Introduce Yourself / Re: I'm Back!
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Glad to have you back Orkun! Those teenage years can be a bitch, happy to hear you are navigating through them. Chalk all that crap up to learning experiences. It does get better. :thumb-up:
Rock On!

MP-1 Patches / Re: Kirk Hammett - Clean Tone
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I found these awhile back. Hammett's settings for One.
Voice= Clean tube
M = 8
B =2
M =7
T = -6
P = -12
Depth 35
Rate 1.5

Here's another
Voice Clean tube
G1 = 5
G2 = 5.5
M = 5
B = 8
M = -6
T = 10
P = 12
Depth 0
Rate 0

@SC, yes I loaded them in. They sound great through headphones,  not so much through my cabs. Need to tweak them a bit. Way better than the b.s. stock cab sims. Thanks again!

Discussions / Re: General EQ Question
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I would say for adding mids between 400hz (low mids) and 1k ( high mids). Sweep the mids with a narrow Q to find the sweet spot!  :thumb-up:

Hey there Hanneman213! I run those new Tung Sols in my Mp2 and they sound excellent. I think you will be very happy with them. :thumb-up:

Thanks S.C. you da man!

Good score SC! Under $100 what a deal.
I have an 1101 myself, some of the amp sims sound really good going FOH, others sound a bit artifical. The effects sound stellar.
I too am running the mustbebeta c63 update. I tried running a few different preamps into its loop, but wasn't blown away with the results. Currently trying to run it as a stand alone preamp with my power amp and split stacks but not finding that really good tone/patch yet. If you come up with any I would love to give em a try. :headbanger:

My Mp1 was missing a few screws and the holes were striped. I used a slightly larger self tapping sheet metal screws. Worked like a charm! Don't forget to paint them black first like I did. :nono:

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