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Rack Gear / Re: Repair Butterfly Catch
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Hey Gerry, you can buy new ones off amazon. Singles or pairs. Black or chrome depending on which style you have.
Looks like $15 U.S. for a pair.
I went to and typed in rack case latches.

Amps / Re: Mesa 50/50 lo power issue
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Ok SC, after looking over the schematic I see 4 resistors in the fixed bias circuit.
R201 10k
R241 47k
R242 68k
Any idea which one I need to replace? I was hoping that you remembered which you replaced.

Amps / Re: Mesa 50/50 lo power issue
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Thanks SC!  I figured you or MJMP would know. Had a feeling it was a resistor I just didn't know where. :bow:

Amps / Mesa 50/50 lo power issue
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Hey all,
since I re-configured my rig I thought I would give the 50/50 another shot. First off it sounds great, way better than before. I simplified my rack a bit so the gain staging is much easier. The issue I am having is on lo power it sounds like a blown speaker on one side. I swapped the speakers leads and it moved to the other cab. Ok the speaker isn't the issue. It doesn't do it on hi power, so what do I need to do to fix the lo power setting?

Discussions / Re: Thank you MJMP
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All I can add is, MJMP you are the man! :bow: :bow:



More like not enough beer!
After an extensive process I have discovered a few issues which might be the cause:
Bad patch cable inside of rack going to the BBE maximizer.
Room eq on Mp2 needed cleaning.
Bad plug end on my wireless.
Hasn't happened again since I corrected these issues.  It may have been 1 or all the issues. Either way it's good to go now! :headbanger:
Thanks guys for your input. :thumb-up:

I could totally see that happening, however not this time. I made no changes to any patches. I have every patch preamp and fx unit programmed into my midi switcher. What's really strange is I was using a dry patch no fx other than a noise gate. Both fx units were on bypass. Matter of fact I was using your metal preset for the MP2. I really like it. Strange that it was fine, then not, then fine again. I wonder if it's an issue with the MP2 or a power amp issue? Seems to be intermittent.  :dunno:

Ok,  so we had a three night gig at the same location.  Night one went great. Now on night two my rig sounded like absolute shit, nothing changed venue wise or settings wise. Night three it sounded great again. WTF? What I mean by sounding like shit is one patch had too much top end while another had too much bottom end. Still scratching my noodle on this, any ideas?

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech GSP21 Legend
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The problems with running the gsp thru the mp1 loop are:
1. the mp1 loop is awful.
2. Your running a preamp thru a preamp. Unlike a combo or a head where as they bypass the preamp section only using the power section.
The best answer is using a mixer, then you can A/B between the two, or mix them together. You can get a rack line mixer fairly cheap.

Gigs - Live Talk / Your worst gig
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I hear alot of "worst gig " stories from other local musicians so I was wondering what were some of yours?

Here's one of mine:
Back in  the fall of 1985 (holy shit I suddenly feel old) I was a 15 year old teenage guitar player who just moved to a new town. Didn't take me long to hook up with some fellow musicians at my new high school, form a band and start to play small gigs.  We had a handful of gigs under our belt when we signed up for a local "battle of the bands". We went on 4th out of 10 bands, and each band could play 2 songs. Song 1 we played Take these chains off by Judas Priest. I nailed the solo and going back into the chorus my guitar strap came undone and I dropped my axe. Leaving a nice size divet on the bottom corner. Picked it up and finished the song.
Song 2 was Slick black Cadillac by Quiet Riot, I broke 2 strings playing the solo but carried on. To top it all off, Our bass player was having some terrible stage fright and decided to drink some liquor and smoke a little weed prior to us going on.  By the time I finished butchering the solo his buzz kicked into overdrive and he started stumbling around the stage. He tripped over his mic cord, fell into the drum kit, knocking over a cymbal that fell down slicing the power cord for my amp in half.
Lessons learned:
1. from that point until now I install Schaller strap locks on all my guitars.
2. i haven't broken that many strings playing live, cause I change them alot more frequently than I did as a kid.
3. I won't play with someone who gets hammered prior to a show. Afterwards,  knock yourself out!
So pretty much everything that could go wrong did.
We did boot that bass player not long after that, I wonder what ever happened to that guy..........
Anyways that was my first horrible gig. Let's hear some of yours  :headbanger:

My pedal board runs as follows:  Boss Noise Gate with Comp-EQ-tube screamer-super OD-mxr eq all in the noise gates loop. I use them in different combonations depending on patch, guitar, tuning ect. By putting them in the gates loop it settles them down and makes them play nice with one another. I love this set up, very versatile for playing almost anything.

Hey Gerry, I have several ways I boost my Mp1.
Mid boost with a modified boss eq. Always on for dirty tones (pre distortion /od). Next a tube screamer use this for clean boost leads. Boss Super Over Drive, use occasionally to add some more hair to the tone. After distortion /od mxr 10 band eq for additional touch of bass. Compressor is pre eq and distortion used mostly on cleans, however gives you sustain for days on dirty patch.

Hey Herbie, once you get your MP1 straightened out try routing #7 for the GSP. I just did that on mine and I found I get way more control over the noise gate and the effects sound livelier.  Sounds better sonically and way more dynamics in my tone.

Rants & Raves / Re: Steve Stevens
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The SS heads are for his clean tones, the Friedmans are his dirty tone.

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