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Discussions / Re: Guitar Playing Fatigue
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@SC I'll check out that video and may be try revise my own set ups.

@Dante, yes I have a way with words sometimes  :lol:  On the gain situation, I bump it up until I feel a certain depth is obtained.  It's less than I used to have it set.  Also my playing is a lot of legato, and I actually need a certain amount of gain to play the way I do successfully.  However perhaps with higher action I find I need more gain to be able to do the legato otherwise it's just to stiff feeling to pull it off.  Legato was my way around speed picking I guess.  I'm getting better at the picking though, but I like that I do it all legato sometimes, it makes me, me!

Discussions / Re: Guitar Playing Fatigue
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I used to keep my action a bit higher than normal because of my inherit "heavy-handness" but I've been gradually adjusting it down lower over the last year or so.  Now it has that "butter" feel which I am appreciating more and so I've been making a conscious effort to play with a lighter touch and some more finesse.  I find that when my fingers start to fatigue, it's mostly because I'm squeezing too hard so I remember to lighten up some.

Man this is where I am at!  I think my action is higher than many others.  I cannot tolerate buzz.  But it's brutal on your hands and I obviously cannot handle it very well hence the fatigue issues I get.

I can't control the f**king power when I'm playing live, too much nervous energy.  Also I fear sustain death if I don't strike the string hard enough.  So I tend to have slightly higher action than most metal players anyway.  I have often wondered over the years though if this has actually hindered my progression as well???????  Probably.

So tell me how you strike big power chords lightly?  And how much rattle is too much rattle?  When do you know it's too low, too high, just the right amount and how much power you can use?

I'll be more then happy to take a look at it Gerry, I like random pieces of shit, euh I mean kit  :lol:

Mail me!

I wasn't going to ask you, but that would be great man.  Honestly I don't think this is a piece of shit, it's really well made.  Say's made in Taiwan on the outside (the sound labs where made in Taiwan but the nobels where made in hamburg), but the circuit said it was made in hamburg so not sure why nobles out sourced to Taiwan in 1987 and I'm not sure if it was only the outer chassis that was made in Taiwan and the rest made in Hamburg.

But yes man, I think you would like this unit.  From the brief period that I could use it, it sounded and felt a lot better than my Rockman Sustainor.  More gain and 100% better feel.  This may be because my Sustainor is old and done (I dunno), but the SST 19 seems a lot better, plus it has a lot of very useful routing capabilities and control options.

For the price I got it I think it was worth a shot to buy it.  If the worst comes to the worst, I could easily sell this online and make my money back or even a profit.  Plenty of nutters out there where interested in it before I pipped them to the post on ebay.

Well he has to be up for it of course, he's a busy man!  I don't want to burden him with some random piece of kit.

Yeah something weird about that input I feel, when it's doing it's strange behaviour, bizarrely all the l.e.ds interact with the input signal like something is shorting to somewhere else and interacting like the input meter.

I was thinking of just removing the rear jack altogether to start with process of elimination.

ps unable to upload the pics as I keep getting an error has occurred message.

Ok so I got it today!

Tried messing around with is, for the few seconds it was on and off with intermittent signal, this preamp sounds excellent.  Sounds so smooth.  I really need to get this unit working.

Ok my observations so far:
The unit starts up with the error 2 message "e2".  I don't really think this is the issue.  Then it will kick back into life again and then jump around presets from what I can see.  Other times it just has two dash marks on the display.

When it has the two dash marks as the display, there is noise, like hiss.  And you can play the guitar a little bit.  What I mean by that is it allows sound to get through and to some extent the controls at least for the input worked.  Nothing else seems to work though.

The very first time I powered the unit on, the controls all of them seemed to function normally until the thing went haywire jumping presets before settling on the - - screen.

Things I have noted, the rear input is dead, doesn't allow signal.  The ext effects 2 Left send jack doesn't allow anything to be plugged into it at all.  It's jammed with something and I do not see why it will not accept a plug.

The button on the front panel for footswitch one is broken.  Seems like the switch beneath its is broken and needs replace.  It's like one of those switches you use to open the tray on your cd dvd drive on your pc.

This unit needs a 3v battery surprise, surprise to store the presets.  I tried to replace this thinking it was a simple slide out job but know the dam thing has some kind of strange metal clip that looks almost soldered to the bottom of the 3v battery some how.  May be not soldered but it's attached some how.  And since I tried to wedge a screw driver on the top side between the metal clip and the batter I have f*cked it up a little bit.  Still seems to hold the battery in place, not sure what the contact is like though.

Here are some pics.

Discussions / Re: Guitar Playing Fatigue
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It's called getting older. Nothing is going to cure you. I'm sorry, but you're stuck with an aging body and all the symptoms of it. It's a totally natural process and the only way around it is to push through it and do the best you can with what you've got. Pay attention to other high end musicians that are getting up in years and you'll notice something profound. They all suffer from the same atrophy. It's normal. I notice the same thing. I used to be able to play at lightning speed and with great accuracy. Not so much anymore. I have to work a lot harder now to produce the same results that I did 20 years ago. It's normal...

This isn't quite my issue.  My problem is definitely gripping too hard and then tiring my band from doing so.  Nothing to do with age at all, I'm 35 and I'm much better at playing the guitar that I ever was.  It's always been a bit of a problem for me this fatigue thing.  I need to learn to stay loose.  I have the strength in bucket fulls, I just have death grip on my neck and this definitely is my issue.  I know limbering up is the key, all the advice for warming up given by folks on here is definitely good advice for my issue.  I also need to mentally remember to try and stay loose.  I just struggle to do this because I tense up before show and I can be a bit like that in general, just a stiff white guy  :lol:

I'll beat this issue I have I'm sure.  I also know I need to look after myself better on the road.  Sometimes nerves will kick in for a show and I'll defer eating until after I've played, this obviously dehydrates me and reduces energy etc.  I need to get into better habits.

The age thing may be an issue for me in the future or other guy's on here I'm sure, but I guess there are ways to deal with that as well!

Discussions / Re: Guitar Playing Fatigue
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Would you say you clench down hard when you are playing?
Because you say also that you are very tense before/while doing shows.
You may just wear your strength away by pressing too hard, which is a quite common mistake to do.

To fight this you can play exercices or whatever you play without using your thumb at all.
It feels really weird and tricky at first, but as you keep doing it, you get better control over your fingers.
The idea is not necessarily to play fast, but rather to feel in control.

Yes I would say I do that, like death grip.  And yes I reckon this is a problem not helping my fatiguing issue.  I shall give your suggestion a go man, thanks for that tip.  It's so hard not to though, particularly when you are trying to play as aggressively and as energetically as possible.

Oh well I wouldn't need a cab sim, I have real cabs so it's good to know I could just hook the preamp up to my power amp and unleash some rockman ESQUE goodness!

However if I use it in the studio I'll be using a cab sim.  Fingers crossed this unit can be resurrected. Still waiting on the guy sending it to me, he was held up this week,  it's killing me waiting on the dam thing!!

I like that it's rawer distortion, that is better.  @GB, I have a sustainor which I know is designed to be used with flat speakers either direct in recording or flat sounding cabs and power amp.  Is the SST 19 the same?  Or does it lack that speaker emulation quality that say the X100 and Sustainor and Distortion Generator have?

Just curious as I would love to run the SST using real cabs.

Introduce Yourself / Re: I'm Back!
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Yes but aren't all artists tortured by such things?  :lol:  We are never happy, and we are always trying to be better.  And I mean this light heartedly.

Introduce Yourself / Re: I'm Back!
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My only regret, is I feel I should be a better guitar player than I am for the length of time I have been playing.  I started with I was 14-15.  You'd expect me to be Yngwie by now  :lol:  but I aint!  :amaze:

Trust me, mate: when you'll be 46, this will be meaningless as well.  :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well striving to be better I hope is something I will always care about, otherwise what would be the point?  But I get what you mean.

Posting the schematic for yall!  Thanks a million GB for that, much appreciated.

How long have you had the SST 19?  You own Rockman modules also right?  How do they compare?

Introduce Yourself / Re: I'm Back!
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 :thumb-up:  Trust me Orkun, when you get older, you will realise all that shit will make you into a proper man and it will be all worth it!  :amaze:  I remember similar times when I was 15, that was 20 years ago.  I'd like to go back to when I had no responsibility like in those days, but honestly, I like being 35, I'm so much smarter for the experiences I have had over the years.

My only regret, is I feel I should be a better guitar player than I am for the length of time I have been playing.  I started with I was 14-15.  You'd expect me to be Yngwie by now  :lol:  but I aint!  :amaze:

From my experience, a bad input jack jack doesn't give an error code?

Yeah, but who knows what else may have happened when he put the plug in, may be a short somewhere.  Anyways I know what you mean.  I think there is a battery in the unit for patch memory, wonder has that something to do with it.  Apparently a switch on the front panel no longer works either.
I have the manual and schematics.  PM me with your email address.

I will do indeed.  BTW how come you have the documentation?  Are you familiar with the unit?  All info regarding it is welcome  :thumb-up:

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